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Can anyone tell me how Jay robb whey protein tastes mixed in oatmeal vs making shakes?I am looking for a whey protein without any additives to add to food.Also,any recommendations on the flavors ?Thanks for your help
Do not know much about this protein, but I use the BSN Lean Dessert proteins and love, love, love them!

You can get them on bodybuilding.com. Not sure about additives, they all have some to a degree I am sure, but these whey proteins are the best tasting I have tried--ever.:9
The guy I date (who is a personal trainer) thinks this is the best protein out there. I personally haven't tried it, I like BSN dessert and PVL myself. I will ask him tonight though if he's ever mixed it with oatmeal & if he has I'll let you know.
Okay, he says that he hasn't mixed in the regular protein w/ oatmeal but does use Jay Robb Yammit nuggets in his oatmeal...he says they are really good...here is a link to what it is.

The whey protein he has is vanilla flavored.

Not sure that helps but thought I'd let you know!
Thank you both tneah and Jen for your replies.I was able to find the travel packets of Jay robb vanilla and chocolate whey protein in my neighborhood health food store yesterday and bought them yesterday.I am going to try it in my yogurt and oatmeal this week and see how it tastes.Thanks also for the idea of the nuggets.I will check out the website you gave me.My DH is also interested so if we both like it ,I will be ordering more.Thanks again
Hi Barb,

I use Jay Robb whey protein and love it! I just had my preworkout shake - 8oz. water, scoop of tropical dreamsicle and half a banana - delish. I've mixed chocolate, strawberry, vanilla and tropical dreamsicle with plain yogurt and love it. I've never tried it with oatmeal, but I'm sure it'd be good. Here's a link to Jay Robb's site. http://www.jayrobb.com/ I hope you and DH like the protein. Let us know how it is in your oatmeal. Thanks

A friend in fitness,
I've been using Jay Robb's protein powders for years. They are really tasty and are sweetened with stevia. Love it in my smoothies and in my oatmeal. For oatmeal, I use either vanilla or chocolate. Yummy! :9
Barb, you inspired me to try the Jay Robb. I'd had a packet sitting around but forgot about it when my BSN Desserts arrived.

So, I put the vanilla in my oatmeal this morning and I have to say that, compared with the BSN, it's not as good.

The BSN gives a really creamy consistency to the oatmeal - I use a half a scoop. And I like the flavor better of the BSN.

Have you tried it yet? What do you think?

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