I'm DOOMED with bad "dog"luck!


Okay I have the best puppy in the whole wide world

BUT I feel DOOMED with worst luck in the universe. Some of you may remember my doggie woes with my previous pup, . . and if you don't trust me it was one of the most painful things I've had to do in my life.

Here I am, . .fast forward to current day with my new puppy Mishka and she has been an absolute joy. Loving, sweet, playful, loyal, . . perfect right? Well, . . .2 days after bringing her home from the breeders she developed a bad infection on her groin and when I say bad I mean the expression on the vets face when I showed him was your classic "Oh my gosh that is NASTY!"

here is an icky picture of what it looked like BEFORE it got really bad.

here is what it looked like at the start

3 bouts of antibiotic later and 4 visits to the vet it is finally clearing up but now she is walking funny. The vet said that she is "cow hocked?" That he would keep an eye on it and see how she is at her 4 month well check/shots visit. I mean holy moly. I'm so freaked out now with my crummy luck they'll tell me she has hip problems. She has the BEST temprament ever and really has just stollen my heart. I LOVE HER. Just really sweet and friendly, . . no signs of agression or dominance at all and she is just so playful and loyal, . . hangs out next to me all the time. Someone please tell me that cow hocks are something that will not cause her pain.

Well, I'm not a veterinarian, but I have worked with dogs for years and I've seen many dogs whose back legs turn out a bit ("cow hocks"). It doesn't inevitably lead to hip dysplasia or knee problems - sometimes dogs just have turned-out toes.

I am a teensy little bit alarmed because you said you brought this puppy home from a breeder, and it kind of sounds like maybe the breeder is a little irresponsible? I admit I'm totally leaping to a conclusion here - I don't have all the facts and the breeder could be just fine, but having a possible leg problem AND developing a skin infection sounds a little sketchy. If this is a person who specializes in pure-bred dogs, they shouldn't be allowing dogs with crazy legs and possible hip problems to have puppies...but before you worry about that, if it's a puppy, it might just be a little discomfort causing her to walk funny. Or it might just be a phase.

STILL. I have three rescued dogs and they all get little skin infections from time to time - in their cases, it's related to allergies, which they are genetically predisposed to having (all three are mini schnauzers). They go on antibiotics and it clears up. No big deal.

But all this is beside the point. It sounds like you have an AWESOME, sweet, lovey dog! You're not cursed! All dogs have health issues at one time or another. Just love her and treat her right and you will both be just fine.

What kind of dog, BTW? How old? Could we have some cute pictures in addition to the terrible infection photos? :D
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I agree with Afreet--contrary to being unlucky, you might have hit the jackpot.........I once got a puppy from the pound & they called me 2 days later to tell me she had distemper & she had to be returned & put to sleep. At that point I was like no way. They told me she had a 5% chance of surviving. It took about 3 months of constant attention, she rebounded, & I had that dog for 16 wonderful, love filled years. I have NEVER had an animal so attached to me. I really think a dog knows when you care for them, & you develop a bond that just cannot be described with words.

Keep a close eye on her, make sure she sees the vet frequently. I bet she turns out to be the best dog you ever had. :)

Hopefully you have a good relationship with your vet - my advice is to make sure to REALLY keep on top of the infection and make sure the vet gives the pup a clean bill of health to really just nab this. Did the vet mention allergies at all? I, unfortunately, know a lot about food allergies in dogs. :) Since you mention the infection started after you brought him home, he could be reacting to this particular brand of dog food. Lots you can do here, and I don't want to leap to any conclusions - hopefully the vet has already thought about this and talked to you about it.

Good luck!!!!! You'll get it straightened out. Skin issues in puppies is very common - you just have to figure out the problem and you'll be good to go. :)
It took about 3 months of constant attention, she rebounded, & I had that dog for 16 wonderful, love filled years. I have NEVER had an animal so attached to me. I really think a dog knows when you care for them, & you develop a bond that just cannot be described with words.

Keep a close eye on her, make sure she sees the vet frequently. I bet she turns out to be the best dog you ever had. :)

Laura this just about made me happy cry. I just want to hug you!! :) 16 years?! WOW! I already feel such a great bond with her. I feel like a momma duck with my little puppy always by my side. I can't even tell you how it makes me feel when she just sits right next to me and puts her head on my lap.

Okay Afreet, . . cute pictures on the way. Let me get her ready for her close up shot. :) She is a full bred german shepherd.
I had that thought in the back of my head about the breeder. I don't want to believe it since he is a family friend who has been breeding dogs for over 30 years. Mishka's pappa actually won the 2009 National Seiger Competition for his age division, ....but I can't help but think it is a possibility that something went amiss. All in all I wouldn't trade her for the world and I'm doing what it takes to keep her safe and happy for as many years as I can.
Hi Janie - Cow hocked in a GSD may not be that big of a deal. It doesn't appear to be implicitly linked to hip problems.

Definitely talk to the breeder about it. They may have some insight on other dogs in their line who were/are cow hocked and whether or not there were issues.

IMO, every dog and cat I ever had had SOMETHING going on, whether it was breeder or rescue acquired. Spike had really jacked up teeth, Chelsea had an elongated soft palette, Gunther had chronic issues with his toes, Rascal is flat-footed, Chance gets fatty tumors...and they ALL have had heart murmurs...or maybe my vet just super advanced hearing.

Really, they're just like humans in that none of them are built perfectly no matter perfect the pedigree/lineage may be. Genes are funny things. ;)

ETA - What mspina said about the infection...stay on it until it's cleared up.

I'm sorry your puppy is going through this.:(
I agree with mspina. What kibble is she eating? Isabella was weaned on a kibble with corn gluten as a second ingredient. She has systematic yeast (itching skin, ear infections, dark nail beds).

You may want to consider probiotics. Her immune system could be in overdrive from all the puppy vaccines, infection, and antibiotics.

I have Isabella on Primal Defense Ultra probiotics (human supplement) for puppy vaginitis and yeast overgrowth. The PV will go away with her first heat cycle (I'm not spaying until she is 2 years old), but the systematic yeast will have to work it's way out of her system with patience, grain free diet, and supplements. I'm doing what I can to support and strengthen her immune system.

I'm also giving her coconut oil. Coconut oil is great for both humans and dogs! Read all the wonderful benefits-
I give 1tsp per every 15lbs of weight. Start slowly, it can give them diarrhea in the beginning. She licks it right off the spoon.
This is the brand I'm using- http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001EO5Q64/ref=oss_product

I'm also supplementing joints now as a preventative. I'm giving her glucosamine, Chrondotin/msm maintenance dose. This is my preferred brand-

Mastiff breeders start their pups on this supplement from day one. Some give plain knox gelatin everyday to support joint health. I would talk to your breeder.
Cowhocks are actually pretty common in some breeds including working bred border collies. While it is considered a conformation fault, mild to moderate cowhocks don't seem to impact soundness and some people speculate that they may actually be beneficial. I wouldn't worry about the cowhocks alone unless they are severe or she has soundness issues. Also, puppies do a lot of weird things while they are growing and they may improve (or not) slightly as she grows.

I'm sorry to hear about the skin infection though.

I was waiting for our resident expert, Lisa, to chime in!

I have a friend with a puppy that has such bad skin allergies that he has an open prescription for steroids! It gets so bad sometimes that he gets postules that are really gross! I'm hoping Mishka doesn't end up like that, but I agree that she could have food allergies! It might not be a bad idea to consider switching now to a grain-free food like Wellness or something.

She's a baby and may grow out of some of these issues or she could have just picked something up that didn't manifest until recently. Don't worry!

I love the picture of her too! How adorable with that ear flopped over! German Shepards are wonderful dogs! You'll be very happy together for many years!
Hi Janie- just a quick big hug!! Mishka is just too cute for words and so sad she is ill!!


I just checked out the first picture in your post and it's true - total cutie pie!

To chime in with LauraMax: my two "little old ladies" are almost twelve years old. They have some lipomas, and both have recurring skin conditions that don't improve with changes in food. I had them both tested and they're both allergic to a variety of indoor and outdoor things that are all, essentially, unavoidable, so frequent baths and occasional rounds of antibiotics are the only solution we've found so far.

They also have heart murmurs, but these are (so far) relatively minor - we just have to monitor them constantly. Anyway, in spite of all that, and the assortment of other health issues they've had, they have been the light of my life and the joy of my existence and absolutely, my very best friends! Here they are: Greta and Afreet.

They've had pancreatitis, urinary tract infections, one of them swallowed a penny and had to have it surgically removed, we got attacked by feral dogs and one of them had to have surgery after that, they both had complications during their spaying (extra night in the hospital, longer recovery), one of them is ferociously allergic to bee stings, they've had thorns in their paws, prickles stuck in their fur, ticks, fleas, scary reactions to topical flea and tick applications, anaphylactic shock from spider bites...seriously, the list goes on and on. But basically, they're fine.

And here's the new guy, who we just adopted a few months ago from the local Schnauzer rescue. He doesn't have any serious issues, other than just being a total spaz. He's only three, so I suppose he's entitled: Kip. And here he is, sleeping after a run, with his tongue sticking out.
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Janie, so sorry you and Misha are going through this. I definitely feel for you. Our golden retriever came to us with almost every intestinal parasite know to dogs(she did not come from a reputable breeder). If took over a month to clear up. Then at 5 months she was diagnosed with severe hip problems and had to have 2 surgeries. Instead of asking the question, "Why us?", we looked at the situation as "Because who we are". She was put in our lives because God knew we would take care of her. Someone else might not have figured out that she needed the extra care until it was too late or they may not have had the means to do what she needed. (We used the money we had saved for our 25th wedding anniversary to pay for the surgeries). She is now 3 years old, crazy as ever, a pure joy in our lives. Hopefully Misha will bring you just as much pleasure.

Cow hocks is not necessarily a big deal. My mini aussie, Shiloh has it. It disqualified him from the breeding program and being a show dog (fine with me :D). He doesn't appear to be in any pain but I do give all of my dogs Zyflamend (herbal anti-inflammatory), it has worked wonders with Tuxedo who has severe hip dysplasia, when I picked him up, he could not walk for 5 minutes without limping. Now he does agility, herding and he is a relentless frisbee dog :cool: and is my running buddy for up to 10 miles.

I am sure things will work out, don't stress!!! It sounds like you hit the jackpot with her!
{{{{{HUGS}}}}} The good news is that she is improving and she has a wonderful Mommy :) I'm not familar with cow hocks, but I hope she outgrows her other issue. I had a Shiba Inu who was allergic to fleas. It would only take one flea bite for him to lose all his fur from mid waist down - it was horrible, but he outgrew it.

I second the Wellness brand dog food and I also give our furbabies NuVet multivitamins. From another furbaby lover and Mommy to a new lab puppy - that's "Mahi" our newest addition now 13 weeks in my avatar - enjoy the puppy breath and sweet puppy kisses :D
My puggle Buster has horrible skin allergies in the summer. We think it's the grass. He's miserable May - late August. The only thing I've found that helps is Hydrocortizone spray.

You're always taking a chance when you bring a new pet into the home. Buster is my first dog with any issues, but I've had 2 Siamese cats that were less than completely healthy when I got them. My fault, I went to a Craigslist breeder. Never again - I will always do research on breeders from now on.
Awe Afreet Greta, Afreet, and Kip are just too cute!!

Thanks everyone! For all the advise and well wishes. From reading the other posts, . . . it is likely that this will not be my first or last time of medical worries for Mishka. I'm crossing my fingers but of course this morning I notice that she's scratching her ear and to my agast it looks like ear mites. Ick. Is this something I can treat at home? Of course you look online and they show you and tell you the worst care scenarios. UGH! I'm going to go and call the vet. I'd hate to have to bring her in AGAIN, . . .for the millionth time.

Well, . . regardless of her icky start she is really quite the best. Here are more pics to share. I'm just such a proud mom. :)




The ear is something else, but I bet that is not her best feature, although it might be second best. LOL

She's adorable, I love how you are taking care of her.

Don't have any knowledge on the cow hocks issue.

But I have to say "Look at those ears!!!" How cute!!!!!

She looks like a trouble making snugglelicious bundle of cute!


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