Kickbox Series


I would love to see a workout series that is all kickbox cardio, with conditioning - taking the principles behind Hardstrikes, for example, and turning that into a series. I would especially appreciate a workout series that has no or minimal equipment, but that gives you daily cardio and conditioning, within an hour. I'm not asking the for the moon, am I? :)


I love this idea!!!! I just did MMA Boxing this morning. I love kickbox. It could be on the step, weights added, tabata drills mixed in, upper or lower body focused. I always feel complete when I do a kickbox workout. If you give it your all and add weighted gloves....BOOM upper body. Focus on the kicks and hip pivots....BOOM core. Do a routine of kicks.....BOOM lower body! Yes!!!!


I like this idea! Of course I love kickboxing and step so I love all the suggestions!
Would love for it to be geared to losing weight and fat and get you in great shape

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