Ice 2


Hey Cathe.. wondering if u can do a new series that is ICE2 or XTrain 2 and add in one extra dvd of a step workout like mega step, or the step u have with step blast? That would be nice. I love how the ice is set up with so many add on but also good for intermediate so I can take one day that isn’t so hard for me I want to throw up but the add ins are there to push me. The only thing missing was step workout! With fun music


I really like the ICE series a lot too. So versatile, so easy to modify up so you can continue to improve with it. 5 out of 6 workouts this week were ICE for me. I like Xtrain a lot too. They are both very comprehensive, although Renee is correct that a fun step workout would be a great addition. Maybe another IMAX & choreographed step on one dvd - maybe each a perfect 30 with premixes to combine them. Hmmm... maybe two 30- minute spin workouts too. Guess I have lots of wishes and probably wouldn't be disappointed with whatever Cathe comes up with.

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