Laugh of the day!


Funny - but I think most of these were written by the same person. Their "voice" is identical throughout, but they are a good writer!


Thanks - that was hilarious!

I read up to about page 3 of the reviews - I was laughing so hard, I could only thank goodness that I hadn't eaten any of these Gummi Bears! From the descriptions, I think laughter + gummi bears = lethal combination! :D


I agree with NY25 that the "voice" of a few of the reviews sounds the same, but no matter to me, I read them aloud to my husband and as I did, I was laughing so hard I was crying and could not even speak sometimes!


Maybe the reason they're so funny is that we are so glad it wasn't us who ate the gummi bears!!!! Very, very funny. Thanks for the laugh.

Kate A .

I almost got sick I was laughing so hard - the writing is great - but I also have what I refer
to as an ," allergy ", to artificial sweeteners , so let me say that there was no exaggeration whatsoever in those reviews !

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