Cathe Friedrich

What a GREAT weekend Cathletes! Thank you sooooooo much for coming to the Glassboro RT. It was an amazing time full of energy and warm fuzzies and I miss you already! Gosh, I want to chat so badly right now but I have some Monday afternoon deadlines to meet. I will be back later to chime in on our fun weekend! I can't wait to do it again next year!



It was such a blast! Yep, I have the post RT blues. But I take comfort counting down the days til next summer. ;)


Thanks Cathe!!! Every RT gets better and better.

I seriously didn't think I'd be able to do all those back-to-back classes on Saturday, but what a BLAST. Loved it!!! :cool:


Yep, Road trip blues here too. I had a blast. Now it's back to reality. Cathe and staff, Thank you so much for a wonderful weekend.



Nothing like pushing our fitness boundaries! So wonderful: ) cathe- you're a rockstar! :D -jenn


I had a great time at the Glassboro Road Trip

You are amazing, so dedicated to keeping us all healthy and fit. I was star-struck to finally meet Cathe and crew . . . what a group of beautiful ladies. The road trip exceeded my expectations and I am more motivated than ever to live a healthy lifestyle. The workouts were fun, the food was delicious and the company was great. Had to leave a bit early to celebrate my daughter's sweet sixteen birthday breakfast on Sunday, but by that time, I couldn't do another workout.
Miss you all!

Barbara P

Thanks so much Cathe. It was such a pleasure to see you again (I was in NYC for the Eggland kickoff, I'm the one who has CIA1006 LOL) and to attend my first road trip. It will not be my last. I can honestly say I loved every minute of it even when I was "dying" in class. I love tough (still, even though I'm older than dirt) and you delivered.
I managed to get up @ 5:30 this morning and swim 2,500 yards, but decided to skip my other planned workouts. I think I deserved a rest. haha.
I loved seeing a couple of friends I'd met before and meeting lots of new ones.

an interesting note, one of the women is from my hometown (where I no longer live but my family does) and I graduated from high school with her brother 40 years ago! what a small world.

Thanks again to you and everyone involved for such a great time!



Hi Cathe! It was yet another AMAZING RT!! I am still floating on RT-cloud-9 (despite some killer calf pain still! no pain no gain!!) and loved every minute!!


Big hugs and THANK YOUS to Cathe, her crew, the RT staff, and all the wonderful, amazing, awesome Cathletes I met this weekend!! I'm still high on adrenaline!!!!! My body did things this weekend that I never thought it could accomplish. This was exactly what I needed for that extra kick in the butt for motivation. It was my 1st RT too, but definitely won't be my last!!! I can't wait until next summer to work work all over again :D


Thanks Cathe and everyone involved to make this event a lifetime memory for me & once again for your kindness and your talent you shared with all of us this past weekend! I had so much fun. It is amazing that we can do 8 workouts in about 36 hours time and LIVE to tell about it! :D I loved seeing all the "old" faces and meeting all the new faces. You attract the most special people in the world....what an awesome group! THANKS from the bottom of my heart!


I'm a little late to this thread - had to go away for work the past few days - but I'm back now and am STILL soooo happy from this weekend's festivities! It was amazing, incredible and the hardest workouts ever!! I loved every sweaty minute, even those back-to-backs on Saturday. Killer. Just the way I like it :)


Thanks Cathe! This was my first road trip, and I hope it won't be my last! It was great to meet you and your amazing crew and staff. You sure know how to put on a party!

Hugs and kisses,

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