January 2015 Pregnancy/TTC Check-in

Happy 2015, Roz! Hope you partied hard last night. We sure did, and by "party" I mean we went to bed before midnight. But hey, we were awake at midnight courtesy of our many neighbors who were shooting off fireworks (unfortunately, consumer fireworks are legal here...not a fan). That's got to count for something, right? ;)

The turkey is cooking away so I wanted to pop in and report my workout. Another Cathe Live for me, the High Intensity Cardio Step from 6/26/2014. Whew! That's about as close to HiiT as this pregnant lady can do. I really appreciated those water breaks!

Hope you enjoy your rest day with your DH and your little sweetie girl. :)



Hi Lisa,
Quick check-in for me, as I've got a busy day going on/ahead.
We were totally in bed before midnight, too. I have no desire to stay up late -- even on NYE! ;)
Sorry about those fireworks... what a pain! I wouldn't like that one bit, either, especially with kids around.
How was your belated Turkey Day?
The Hoppin' Jean was great, but I didn't get to the cornbread (I'm a savory gal myself, gotta say), as I think DD is teething and wasn't into me putting her down for that long.

Nice work on the Cathe Live step workout! I still haven't done that one. I'll have to! Agreed that the water breaks are great.

I did a Live workout today, too: All About Legs! It was fun! Bit of a mish-mosh. Standing stuff, a little contrast training, some barre, and stability ball floor work. You're really rocking the leg workouts in your pregnancy, but I think if I were halfway through a pregnancy, I'd probably skip this one. There are several plyo moves and plenty of bending/lunging (Dixies and sliding discs), so it might be a little awkward, though I imagine the intensity level would be fine. You could certainly do the barre portion if you felt so inclined.

Eek! Gotta run. I have a crazy week so I may be MIA some day or other. Hoping to get my workouts in every day and pop in to report, but we'll see!
HAPPY 2015, Lisa! :D

Hugs to your little lady! Teething is rough. :( Glad your Hoppin' Jean was delicious. Belated Turkey Day was awesome. Ina Garten really knows how to butter...er, create awesome recipes...for roasting turkeys!

There seem to be several Cathe Live leg workouts and I'm tempted by all of them, but I agree with you that some of the moves can be rough for pregnancy. That's one of the reasons I like the DVDs--I've done them all so I know what to expect. I suppose I could preview an entire Cathe Live before doing it, but who has the time? Either way, awesome way to start your 2015 fitness journey!

I did a mix-up of different workouts today. I wanted a total body effect, so I did the legs toning portion from an older DVD I have from Tamilee Webb called Science of Fitness (about 30 mins) and then I did the UB from PH (about 30 mins). I have total dread for the PH legs sections so I typically combine the UB from PH with a leg workout from a different video.

Totally understand your busy week. Skip the personals as you need to and just let me know what workout you did. Or don't check in at all. Whatever you need!

Have a terrific day! 2015 here we come!



Hi Lisa,
Nice job on your workouts yesterday! I've never done Pour Hour. Is it a pretty straightforward total body endurance workout?
Yup, that Ina Garten sure does know the magical powers of butter! :D

Thanks for understanding about the busyness. I love popping in here -- it's a great break in my day -- so even though I'm busy, I'll probably come and wax loquacious about workouts and butter more than I should! ;)

While I don't have any really major DOMS, yesterday's leg workout left me more sore than any of the RWH leg workouts did -- and it's definitely less intense than the RWH LB work. So funny, right? I guess it really is all about mixing it up. My hamstrings and lower quads are really feeling that barre and ball work. Maybe it's the increased time under tension in barre work -- my legs were screaming, 'put me down!!!'

Today was Hard Strikes + heavy bag tabatas (all 3). Clocked in right around an hour. I love this workout, but haven't done it in a while. I wanted some cardio with a little more UB focus to give my legs a break, and this fit the bill.

Hope you have a great workout and a great day!
I love Hard Strikes! Great workout today. You typically wear weighted gloves to simulate the heavy bag part of the workout, right? I think I recall you saying that...I would love to have some of those pink Everlast gloves Cathe wears but for now my ugly black 1lb weighted gloves will have to do! I also know what you mean about barre workouts. They just kill me. For me it's because I don't do them very often, plus I don't have an extensive background in dance like you do so I'm probably not nearly as good with my form as you are. But, yeah, more reasons why mixing it up is always a good thing!

PH is a very basic, easy-to-follow high reps total weight workout. Similar to a Jari Love Ripped workout. In some ways it's geared to a beginner because before working each body part there's a voice over segment where Cathe gives tips for proper form (I always fast forward through that part). Of course you can make it as hard or as easy as you want depending on your weight selection. It's not a go-to workout for me because I dislike the squat and lunge sections.

Today I did Step Jam from The Classics DVD on a 6 inch step. I added some extra oomph through some jacks and power circles. It fit the bill for today. Tomorrow is a rest day and then back at it on Monday!

Oh, I could talk about butter all day long, ha! Well, I'll look forward to hearing from you when you can do it. The forums are definitely a fun place to visit.

Have a terrific weekend! Hope your busy week isn't too rough on you! Hugs,



Hi Lisa,
Quick check-in for me.
Nice work on Step Jam! Another one I'll have to try.

Yes, I use 1 lb weights to simulate the heavy bag. I also use them throughout the Hard Strikes routine (the cardio portion). This morning, I'm feeling those 1 lb weights in my back, as I always seem to! Love it.

I didn't have a ton of time this morning but wanted a little total body toning and a little cardio, so I tried Travel Fit for the first time. It definitely fit the bill. Obviously not Cathe's most challenging workout ever, but it's no joke! I loved the creative band work, esp the one-legged deadlifts with band. My only regret is that she doesn't use the band for the stretch. I'm in love with the Stretch Max segment 3 where she uses the band to open the hips, etc.
BTW, I was thinking you could pretty much use this workout for toning/conditioning for as long as you can work out in pregnancy. Obviously the band work can be awkward, but you're in control of your resistance. And all the cardio is simple and totally modifiable where there's impact. Also, I love how band work lets you give your muscles a bit of a stretch, too.
Now I want to try that band blast Live workout!

As you can see, I can't stop myself from going on about workouts ;)

Enjoy your rest day, and see you tomorrow!


Hi Lisa,
Hope you had a great rest day!

This morning I did Kick Max + XTrain bonus core 2.
I hadn't done Kick Max in a good while. It's a great workout! She really gradually ramps up the intensity throughout the workout. There's no clear end to the warm-up where the main workout begins. I'm so used to doing high-intensity cardio that during the first part of the combos I was thinking, geez, I remember this workout being much tougher! By the end of the blasts, I was huffing and puffing. I guess I've gotten used to the high-intensity workouts (or 'lighter day' steady state cardio workouts). This workout was a nice change.
Also, Lorraine's ponytail has a life of its own in this workout. I think it must have drunk Cathe's plyo potion, because it's bouncing all over the place! So funny, love it.

Have a great start to your week!
How's the post-holiday period treating you?
Hiya Roz!

Way to work it with Travel Fit and then KM + XTrain abs (love those 2 XTrain ab workouts!). Travel Fit was another workout that I used a lot towards the end of my last pregnancy, so thanks for the reminder! I totally agree that it's not killer but it's still effective (especially when you are 30+ weeks pregnant!). ;) As far as KM goes, I think that the punching/kicking combos are significantly easier than in KPC but the KM drill section is significantly harder than the drill section in KPC. At least IMO. Funny observation about Lorraine's ponytail! LOL! The thing I always notice about that video is a silly face that Lorraine makes during one of the active rests in the drill section...I think it's while Cathe has us jogging in place or something and Lorraine smirks and sticks out her tongue, or something like that, as if to say "oh boy, there's more!" Oh the random observations we make during our workouts, eh?

My rest day was great. It was cold outside but at least I got to sleep in! Still felt a little groggy this morning, so I did a KCM workout--30 Mins to Fitness: Plateau Buster. Did the entire video + a bonus segment. It alternates weights and cardio but is definitely an aerobic workout, at least that's how it felt for me. I love Kelly. Speaking of silly workout video observations, at the end of the 2nd 30 minute workout in this video, you think the video is all done but Kelly prances back onto the set and starts busting a move. Super cute.

I'm still sad the holidays are over but it is good to get back to a routine. How about you? Have you made it through your busy week or are you still in the midst of it? Anything exciting going on for you?

Have a terrific day! Give your DD an extra big squeeze...cuz why not?...and see you tomorrow! :)



Hi Lisa,
Great work on your KCM workout! And glad you got to sleep in on Sunday.
My week of madness continues, but I seem to be dealing with it... I guess it's good for me to be busy now to avoid that deflated post-holiday feeling.
I was up early this morning so I went for Body Max 2. I hadn't done this one in a really long time. SO FUN! And it is a toughie! Going back to the older stuff, I always expect it to feel -- not easy, but -- just not as tough as the high-intensity stuff Cathe's doing now. But BM2 really challenged my endurance. It just doesn't stop!
I know what you mean about the little things we notice in the workouts. I love that kind of stuff. It's nice to have a little chuckle mid-sweatfest. I cracked up during the 'Kids in America' song of BM2 where Cathe says 'We're the kids!' and later 'this is my favorite part of the song!' I don't like trainers who are constantly shoving their personality in your face throughout a workout, but I like it when a little personality shines through at moments.
BTW, if I were pregnant and still as coordinated as you are now (I'm so impressed!), I'd totally do the cardio step + UB premix of BM2 (I don't have the DVD, but I assume this is a premix). With stretch it's probably close to an hour. I imagine most of it would be fine -- you'd probably not need to make too much adjustments -- just stuff like subbing incline chest press on the ball for the decline and wide-arm push-ups (or maybe you can do these -- I know I couldn't while pregnant). Anyways, just a thought. I know you love your fun step ;)
Have a great day, and a great workout!
Happy Tuesday, Roz! I love BM2. It is 90 minutes of non-stop work! There are several premixes on that DVD that I really like, and I'd forgotten about them so thank you for the reminder! IIRC there is one that is more like a circuit that alternates the step routine with the UB work. I'll have to add that to my to-do list, but definitely not going to do all 90 minutes. I'm afraid I would trip over the step during the cardio/leg blasts at this point! Eek!

Today I did another Cathe step oldie (because, ya, I do love step!)--Step Heat from The Classics. I kind of made it my own by using a 6 inch step, starting with combo 1 instead of the w/up (because the first 5 mins of combo 1 is essentially a warm-up), repeated combo 1, did combo 2, and finished with a cool down and stretch. Made it about 65 mins total.

'Tis true that keeping busy does have its benefits! Hope it's not overly stressful for you. Have you gotten all of your holiday decorations down? We still have our lights on the outside of the house due to snow on our roof making it unsafe to take them down, but we don't turn them on anymore. As for the inside of the house, it is all clear except for the strand of lights my DH draped around one of our living room windows for me. Love those lights. :)

Happy Tuesday! Take care.



Hi Lisa,
Gah, no, we haven't taken down our tree yet. And at the rate I'm going, we might have a St Patty's bush this year! :eek: It's nice that you get to keep a string of lights up. I love lights like that!

I'll have to add that to my to-do list, but definitely not going to do all 90 minutes. I'm afraid I would trip over the step during the cardio/leg blasts at this point! Eek!
I definitely didn't mean to suggest you should do all of BM2! No way. And when I suggested step + UB, I was intentionally omitting the blast/leg portion. Even with all the lower body craziness I've been doing, it was really tough! And obviously the abs are super traditional, non-pregnancy core exercises.

Nice work on Step Heat! I believe I did Step Jam a while ago but I don't remember it too well. How do you find the intensity of the older Cathe step workouts compares to later ones? (I don't mean the HIIT stuff, but later steady state step w/os.)

This morning I was going to do Imax Original (I've never done it and compulsively need to check workouts off the to-try list), but when I saw the preview with all the plyo moves, my legs just weren't up to it after BM2 yesterday. So I opted instead for MIC. Love this one. Although, after plyo HIIT, etc., the 'MI' part of 'MIC' seems a bit of a misnomer. It definitely challenged my endurance, though, for sure! I'm enjoying the different challenge of the longer workouts after the short HIIT blasts. I just need to remember to eat before them. For my morning workouts, I often just have a cup of half-caf coffee with cream and coconut oil, since I prefer not to have food jostling around in there. But I need something more for these endurance workouts.
By the way, if you get to the end of your pregnancy and just want a ~20 min step-free cardio, you could totally do the warm-up, low impact hi/lo, and moderate impact hi/lo portion of this workout. The intensity only really comes on during the high impact hi/lo.
And you could probably do the step portion minus the interval blasts, too, at your current level. On 6" and with whatever modifications you usually make. The interval blasts aren't too tough, either, but there's a lot of two-footed hopping onto the step, which I imagine would be really not fun while pregnant.

Oh!! I ordered a squat rack!! I'm so excited. I think, after 2-3 week (i.e., 1-2 more weeks) of this 'rotation', I'm going to finish off the bodybuilding rotation with Mesos 2+3 (as prescribed in the rotation). We'll see, but that's what I'm thinking now. And I think I'd try Meso 3 doing both plyo and squat rack legs. :eek:

OK, that's all for now...
How are you feeling, nausea-wise? And just general being-pregnant-wise?
Hope you're well,
Oh Roz, I totally understood what you were saying about BM2 yesterday. Sorry for the confusion in my wording. I think we're both on the same page in terms of pregnancy exercise safety so I just assume our thoughts are aligned with stuff like avoiding the BM2 leg blast and abs. We are both part of Cathe's "educated crowd" after all. ;)

Hmmm, I think I'd say that Cathe's step workouts on her two step compilation videos (The Classics Volume 1 and Cardio Hits) tend to be easier than the newer steady state step. Her format for the 6 routines on those two videos tends to be 2 or 3 step combos with 1-2 of the combos being more low key and the final combo being more heart-thumping choreo. That's my take on them. You may disagree once you do them all. :p

Did the Open Discussion thread on MIC inspire you? I really enjoy that workout and I think you're right about how it could be a great add-on for pregnancy. I will forever associate this workout with Evita because of the music Don't Cry for Me, Argentina in the cool down. Ha! Yeah, I also struggle with the "to eat or not to eat?" before workouts question. Sometimes it just really makes me feel worse to have food in my tummy, but then there are days when I just intuitively know I need a little fuel before starting.

Congrats on the squat rack purchase! Given your penchant for tough heavy weight workouts, there is no doubt you will get your $$$'s worth! How are you enjoying your current come what may/do what you feel rotation? Sounds like you're having fun with it.

Today I did a total body weight routine: KCM's 30 Mins to Fitness Weights. As always, I did both 30 min segments. Followed with Stretch Max routine 1 because I had time and wanted to!

I keep forgetting to tell you that I'm pretty much done with push-ups, even on my knees. They just don't feel good anymore because of the back strain! Belly's getting bigger, partly because the nausea is now GONE GONE GONE! (Thanks for asking.) I'm 22 weeks today and am wearing full-on maternity jeans. Up to this point I had been wearing bigger pants and stretchy pants but now there's no more hiding this bump! :) The only real downer about pregnancy right now is just not being able to sleep very well due to frequent potty breaks + the stress/anxiety I sometimes feel because of my crazy spunky toddler!

Thanks for the recipe! No excuses need to make that. Oh, the butter, cream, sugar! It looks so so melt-in-your-mouth good! Feel free to share dessert recipes anytime. They never get old!

Enjoy your rest day tomorrow, if you decide to take one. I'll see you when I see you! Hugs!



Hi Lisa,
Nice work on your KCM workout! I've really got to try some of her stuff. Do you ever do kettlebell workouts? KCM has some, right? I don't have a KB, but I do think I'd love it.

And yes, I know I won't regret purchasing the squat stands! :p I'm really excited to do STS with the pull ups and chin ups. Doing the tubing work just felt like jogging in place while everyone around me was doing burpees! No fun.

But yes, I'm loving this cardio and toning 'rotation'. I never get to the circuits, but there are so many goodies to choose from! I do think the discussion about MIC might have steered my brain in that direction! ;)

So much for a rest day! (Actually, though, I am going to shift my weekly rest day. Not 100% sure yet how I'll format my workout well.) I did GG Extreme and the core from LLA (it's only ~6 mins). I really loved GG! Honestly, I think some of my most exciting 'results' have been in the field of waking up my glutes. I really feel like I've discovered this muscle group -- and it's so key in my life, what with all the toddler squats I do! So cool. And GG really does target the glutes. I'm going to try to use the 100 rep challenge with hip thrusts more often. And, of course, there will be lots of barbell squats in my future... ;) But I'm enjoying the LB toning workouts very much. I may try today's Live -- Lean Lower Body -- soon!
And I'm totally impressed that you did GG Extreme a week or two ago! Hats off, mama. Were you able to do most of the stuff without modification? What about those roll-ins on the ball? Those struck me as the exercise that would be toughest to do during pregnancy, logistically.

Oh, Lisa, I'm SO glad your nausea has taken a hike! Happy dance! :D
And sorry to hear about your poor sleep. I can relate, though I've never been pregnant while having a toddler! Yikes! I remember those frequent nocturnal potty breaks well... No fun at all. And I definitely find that, now that I'm a mom, I have a harder time getting back to sleep once I'm up. So much to think about/worry about/possible accomplish instead of lying in bed! Do you get at least 6 hours or so most nights?

It's SO COLD here! Are you all freezing there, too?
Hope you're warm inside by your lights! ;)
Happy Thursday,
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Hi Roz!

I'm not a kettlebell-er, but KCM does have a recent KB release that I (of course!) bought. I'm sure I would actually love KBs if I ventured down that road. Just haven't yet, although I figured KCM's KB workout would be a good introduction and she also has a modifier who uses a regular dumbbell so I...when I get around to doing that video...I can experiment with KB-type training without having to buy any KBs.

Isn't GGs awesome? Those exercises are so functional and effective. I always get killer DOMS from GGs Extreme. Maybe I'm crazy, but the ball work still felt fine. At least it felt fine the last time I did that workout. Let me know how you like today's Cathe Live. We ended up having to buy a new computer and I'm probably going to have to wait to do another Cathe Live until it's all set up. Our old one get skipping and pausing during the workouts and that was driving me *crazy*! :eek: Glad your loving your current rotation. Can't wait to see all of the fun ways you come up with to utilize that squat rack!

Today I did 4DS HIS cardio only premix. Actually did all the combos/blasts 2x through. I modified some of the jumping and turning, but kept up with most of it. I was proud of myself! :)

We are taking a super duper last minute trip--as in we bought the plane tickets yesterday, at a reasonable price (thankfully)--so I will not be back to our check-in until Tuesday. No emergency or anything, just some business we need to attend to. I'm actually looking forward to it because it is in California and the weather is supposed to be mid-60s, as opposed to the literally freezing temperatures we are having here. (Sounds like you're getting hit pretty badly with this arctic blast as well. Boo!) Plus, I can eat again, so that always makes trips more fun, right? :)

I'll try to get in a workout tomorrow morning before we jet out but won't have time to post. Have a terrific end of the week and weekend! Talk next week! Hugs!



Hi Lisa,
Great job on your double HIS workout yesterday! Hope you get to squeeze in your workout today before you head out.

I was expecting serious glute DOMS from yesterday's GG workout, but I actually feel my hamstrings more than my glutes! So weird. DOMS is a mystery...
I'll have to try Afterburn again... I had the most intense glute DOMS for 2 days after that one!

This morning I did BodyFit 360 Dance Conditioning. This is such a great workout. Oddly, I don't automatically grab for the BF 360 workouts, as I've somehow categorized them in my mind as only moderately intense. But they definitely get my heart rate up! And they just make me feel great in my body with the flexibility work. I added my own backbend/shoulderstand/headstand practice at the end, because it seemed like a good idea. I need to do more yoga! ;)
I was thinking, this workout is full of all the moves I wanted to do during pregnancy but couldn't. As in, gee, my back would feel so much better if I could only do x or y!
I hope you enjoy these when you're ready postpartum. I sure do!

Have a great trip! Hope you're able to get all your business taken care of, to enjoy some nice weather, and to eat and enjoy some tasty food! :D
I'll pop in to report my workouts. I think I'll take Sunday off this week, so one more workout tomorrow...

Safe travels and warm wishes, and I'll see ya when I see ya! :)


Hi Lisa,
Hope you're warm and well! :)
I just finished HSC. I'd been wanting to try it and you recommended it so I had to go for it! So fun. I was definitely winded. In some ways it felt like a Hardcore Series mash-up. Leg presses, push-ups (ha!), hammer punch lunges, plyo combos, etc. I didn't want to go too heavy, as I'm staying light this week, but I'd love to try it some time with heavy weights.
So... here's my plan. I was looking at the calendar and trying to figure out active recovery weeks, and based on my schedule in the coming months, I'm going to take tomorrow off, then start Meso 2 on Monday (!). I've done about a week and a half of this very fun non-rotation (rather than 2, as prescribed), but, hey, I gotta fit my workouts into my life where I can fit them in! ;) 'Cause life is busy...
And speaking of, must run! I'll check in to report my workout on Monday.
Happy travels,


Hi Lisa (and F.I.T.?),
I had a great rest day yesterday, but kept waffling about whether I really want to do STS Mesos 2+3 or if I'd get antsy and not commit to 2+ mos of STS.
Well, I figured if anything could deter me from embarking on such a rotation, it would be Meso 2 legs ;) So I did Disc 14 this morning (Meso 2 Week 1 Legs). I actually had a great time! During the first triset I was thinking... this really isn't so bad! But I was totally winded by the second cycle. I've definitely gained endurance for this kind of workout. But I'll say -- I still think the Meso 2 leg workouts are harder than plyo legs, Lift It Hiit It Legs, or really any other Cathe LB workout I've done.
While Cathe uses mostly dumbbells, I used my barbell (at 70 lbs) for squats, deadlifts, and static lunges. My shoulders bug me when I use heavy dumbbells for LB work, and I prefer the postural support of the barbell.
Then I did Crossfire bonus core. Why do I not do this one more often?? Love it! Also love that's it's only 9 mins.
Still feeling great from my workout. I love the feeling that I've gotten stronger (heart and legs) since my last round of STS.
Lisa, hope you have a great conclusion to your trip! Safe journey home.
Hugs all around,
Roz! I'm back early. Long story made as short as possible: my DH had an amazing job offer in the Silicon Valley area of CA so we jetted out there at the last minute to check out possible housing options and to familiarize ourselves more with the area. We left our home thinking it was 95% sure that we'd take the job and make the move and came back 100% positive that it's just not the right fit for us right now. To find a neighborhood that I would want to live in, we would have to be a good distance away from my DH's actual job site...so, in terms of CA traffic, anywhere from 45mins to 2hrs away...NOT a good idea when we have a very high high energy 3 year old and a newborn baby arriving shortly. It just doesn't match our lifestyle needs right now. Too bad as the job would have been great, and oh how I would have loved being back in the CA sunshine (we lived in Southern CA during grad school). Oh well, there will be other opportunities. :)

I loved your description of the BF workouts. I imagined that they would be deceptively difficult and I totally know what you mean about there being certain moves that you can't do during pregnancy but you just imagine would stretch your body out and work out some of those pregnancy aches...if only you could do them! Ha! And I'm delighted to hear you loved HSC. It really is one of my all-time Cathe favorites.

I am chuckling over your rotation ADHD. I have the same thing! I think I changed my mind about what workout I would being doing at least 3 times this morning just walking from my bedroom to my workout room. :D But, hey, you did Meso 2 legs and it sounds like you didn't reach puke status this time. Hooray! 70lbs on the barbell is nothing to sneeze at. You are one tough momma! So proud of you!

I was able to workout on Friday AM before our trip. Did a Stephanie Vitorino cardio/weight circuit workout called V Body (I think I've mentioned this one before). Then today I opted for PUB. I just seem to keep coming back to that workout during pregnancy, but today I was motivated by the fact that I feel like I have neglected my UB a bit over the past couple weeks. Rounded out the workout with some Lindsay Brin light pregnancy cardio to get my heart pumping.

Looking forward to seeing how your Meso 2+3 rotation shapes up. Also, I forgot to answer a question you asked from a few days ago about sleep...I tend to get about 7 hours but honestly I need much more. On those rare occasions when I can fall asleep and awake naturally without the good old alarm clock, I tend to sleep for about 10 hours. Maybe one day I'll get back to my ideal sleep time, like 20 years from now when all the kids are off at college! :eek:

Have a terrific day with your sweetie pie DD! Hope this week is more low key for you than your last busy week!



Welcome back, Lisa!
Wow, busy times and big decisions! It's great that you and your DH have clarity in your decision, though. The worst -- for me, at least -- is when I don't know what the right choice is, and I have to stress out before making the decision, and then afterwards about whether I made the wrong choice. CA traffic really is the worst. And commutes make a big difference in quality of life! Especially when there are little (and littler!) ones at home.
Well, congrats on your decision! :)

Great job on your workouts!
In her prenatal videos, does Lindsay Brin constantly use the phrase 'bun cakes' (for glutes/butt)? She's always using it in the Postnatal Bootcamp video and I was like... oh, man. This is embarrassing for me!

Oh, Lisa, my rotation ADHD is awful. I seriously changed my mind -- decisively, each time -- fifteen times in the course of a couple hours about whether or not to do STS. My compromise is to start Meso 2, and if I don't feel like doing it, I won't hold myself to it. Life's too short to do workouts you don't feel like doing! (Assuming one enjoys working out as you and I do.)

So, yesterday I took the express train to DOMSville and today I'm limping home. Love it! I haven't been sore like this since... hmm... maybe my first shot at GS Legs a couple months ago?
Today I had no chance at enjoying any cardio due to leg soreness (that insane calf work at the end! eek!), so I did M2 W1 Chest, Shoulders, and Tris. I really enjoyed it! I'm always surprised by how challenging I find incline barbell chest press to be... whew!

I may try to cut down to 4-5 days of workouts a week for the next month or so, maybe adding in a day or two of yoga, and see how I'm feeling. All that cardio over the past couple weeks just felt... draining? I feel like, in the interest of getting my cycle back, it might be wise to swap a cardio day or two for yoga and stretching. (Somehow strength training doesn't give me that same drained feeling...)) Then walking once it warms up. I know breastfeeding's probably the main culprit but... I think paring back the workout volume slightly and maybe gaining a couple pounds certainly could only help my body feel like it's ready to go again...
If I stick with M2, I may try 4 'serious' workouts a week: 2 STS UB, 1 STS LB, and 1 cardio/leg workout (probably a Live workout -- yay!).
We'll see. I'm going to play it by ear. I think I'll take tomorrow off, though.
Or I'll be back in 30 mins to update you that I've changed my mind ;)

Anyways, glad you're back, and double glad that you have clarity on your life decisions!
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