I'm new :-) Will there be suggested rotations for the new series?


Hi Cathe and all... I'm new to Cathe workouts and eager to get started. I've pre-ordered the new Low Impact Series, but I am totally lost as to how I'll figure out what workouts to do when, how often, etc. etc. etc.

I have been doing the Low Impact Step and Total Body Sculpting DVD for a couple of weeks and that's great.

Cathe - I see that you post suggested rotations in another forum for other DVDs.

Will you be suggesting rotations for the new series? I'd be particularly interested in one for beginners.... and an old beginner at that... lol Age: 66.

I've been active all my life and I work out on the treadmill at the gym 5 days a week (fast walking) averaging about 4 miles per day, but I'm new to strength training so I need to start off slowly.

I'm excited to have a whole series of joint friendly workouts.... perfect for my age... but I also know that these workouts are high intensity so I guess I'll just have to ease into them..

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance...


Hi, and welcome! :D You're sure to love Cathe, she's the best! I'm itching to get that pre-ordered series in my hands as well :eek: . In order to help you w/your question, I'd say that, yes, typically w/in the following month or two after a series is released, Cathe does put out a rotation using the DVDs as part of the rotation for that month. Do you have any of Cathe's other DVDs (other than those you mentioned)? You could always begin w/the beginners rotation that she has posted (if you're not already doing it, ;) ), and just make adjustments using what you do have (either now, or when the new series gets to you, if you don't have other DVDs). If you need any suggestions on substitutes, just ask around, there's so many helpful ladies that can give you a hand in figuring it out ;)


Thank you Kiki !!

I found the Beginner Rotation after I posted this and that will work great for me. I do have 2 of the 3 DVDs for the beginner rotation.

I have Basic Step/Body Fusion and Low Impact Step/Total Body Sculpting.

I don't have Total Body Stretching, but I do have Stretch Max which I can use instead.

I probably need to do the Beginner Rotation for 3 months anyway... before even attempting the new series... so that will keep me busy. I'll look for Cathe's rotations after the new series is released.

thanks again...



Hi Susan,

I'm excited about the new series too and will also be keeping an eye out for a rotation. I may also have to do some modifying. I just started exercising consistently again last month and cardio workouts have never been my thing..I am just now accepting how much I need them. ;) I am doing most of Cathe's videos now for the first time...even though I've owned some of them quite a while! I'm doing STS right now but combining it with cardio workouts that are more at my level (Basic Step, Body Fusion--just the step portions, Step Heat...I survived MOST of Kick, Punch, and Crunch) and upping the intensity gradually. I do all step workouts on the platform only.

I would say..don't be intimidated by the weight workouts..Cathe's weight workouts always have a safe pace w/ attention to good form, so all you need to do is select a weight that is challenging for you and you can likely tackle any of them...especially upper body should be no problem. Lower body work sends my heart rate way up and because of that I tend to go body weight only on pretty much everything except squats/deadlifts for now. The new series will be great for getting acquainted with weight work too since it will be knee friendly for all your leg work.

From the titles/descriptions..I'm thinking YogaMax, YogaRelax, TurboBarre, and the Total Body Trisets will be at or around my level of ability. From the video clip, Slide & Glide has some core work with the plates that looks tough and also looks like some serious cardio..! I'll have to see the other cardio DVDs to know what I can do..I'm not sure if they're putting together pre-mixes on these tapes..but sometimes doing one of the shorter premixes is a good way to get going on a DVD that would be too much otherwise.


Hi Kathleen -

It sounds like you and I are opposites. I love cardio !!! but have never done much weight training. I used to do the weight machines at the gym regularly, but have gotten away from that in the last few years and have never done much with free weights. Just as you have realized that cardio is important, I've decided that weight training is important.... particularly as I get older and lose muscle tone.

I am excited about the Low Impact Series for 2 reasons... first, that it's low impact.. just what I need. And, second, that with so many workouts there will be lots of ways to mix and match to fit my needs. I am smart about listening to my body and will modify the pounds on the weights or no weights at all if need be in the beginning.... and I can always do fewer reps until I can work up to what the crew is doing.....

It's going to be fun... I'm ready !!!!

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