I miss my Cathletes!!!!

Cathe Friedrich

Hi Everyone! It is always so hard to transition back to normal after a roadtrip. There is just sooooooo much energy that surrounds the whole weekend and then boom, the next day is so quiet. I also get bummed because I just want to look at photos and relive the fun weekend but there are so many post roadtrip things I have to do that I can't even sit and enjoy your photo's yet. So I pop in and peek here and there for my warm fuzzy fix but I can't wait until the last of my deadlines are done for this week so that I can sit down with a good cup of coffee and take a morning to just enjoy and relive our fun weekend. Until then, I'm just popping in to say thank you for such a hugely special weekend and let you know how dearly I miss you !!!! (((((HUGS)))))))


Thanks Cathe for another awesome weekend. I am just amazed at how your energy motivates me beyond what I thought was possible! I just loved all the energy in every class and enjoyed looking around to see smiles on everyone's face. Thanks for, once again, sharing your unbelievable talent with us all. I feel so blessed! Hugs to you!


Hi cathe....been suffering from post road trip blues......so I signed up for Houston! Def made me feel a bit better: ) thank you for every minute of last weekend! A thousand times over!- jenn


Yep.... I am suffering also! I have been eating every chocolate bar that was leftover from Cecily birthday party..... I estimate at least 15 Hershey bars since I got home on Sunday! WOW! I went for an eight mile run this morning hoping to get myself on the right track again!

I will be sitting here at noon waiting for the pre-sale to begin!!!!

LET's ROCK IT CATHE!!!!! Can't wait til next year, until then.... the new vids will have to do!

xx, Denise :D :D :D :D :D


me too!

It was such a fantastic weekend and one of the best times of my life. Thank you, Cathe, from the bottom of my heart. I am still living the experience through my pics. My sons love looking at them over and over again. My 2-year-old doesn't say Cathe, he says "Ya-yee" and points to you and smiles.



Definitely having post RT blues this way. There are no words to describe how exciting the whole thing was. It was truly a weekend to remember. Next year I plan on bringing my sister along!
Thank you Cathe, Deb, Kathy S, Cyndi, Nancy and everyone who made this RT special! I had such great fun with you all and can't wait to do it again next year!!!

It is always such a high being with you all and then the next day I get the blues but this year I just went back to my hotel and slept the entire day!!! It was nice.

Thank you Cathe for being your wonderful gracious self and an amazing host. My husband was happy to sit in traffic for hours to finally get the chance to meet you ;-)

I loved all of the classes, the food, but most of all the company - it is something I look forward to every year, seeing you all and being able to take live classes with Cathe - unforgettable!

Until next year!




Thank you sooooo much for a wonderful roadtrip!!!! I had such a great time that I signed up for Houston!!!! Can't wait to do it all again in October :D



Many thanks to you Cathe, and Deb, Kathy, Cyndi, Nancy, Chris and everyone who made the RT10 such a special and magical time. I feel so fortunate to have been able to be a part of it. It just gets better and better each year. So glad that Wally was able to meet all of you and thank you in person for all that you have done for me.

See you in Texas! Can't wait!! Yeehaw!
Much love and hugs:)


A great big THANK-YOU to you, Chris, and all your staff. Everyone made it such a great weekend. You all are simply wonderful. Already looking forward to next year and hoping more members of the Getting Our Licks In group will be traveling to Jersey for all the fun.

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