Great food for thought. I can sooner do this for a Cathe Live workout than I can for a DVD. So I'll keep this in mind for a LIVE workout. Thanks!
Meanwhile for a small sample of Cathe doing some kickbox type moves on the step, check out CTX Power Circuits. It's a great circuit workout all around. Go to 4:41 to see some of the the Kick Box on the step..

Since I mentioned CTX, let me plug it here. Not much is said about it these days but CTX is a great workout. It holds up well (including the outfits) even by today's standards and it has great music that goes perfectly with the routines.

I like all of the CTX cardio but If you love stepping, you've GOT to try "All Step". It's a short step workout (time-wise that is) along the lines of the 4DS workouts and its so much fun. If you like fancy foot work, you'll enjoy this one. I also think its doable for some of you that like athletic step. Give it a look-see. You'll know right away if the routine is for you. The first one starts off with the following cuing: "Lean off the side, step, march-march, hop twice and mambo, triple-triple-triple". If that didn't scare you, give this little gem a try. It's so much fun.

CTX also has a good Kickbox workout, nothing too jumpy or complex; just some good old fashioned punching and kicking Cathe style. Actually, all of the cardio workouts in CTX are fun, effective and challenging without killing you. The weight work can be done as one body part a day or full upper and lower body ("Leaner Legs") splits. The weight work is geared toward endurance. If you don't want that, you can go heavier or sub in your weight workout of choice. The cardio could fit beautifully with the upper body LIHI or XT Burn Sets on your non Hiit days.

I hope none of you mind me chiming in with the CTX recommendation. Once I started telling you about the kickbox step segment in CTX, I was on a roll and had to share my affection for this unsung gem of a series.

Fitness Friend,
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