January 2015 Pregnancy/TTC Check-in

Thanks for your support, Roz. I must admit that my DH and I are two of the most indecisive people you could ever meet, so we usually really truly struggle with decision anxiety. But for some reason this was one of those rare events when we had enlightening clarity. I'm always grateful for those times when they come, but trust me it's not often...at least for us! ;)

I remember reading reviews about Lindsay Brin's other workouts and people complaining about "bun cakes" references. Fortunately, at least for the 1st and 2nd tri workouts in the DVDs that I have, there have not been any references to any buns or any cakes. Thank goodness because that would just be downright annoying!

I hope you know I was only teasing about workout ADHD. I totally and completely and emphatically agree that ultimately we should be enjoying our workouts. Obviously balancing cardio/strength/flexibility is important but I truly believe that once you become an experienced exerciser, you can more easily tap into your body's needs and naturally balance what is necessary. Case in point: the way you listened to your body and did the STS UB workout today because that's just what felt "right." Awesome job!

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you that you'll be able to get your cycle back as you desire. Fertility issues can be so frustrating. I'll be curious to know how your plan of more yoga and weights/less cardio works for you. Like you, I'm a huge fan of walking. When all else fails there is nothing like getting out into the sunshine for a refreshing walk. Good for the body and soul!

Today I wanted to do lower body, so I did Cathe Live Lean Lower Body from last Thurs, 1/8/15. It was so much fun! I am so seriously loving having Cathe Live in my life. It was a great bun and thigh burner that used minimal equipment--15lb dbs, 10lb dbs, disc, firewalker loop. She even ended with some power yoga poses. It was superb. I did have to pause to catch my breath a couple times because of the cardio factor but this is one I think I can continue to do...at least for a few more weeks. :)

Enjoy your rest day tomorrow! Hope you're no longer getting throttled by that horrible arctic blast. We actually have a little sun today. Still cold, but I'm grateful for the UV rays. :)




Hi Lisa,
Oh, I've had my eye on Lean Lower Body! I will definitely do it for my next 'other legs' day (i.e., non-STS) now. The clip looked great! Nice work on that workout.

Thanks for your good wishes re: cycle regulation. It's just so frustating when bodies don't cooperate. :mad:

And of course I knew you were teasing about rotational ADHD! I'm an inveterate and unapologetic kidder, and can smell a joke a mile away -- don't worry about me! ;)

I had a nice, moderate 45-minute yoga practice this morning. It felt great. I think I'm going to work towards doing an unassisted (i.e., away from the wall) handstand. Setting a yoga goal will keep me motivated to try to replace a bit of cardio with yoga, I hope. At least for a while, until I see how it feels.

My legs are still sore from M2 legs two days ago. If I'm super sore after my next Meso 2 legs day, I might back off the weight or do other LB workouts if that just sounds like more fun... I just do too much stairs/squatting/moving during the day to spend a couple days wincing from DOMS... I want fitness to serve my life, not the other way around!
I'm a little sore from STS UB yesterday, but not too bad. Legs are still worse two days out.

DD just woke up, so must run.
Have a great day!
Happy Wednesday, Roz!

Wow, an unassisted handstand is an amazing goal. Anything of the acrobatic nature like handstands and cartwheels have always scared the living bejeebers out of me, even as a kid. I know you're talking about the "yoga" style headstand, but still! I would definitely give you a standing ovation for that one because it is truly a feat of physical fitness.

I have a hunch...and I could be wrong...that your DOMS would not be as severe as they've been the next time you do an STS Meso 2 leg workout. I'm wondering if your body just got super shocked by the workout the first time through, but would be much more adaptive with the next 3 leg discs. But, hey, if the thought makes you miserable there is no point. Just throwing that out there. ;)

You may have already done these other Cathe Live workouts, but another forum member (Firemedic) recommended All About Legs and Lean and Mean Legs to me based upon my gushing over Lean Lower Body Live. I can't wait to try those 2!

Today = KCM 30 Mins to Fitness: Cardio Blast. Normally I do both of Kelly's 30 minute workouts to make for a 60 minute workout, but this disc has a plyo portion and a step portion and I only wanted to do the plyo (hard to believe I didn't feel like step today, but it's true!). The plyo ended up being more like Hi impact cardio + breaks because I followed the modifier. For the other 30 minutes I did the 3 combos + blitzes from Shock Cardio MMA Boxing. A random but effective combo for my day.

Hard to believe I'm officially 23 weeks along today! What's new with you? Anything exciting going on or just same old same old? We're back to normal boring life now that we've resolved that we won't be moving...for now.

Have fun with your precious DD, drink some warm tea/coffee, and otherwise just have a great day!



Hi Lisa,
Wow, congrats on 23 weeks! According to my calculations, you're over five ninths of the way there! ;) That's so wonderful.
Nice job on your mash-up workout yesterday! I imagine all (or at least much) of Cathe's boxing stuff would be great pregnancy cardio.

I think you're absolutely right that the DOMS wouldn't be so bad for subsequent weeks. What I've realized is that, while I did have some DOMS in my quads, glutes, etc., the day after I did the leg workout, the lingering/extreme DOMS were all calves. Pretty much the only other calf work I do is body weight, and I killed my calves with a 40-lb dumbbell. I can still feel them! So if I feel like doing future iterations of M2 leg torture, I will probably just go easy on the calves.
This morning I thought bringing in a bit of lower body work would help move things along, so of course I had to try Lean Lower Body. I loved it! Thanks for the suggestion. :) I went straight from Cathe's power yoga segment, skipped the final minutes of stretch, and added a 20-minute yoga segment preparing and leading up to firefly pose (titibasana), which is another arm balance. Not handstand, but I figure working on any arm balances will help. Plus, I find when it comes to mastering a new yoga pose, it's often best to come at it obliquely, and not just drill the same thing every day. Then finally your body can sort of 'see' what it looks like to do the pose, and you can do it. Or at least, that's my experience. Although I think this is probably true of all new movements one can learn. As I watched my DD learn to walk, it was so clear how much of it is the mind making new patterns! Yoga is the same. Very cool. Love it.
So yeah! Sorry I'm totally gushing about my workout, but I am really looking forward to seeing where this new approach takes me. Plus, the coming months will be busy -- we have so much to take care of around the house and I really need those hours while DD is sleeping so I think it will be helpful to cut back on workout hours a bit. From a fertility point of view it will be good, too.

It must be a relief that you don't have to deal with moving while pregnant or with a very little one. Hope you get some time to relax and enjoy your pregnancy (in whatever way that's possible) and enjoy your playtime with DD!
Have a great one,
Hi Roz!

I'm delighted that you loved Lean Lower Body. What was not to love about it, right? ;) What a great idea to flow from Cathe's yoga segment to a longer yoga routine. You seem to be so well informed about high level yoga. I'm in awe! Keep me posted as to your progress on your yoga goals and your shift in fitness focus. Are you going to be doing lots of home repairs this summer? Or just general cleaning and keeping up with the never-ending tasks (laundry, groceries, dusting, vacuuming, on and on and on)?

It's good you were able to attribute your menacing DOMS to the calf work. Always helps to know what the culprit was, I suppose! Isn't it interesting how such a small muscle group can be so problematic? Your plan of lightening your load on calves sounds like it should do the trick.

Today I wanted full body, but lighter on the legs, so I opted to combine 2 sections from Tracey Staehle's Parts Series: 1) the standing leg work from Glute Camp; and 2) Strictly UB. Workout was 60 mins and I felt a good burn, but nothing overly taxing. Just what I wanted today.

I know, 5/9ths of the way there. Wowza! I'm trying to find a good balance between still getting in workouts but also taking time during the day to rest or lay down for at least an hour. That seems to be working so far. It's hard to force myself to be still but I think the additional rest is important. As my sister-in-law says, "take time out to sit on your egg!" (Just makes me laugh to visualize myself as a mother hen.) :)

Take care!



Hi Lisa,

It’s so great that you’re making time to rest these days. ‘Take time out to sit on your egg’ – I love it! By the way, there’s no pressure for our check-in if it’s ever just too much to fit into the day. Any time you’re MIA, I’ll just assume you’re incubating. ;)

Nice job on your Glute Camp/UB workouts! I love how you blend up your own combo workouts. (Speaking of, I’m SO excited for the online workout blender!) Those mash-ups really help keep things fresh.

Last night I dreamt about doing pull ups, so I figured this morning it was time for Meso 2 Back + Bis. Wow. I forgot how intense these workouts are. I jumped right back into heavy deadlifts, and I hadn’t gone that heavy in a long time. Around the 4th rep of the first set, I thought I’d tweaked/sort of injured my back, but I think it was essentially just a weird lower back cramp. I walked it off and stretched, then lowered my weight significantly and finished (carefully – but it felt fine). Still 90 lbs, so not exactly a chopstick, but much closer to what I’ve deadlifted recently. However, I’ll be feeling by back for sure tomorrow.

I think I’ll do yoga or total rest tomorrow (this was my plan anyways). But we’ll see. I should just use the time to check a few things off the list. Oh! In response to your question, all of the above! We’re talking about various renovation-type-stuff for the summer, and of course there’s the endless list of daily tasks, as well as things like packing away baby’s old clothes and reorganizing the basement and the closets and… you get the point! But the list just feels like it’s getting longer, even when I’m productive. :mad:

OK, mama, sit on that egg and enjoy the time with your li’l chickie! ;) Hope you’ve still got that sun.
Roz, all the chicken references are getting me hungry! :) Ummm, does that make me sound like a cannibal? Maybe I should take that back, ha! ;) But, no worries, the check-in is never a burden. I love coming here to chat with you. I tend to be absent on rest days because I have nothing to report, but otherwise it's fun to share with you.

I can honestly say that I would never describe myself as having had "dreams" about pull-ups...more like "nightmares!" Does your new squat rack contraption also work as a pull-up station or do you have some other set-up? And yikes, if 90lbs for deadlifts is your low weight, I can only imagine what your super heavy weight was. I hope your back feels OK. My DH shares your tendency for annoying backaches and deadlifts are often the culprit for his aches and pains as well. A rest day or yoga day will probably help out...or maybe a day of Clean Max? I hear you on the projects. They just never end. I just keep reminding myself that having to do laundry or clean my safe, comfortable home are all total First World Problems. That keeps me from whining too much. ;) (NOT to say that you whine...just calling myself out on that one!)

Is the Workout Blender going to be connected to Cathe On Demand subscriptions? I still can't justify that one because I own all the DVDs but I bet you will indeed have lots of fun with it. It really keeps things fresh to mix and match.

Today I did the other 30 mins of that KCM Cardio Blast from the other day--the step portion. It is 30 mins of steady state athletic style step so I did all the combos 2x for a full hour. Haven't done it in a while so it felt fresh and new.

Not sure if I will take Sat and Sun as total rest days or just Sun. I guess we'll both find out tomorrow! Until then, be safe and well. Hugs!



Hi Lisa,
Hope you're enjoying your Saturday, workout or no!
I took today as a rest day, but I may do a little gentle yoga before bed if I'm not too tired after I finish Clean Max. (Does Clean Max ever end?) I find gentle yoga helps me wind down before bed nicely.

I can set my squat stands on the highest setting and put my empty barbell up to use as a pull-up bar. I can't do an unassisted one, but I sort of gently touched my feet to the ground and used them for a little bit of assistance, if that makes sense. Maybe next time I'll try the lower bar with legs extended forward that I think Brenda or Denise is doing in STS.
Thanks for asking -- my back actually feels fabulous today! Just that nice soupcon of DOMS over my whole back to let me know I worked it well, but no bad soreness or pain. Biceps feel nicely toasty, too. I think my low back really just did cramp for a wee sec -- it just worried me when it happened during deadlifts. (I'd started at 120 lbs before dropping to 90. I think I got up -- safely -- to 145 during Meso 3 but that's the most I've done.) Usually my forearms give out before my back.

Nice work on your KCM workout! Another Lisa mix -- love it! :)

Oh, and I totally know what you mean about First World problems -- we really are blessed to live where/how we do.

Maybe I'll take tomorrow off, too. We'll see.
Hope you're enjoying the weekend with your family!


Oh! One more thing I keep forgetting to mention... I got EFX and tried one of the three workouts one evening a few nights ago. While I see that it's a solid program and I love the idea of adding more bodyweight training, I question if I'll ever even try the other two workouts on the DVD. He moves really slowly and there are long rests where you watch 3D computer models of the human body rotating around on the screen to highlight which muscle groups are worked. I mean, I love learning about the body and all, but I want to work out while I'm working out. I need either some speed or at least some flow/continuity. Also, Mark Lauren is has a very straight-laced, military attitude which I find dull and unmotivating.
This is 100% a reflection of my personal preferences. It's obviously a great program and I'd love to incorporate more bodyweight training into my fitness life, but I doubt that it's going to be via EFX.
Hey there, Roz.

Well, I opted to workout today after all! I've been all about the random combos this week, so I kept that theme going today with the bonus 20 minute step circuit from LIS + the Firm Vol 1 Body Sculpting Basics (standing and floor work). I got my heart pumping and I expect that I'm going to have some DOMS from the Firm's old school floorwork/leg lifts. I like doing workouts like this occasionally because it's too easy to neglect the more functional side of fitness, like the kinds of moves that PTs encourage to correct muscle imbalances. Another plus is it's a workout I can see myself doing through the end of pregnancy.

PHEW! I'm so glad your back didn't end up getting tweaked. DOMS are OK, injuries are not! :) I am currently bowing down to you as I envision you deadlifting 145lbs. I have the same issue with my forearms fatiguing first, but mine fatigue way before 145lbs! Given where you describe your soreness I'm thinking some pre-bedtime yoga will feel just right for your achy muscles.

I really appreciate your input on EFX. I have been tempted to buy it as well based on other forum reviews. I do love the notion of bodyweight training but I haven't been able to motivate myself to pull out the credit card for EFX because I sensed I would experience many of the things you dislike about it. Ultimately I think it would have a major dread factor for me. Are you going to keep it or return it? Also, just as an aside, I love hearing 100% honest reviews like the one you gave EFX, so don't hold back. Even if I personally love something you loathe I still would appreciate another point of view.

Tomorrow is definitely a rest day for me so I will be back on Sunday. I hope you have a fabulous rest of the weekend! BIG Saturday hugs to you and your sweet DD.



Hi Lisa,
Nice work on your LIS step + Firm floorwork DVD! I agree about the importance of functional fitness. I really loved that about Great Glutes -- are there any other Cathes that jump out at you as including such a functional element?

Today I was feeling up to tackling Meso 2 legs again. I am really loving this workout. I used 17 lbs (15 + 2 lb microload gloves, which I wear throughout this workout), which I hope will allow me to walk over the next few days. (That's down from 37 last week -- ouch! :eek:)
I find myself subbing barbell for more and more exercises. I guess the more experience I have, the more I can tweak workouts to be just the way I like them. I actually turned off the video and did about half of the work at my own pace (the repetitive nature of trisets are conducive to this, as I can look at one triset on my workout card and know what's coming for the next ~15 minutes). My pacing and rest times weren't really different from Cathe's, I don't think, but working at my own pace allowed me to get deep into my squats without feeling rushed, give me a second to catch my breath before hiking my barbell over my head, etc. I enjoyed workout out this way, and may try it again next week with legs (not totally turning off the screen, but using it on and off).

I think I will return EFX. I am really tempted by the recent talk about Ilaria Montagnani. I loooooove kickbox! :)
Do you have any favorite non-Cathe kickbox workouts? I remember you mentioned KCM's TLC (or is that more boxing) -- I definitely want to check that one out at some point, too.

Hope you're having a fun rest day playing with your DD! (or whatever you're doing! :) )
We have house guests this week so I'm not sure when I'll have time to workout or check in. I will try to get STS Chest/Shoulders/Tris in in the next day or two and at least pop in to report.
Rest up and sit on that egg! ;)


Hi Lisa,
Quick check-in for me during naptime (not mine, sadly!) before I try to cram 20 hours worth of housework into a 45 minute window... :eek:

I did get to STS Meso 2 Week 2 Chest/Shoulders/Tris this morning. I am really enjoying Meso 2 and so far am happy about my choice to follow through with these workouts. But I'm still taking it one workout at a time.

Last night I did a 35 minute yin yoga practice before bed. In yin yoga, you hold deep stretches for a long time so you get into the connective tissue. The practice had a strong lower body focus, and my legs are feeling good today. I can tell I worked them yesterday, but no soreness or discomfort. Don't know if the yoga helped or if I would have been DOMS free anyways...
BTW, I'm using the Udaya streaming service and really enjoying it. I'm on a free trial month now, so we'll see if I'll pay $9 for it next month. It's another expense, but half the price of one in-person yoga class!

Hope your week's off to a great start! Is this week 24 yet?
Hugs to you and your DD (and your DD-to-be!),
Hi Roz. You did it! Nice job tackling Meso 2 legs again, and I really should say conquering instead of tackling. I typically follow Cathe through the STS workouts because I need her motivation, but my DH does STS exactly the way you described...print out the workout card and go through a lot of the moves with the DVD on pause (or sometimes he doesn't use the DVD at all). Either way you're getting it done. And I'm no expert, but my personal anecdotal experience is that a good deep stretch after a tough workout eliminates, or at least eases, the DOMS so sounds like your deep yoga was the perfect compliment to your legs so that you were able to walk comfortably to your workout room and knock out Chest/Shoulders/Tris today. Yaya!

Yeah, I totally want to buy some of Ilaria's workouts. You'll probably get around to doing so before I do so I would love to hear your thoughts. Also please let me know how you feel about EFX when you are able to revisit it.

In terms of my favorite non-Cathe kickboxing workouts, I really do love KCM's stuff but you are right that they are more boxing (punches and UB moves) as opposed to kickboxing kicks. I like Amy Bento Ross' kickboxing stuff, especially Kickbox Surge and In the Ring. She blends hi/lo with kickboxing. I also have Susan Chung's Rapid Fire but I honestly don't reach for that one that often.

Today I did Cathe Live All About Legs (5/22/14). I would definitely call this a functional fitness workout reminiscent of Great Glutes. Cathe uses a set of 10lb dumbbells for a short set of squats, lunges, and walking plie lunges (can't remember the name right now, but the kind where you plie lunge 4x to the left, then 4x to the right, and repeat). The rest of the workout is body weight, Dixie Cups, firewalker bands, the barre, and the exercise ball. It is long--about 69 mins--but she takes lots of breaks so I imagine that you could cut about 6 or 7 mins off without losing any content. I will definitely be doing this workout again. Other Cathe functional fitness (for lower body) that comes to mind is really anytime where she uses the barre or hits the floor...Turbo Barre, the floor section of LBB, the leg conditioning drills from Kick Max, to name a few.

Happy housecleaning! Sorry you've got so much on your plate. I hope today ends up being a good day despite being busy. Hugs all around!


PS I hit 24 weeks on Wednesday, so almost there! This baby is going to be here before I know it! Eek!


Hi Lisa,
Thanks for your thoughts on KCM and Amy Bento Ross's kickboxing. I totally want to check those out! Also thanks for the thoughts on Cathe workouts that include functional fitness.

And wowza, nice work on All About Legs, mama! I did that one maybe a week and a half ago and loved it. But there's a good peppering of plyo in there, no? Are you still able to do those moves, or do you modify? I'm so impressed by how you are able to keep working out in a smart and intense way. You rock! :D

This morning I didn't have much time but really felt like I needed a cardio fix. I hadn't done straight cardio in... over a week? Really? So I did Plyo HIIT 2. I really like this one.

I really should try the remaining EFX workouts before I return the DVD but... honestly the dread factor is SO high for me. I wonder if I'll get to them... :confused:

If I have time tomorrow, I may do Leaner Meaner Legs Live (or whatever it's called). IIRC from a discussion elsewhere on the forums, it also has a power yoga segment at the end. I'd love to take it into a short yoga practice from there if time allows.
We'll see...

OK, gotta run!
Hugs to you and your DD and your almost-24-week-baby-to-be!
Big hello to you, Roz! How are you today? Feeling a good buzz still from Plyo HiiT 2? It's good to know that even after you finished your official RWH rotation you still go back to some of the workouts in the series on a day when generic cardio is on the calendar. That makes me think this will be one of Cathe's series that really stands the test of time for me. :)

I'm excited for you to preview Lean and Mean Legs (yeah, whatever it's called!). ;) I'm going to do that one next week most likely. And, uh yeah, just assume that I am modifying the plyo moves. Most days I still feel comfortable with basic jumping jacks and jogging in place, etc. (although I usually have to pause for some, ahem, potty breaks!). But stuff like plie jacks or tuck jumps? Heck no! I've been exercising long enough that when those moves do come up I know how to roll with it and do my own thing.

Today I did a workout inspired by you, since you got me talking about Amy Bento Ross stuff. I did her Kickbox Xtreme which I like a lot but, again, is much more hi/lo than anything else. This is a great pregnancy DVD because there is a pregnancy modifier working out amongst Amy's crew. At the end of the workout Amy says something like "let's hear it for the pregnant lady" and I, of course, imagine she's talking about me. Ha!

Do you still have company visiting your house? Does your cutie pie like having different faces around, or is she more shy? My DD is a social butterfly and would be happy for anyone to visit, even the plumber or the UPS guy. She just loves people.

Before I sign off, I must mention that I had a doc appt this morning and we got to hear our little lady's heartbeat going strong at 140bpm! So far, so good! :)

Waves goodbye and take care!



Hi Lisa,

Yay! Congrats and high fives and cheers for that healthy heartbeat!! That’s such fantastic news. And hey, how did I know yesterday was a cardio day? ;)

Nice work on your Kickbox Xtreme workout yesterday! Is your wee baby taking her cues from Amy Bento Ross and kicking up a storm?
And BTW, they are cheering for you when they’re cheering for the pregnant lady. Yeahyeahyeah! :D

Lean and Mean Legs is super fun! It’s another mishmosh workout – I love how the Live classes allow for Cathe to be extra creative with her workouts. There’s plenty of lower body work, cardio with a lower body emphasis, and also compound moves and some power yoga at the end. The stability ball work at the beginning adds to the bit of light upper body work in the compound moves. Very nice. There’s a touch of plyo but not too much so you won’t have to modify too much. Although – and forgive me for saying this – I had to chuckle during the stability ball work at the beginning (which involves swinging the ball back and forth in front of your torso) – as I imagined a woman closer to 9 months pregnant attempting this workout, and her instability belly obstructing the path of the stability ball. There could be material for a great comedy routine in that ;) I’m sure you could easily modify, as you’re so good at that!
I flowed from the power yoga segment at the end (skipping the final stretch) into a 20-minute yoga segment that mixed hip opening and hop-ups (handstand teasers, essentially). I’m really loving the yoga add-ons, especially coming out of Cathe’s power yoga segment.

Our company is here through tomorrow, hence why I’m up so early to squeeze in my workout! My DD is also a social creature, so it’s nice to have different faces and personalities around!
Gotta hop in the shower before the world awakes…
Big hugs to you and your DD and your little 140bpm cardio princess! ;)
Hey there to Roz, the hostess with the mostest! I hope you're having fun with your visitors today. And high fives to you for your dedication in getting up early for your workout! I'm even more excited to try out Lean & Mean Legs now. I totally agree that Cathe really lets her creativity loose during the Live workouts. No "rules" of a DVD production to follow allows for more wiggle room, I suppose. Oh, the irony of the pregnancy instability with the stability ball. Chuckles on that one for sure! :) Actually sounds quite a bit like how Cathe uses the ball in B&G. Was the 20 min yoga routine you followed from your Udaya membership? Are you still enjoying that? Nice, well-rounded workout for you today!

Speaking of Cathe Live, I sooooo wanted to do one of the upper body Cathe Live's today but I woke up totally brain dead. I knew that thinking on the fly and making modifications on a workout I've never done before was NOT going to happen today. So what UB workout did I reach for? Why PUB, of course! I have really used and abused that workout during this pregnancy, such that I will probably always associate it with being pregnant from here on out! Finished off with a 20 min Lindsay Brin pregnancy workout--no "bun cakes" involved, thank goodness.

I keep meaning to ask you: do you have a Trader Joe's in your neck of the woods? We finally got ours about 1 year ago (I DIED when we moved here and I learned there was no TJ's). It's my favorite food store in the whole entire world. I just love it so much. Since it's a new thing to this area, I have taken many of my friends on TJ's tours (not kidding) because I think there's definitely a learning curve to truly appreciating the store. Anyway, just curious if you're a TJ's nut like me!

All 3 of us girls are sending big hugs right back to you 2 girls today. Have a wonderful one!



Hi Lisa,
Oh right -- I knew I recognized that stability ball warm-up from somewhere! I forgot it was B&G. There are some of the same moves, but the warm up w/ ball is longer so I think there is some new stuff in there.

Yes, almost all the yoga practices I've done have been from Udaya. I really enjoy it. I do watch the screen less than when I'm doing a 'workout' DVD, as I'm often in a position that's not conducive to looking up (e.g., down dog). Plus I can basically just listen and follow along.
I wanted a rest day/yoga day today, so I did a 40 minute segment with a focus on side stretching. It felt GREAT! Plus there was a good bit of core work in there (and I haven't done overt core work in a while, it feels like). I really, really enjoyed this practice. :D

Nice work on PUB and Lindsay! Glad she's not talking to you about bun cakes. I remember in the postpartum DVD she was always either talking about bun cakes or 'if you just gave birth or you just need a little bladder control...'. Oh, Lindsay, thanks for advising us on how not to pee our pants! ;)

Oh, I LOVE TJ's! Love it. I drive a little ways to get there, but totally worth it. And you really can't beat the prices. I do go to Whole Foods, too, as I can't find everything I want at TJs. And they have so many kid-friendly healthy snacks (that are mommy friendly, too)!

Hope you have a great day, whether or not you choose to work out. Are you feeling that second trimester high -- or whatever they tell us we're supposed to feel at that time? :confused:

Hoping to get to STS Meso 2 Week 2 Back and Bis tomorrow. Better dream about some pull ups...
Happy Thursday/almost Friday! Sounds like you had a nice relaxing morning with your yoga, Roz! You've definitely got me curious about Udaya--of course, assuming I can ever commit my flighty self to the calming practice of yoga. ;) Sending you subliminal messages to dream about awesome pull-ups as you get ready for Back and Bis tomorrow. :)

Today was PRS#1, the premix that has a couple combos from PRS#2. I think it's been like 4 months since I've done this workout. It's one of my favorite step workouts. And even though Cathe doesn't talk about mommy bladder control issues like Lindsay does, I must admit that I have been a frequent DVD pauser these days for mid-workout potty breaks. :p

Okay, no wonder we're such great computer friends. TJ's + Whole Foods = eating nirvana! I have to drive about 25 mins one way to get to both TJ's and Whole Foods (fortunately they are neighboring stores downtown) but it is totally worth the jaunt. And ITA about TJ's being so affordable. That's one of the many misconceptions that my TJ's newbie friends have--they think it's pricey like Whole Foods. And, honestly that's not even always the case either. I have several food items that I regularly buy only at Whole Foods because the price there is way cheaper than the organic section at my regular grocery store.

Ummm, absolutely not feeling the alleged second tri high. I didn't feel it last pregnancy, either. I honestly feel more tired now that I did during the throes of nausea, although it is a relief to be able to eat again. That is definitely an improvement in my lifestyle! ;)

Talk tomorrow! Take care!



Hi Lisa,
So sorry to hear you're feeling so tired these days... :(
I remember that feeling well -- and the multiple pee breaks every night didn't help!
Wouldn't it be great if someone had a pregnant modifier in their workout videos who ran off to the bathroom every 20 minutes? 'We'll be doing plyo jacks, and Sally will skip these and go empty her pea-sized bladder!' ;)
Ah, some days what I wouldn't give for a dose of reality in entertainment (and I'm not talking about reality TV!).

No pull-up dreams, but I did have a great workout with Back and Bis this morning! I'm still really enjoying the STS workouts, no dread or feelings of unwillingness. I went quite heavy for the first two sets of one-legged deadlifts, which felt great, but at the end of the second set I started to get a little mild cramping in my low back. So I paused to stretch and lightened up for the last set. No pain or injury, and I really did enjoy this exercise. My hamstrings were really feeling it.
Before my workouts, I was thinking I might finish with at least 30 mins of HIIT, but I was really too tired from the Meso 2 work. Even though it's not cardio, it really takes a lot out of you! So I just added on the cardio with gloves segment from Rockout Knockout (~12 mins) to get my heartrate up. I love RK!
BTW, I think you could totally do the RK cardio with gloves+combos+heavy bag for a long time, even when kicking gets awkward. Or even just cardio with gloves+ heavy bag. (Most of the kicking is in the cardio without gloves, and you could just modify any awkward kicks in the combos or skip that segment, too.) Just a thought. IIRC, there are a few burpees at the end of the heavy bag section, but just a short, skippable afterthought. Of course, you may be struggling with lovely pregnancy heartburn, so perhaps you can do your own version of burpees ;)

I may try one of the Live Hi/Lo HIIT mashups tomorrow. Or not, hehe, we'll see...

Awesome job on your PRS 1 premix. I really love PRS 1 -- got to go back to that one soon! I do prefer it to PRS 2. More brainpower needed ;)

You might enjoy trying Udaya if you get to your last month or so and just don't feel you can work out hard 5-6 days/week, but still want to get some nice movement and stretching in. I just checked, and there are 4 specific prenatal yoga videos on there, but there are many more gentle/restorative/yin videos on there, too. While doing that side-stretching practice, I kept thinking, this would have felt SOOOO good during pregnancy. I really had trouble finding length in my rib cage while pregnant, especially as my due date drew nearer -- everything felt so compressed.

Also, and it's totally legitimate if you want to smack me for saying this, but if I were at the end of a pregnancy (you're obviously not there yet), I might even check out the Senior Fit Live workout. I bet it has some nice mobility work and functional fitness. Just a guess, and not implying that you need geriatric workouts! :p Obviously.

I'm so glad you share my love for TJs and WF. I just discovered TJs Speculoos... uh oh! ;)

TGIF (or is it Monday...?) and hugs for a great weekend,
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