July Rotation

Cathe Friedrich

Hi Everyone! July and August are heavy vacation months and therefore it becomes quite difficult to devote a lot of time to our fitness workouts. Therefore this month I have made weekly, total body, express workouts to keep you fit while continue to enjoy all your summer festivities.


Mon: The Pump and Jump portion of the Step, Jump, and Pump workout.

Tues: The Step only portion of Step Jump and Pump plus the abs and stretch at the end of the SJP workout.

Wed: 30 minute interval run plus 200 walking lunges, 60 push ups (6 sets of 10), and 8 minutes of Ab Hits.

Thurs: CTX Power Circuit (cardio only)

Fri: Imax 2 (Warm up and first 5 intervals) and Abs from KPC

Sat: Off

Sun: Off


Mon: Push Pull

Tues: CTX Step Interval cardio only

Wed: Push Pull

Thurs: CTX 10:10:10 cardio only

Fri: CTX Kickbox (cardio and abs portion/NO biceps)

Sat: 30 minute cardio of choice

Sun: off


Mon: Leaner Legs

Tues: Imax 3 (warm up and 1st 5 intervals) 10 minutes abs from AB HITS

Tues: CTX Upper Body

Wed: Segment one and two of Body Max

Thurs: 30 minute cardio of choice

Fri: Imax 1 (warm up and 1st 5 intervals)

Sat: OFF

Sun: OFF


Mon: MIC (floor cardio only) 5 min Abs of choice

Tues: Pyramid Lower Body

Wed: MIC (step portion only) Abs from KPC

Thurs: Body Fusion Workout (on Basic Step DVD)

Fri: CTX All Step (cardio only)

Sat: Super Sets

Sun: Off



Thank you Cathe! I love your workouts and appreciate you putting together these rotations for us. I really hope to meet you in person someday! Tracy :)

Granny Sue

Thanks Cathe! Looking forward to meeting you in two weeks! I've been striving to do July - my first rotation month. I will feel very proud of myself if I can ADD to a rotation vs. "wimp out" ;-)


You are a sweetheart Cathe! You are so right about summer schedules with the kids out of school, travel, etc.
Thanks for reading my mind! Colleen

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