January 2022 Rotation One-month Check-In

Yesterday, I was tired! In the morning, I started Warrior Kickboxing 2 (the latest Live), but I stopped after 20 min. That's not like me, but I did not sleep well thurs night. So, Friday was my rest day. Today, I felt much better after a good night's sleep. I did the Warrior 2 workout again (the whole thing).
Jaypea - so good to listen to your body!

Yesterday was BBL TB for me ... it was good to use the bands to stretch my muscles as they were tender from XT BurnSets this week. I think BossBands nicely compliments the XT workouts. Today was Jessica Smith's Cardio Abs with the tabata attached and one of her 30 minute yoga/stretch routines. A nice way to end the week. Sunday is my rest day, then back at it on Monday.

Hope things are going well for everyone! The rotation is half-over!
I just finished Touch Up Training-Upper Body (Live). I wasn't motivated to workout today (at all) and I didn't feel like doing the XTrain Upper Body workouts (I looked at both, and was like..."no, not today"), and I knew I should workout so.....I searched for an upper body Live, and I chose one that interested me. I'm glad I did it-it was a fun workout (with core thrown in).I follow the rotations the best I can, but at times, I have to deviate.
Yesterday was XT Cardio Leg Blast & 100 R/C Scarecrows - I burn mega calories with Cardio Leg Blast. Today I plan to do a Kickbox. .. maybe a Live option & a core. Last week I did Core2 from XT - my lower back was sore from the reverse crunches - I even skipped the "corkscrews" and was still sore! So it'll be a different option this week :)
So I ended up doing Hardstrikes after all - Kickbox premix with Core. Also did the Rear Delts bonus. I haven't done Hardstrikes in almost a year & was reminded why I don't do it often ... I like the combos but not all those jumping jacks ... ha ha ha.

Today was XT Chest Back & Shoulders with a Total Body Stretch since the stability ball was already out. I so enjoy the weight work in XT - goes by quickly!

Tomorrow is cardio & I recently got Party Rockin Step #2, so if I can preview it tonight I may do it tomorrow.

Katie Lee ... love that you are rewarding yourself!

Jaypea ... good for you (again) for adjusting the rotation to your needs!
On Friday, I took the dog for a morning walk, then I did Yoga (Perfect 30). My body needed a good stretch...especially in the hips! They are so tight.
Saturday, I did the Live workout from this past week (Circuit).
Today, I just finished a Les Mills Total Body Combat workout. I will get back to rotation schedule tomorrow, for the last week. Sometimes, I need to find other workouts to motivate me, even if they stray from the type of workouts on the rotations. If I don't do that, I won't work out.
Jaypea ... I think it's more than fine to stray from a rotation if it just doesn't fit your need/want for the day ... as long as we continue to work out, we're good, right?

Thursday was Party Rockin Step 2, Core & a stretch. Friday was XT Bi's and Tri's and a yoga stretch. Saturday was KCM Kickbox & Cathe's StretchMax#1.

Doing XT weight workouts is so motivating for me . I struggled with my UB weights the 1st week, but this week found them a little light & have up-arrows on my worksheets for next time. I find when I do any XT rotation that I tend to follow the weight workouts, but will switch-up the cardio cuz the improvements in weights is so remarkable to me.

Rest day today for me.

Have a great week everyone!!

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