Increasing My Flexibility

carol d.

Hi, Cathe or Cathletes -

Any recommendations on specific exercises to help increase my flexibility? My posture is absolutely horrid, and I've made a point to sit up straighter @ work whenever I catch myself slouching. But it's also very frustrating when exercising - trying to keep my back flat during deadlifts, and reaching my toes (nay, calves!) on certain stretching components is a real challenge.

This is something I've wanted to improve for years now, and just can't get to that palms-on-the-floor whilst standing goal. Right now I'd be happy with palms to ankles!

I tried 6 months of Bikram, hoping the heat combined with yoga would increase my flexibility - and although it was helpful (and I loved the discipline as a whole!), it just didn't get me all the way there.

Any suggestions?
Yoga is best

I have found yoga the best for flexibility. For it to be effective, you need to stay at it several times a week, daily is even better. I usually follow up a Cathe workout with a yoga stretch.

Working out keeps you fit, but yoga keeps you flexible and young.

I exercise everyday (unless sick). My stretches for my tight areas (especially hamstrings) are better after either a leg workout or cardio. Also I stretch everyday for at least 5 min (if short on time, always hamstrings and low back), but usually 12-15min.

I'm extremely tight in my hamstrings and have 'always' been. The best stretch for me is laying on my back and having one leg out straight on the floor and the other straight up against a door frame. Scooting my bottom closer to the door when I feel I can stretch further. It's kind of hard to explain.

Here's a youtube video showing how. Back Pain: The Doorway Hamstring Stretch For Treating Back Pain - YouTube

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