I need help locating a STS Push Pull Stand


New Member
Hi, Cathletes,
Does anyone know where I can get a STS Push Pull Power Stand? We have recently moved and my new exercise space is smaller so I want to purge the big, heavy weight rack I have and get the light-weight stand that Cathe and the team uses in the STS workouts. The problem is that it isn't for sale anymore on the Cathe shopping site and I cannot find it anywhere. If someone has a reasonable substitution suggestion, I will take that too. Thanks so much.



Wish I could help but I'm not sure where to find one. I have one but got it awhile back. You may want to try posting this in the open discussion forum. That thread seems to get more action. Hope you find one :)

Lucia A

My treadmill has a support bar right across below the handles, works for me. Before I thought of that, I put my body bar across two chairs. Sorry I can't help you either.

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