International Orders

I love tracking my parcel with UPS. But, thats really the only positive with UPS for me. The parcle is not delivered to my front door, I have to go elsewhere and pick it up, show ID prove that its for me and then sign for it.

Its only fitness DVD's for petes sake!

I shop online all of the time and I have no complaints about USPS, its cheaper, and not by a coupla dollars its much, much, much cheaper. And I've only really noticed maybe a day or two in extra time getting here.

Thats my humble thoughts for what its worth

Ordered only once from Cathe. Like to support the instructor but no more. UPS RIP OFF. No longer loyal Cathe> SORRY!!!
>Chris or someone from SNM talked about their plans for
>international shipping here (see the last sentence in the
>second paragraph):

Thanks for the info Michelle.

I just checked the online ordering page, and there does not seem to be an option for USPS in the shipping drop down menu only for UPS.
So how will they know that I want to use USPS? and how will I know how much my shipping charge is?.
Sorry I should really ask SNM these questions:)


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