I met Richard Simmons and Tosca Reno!


At the Toronto canfitpro conference on Saturday, I met both Richard Simmons (who was giving a huge class for everyone who showed up) and Tosca Reno (who was doing a book signing). Richard was ... well, old ... but he can still shake his booty! When did he start - was it the '70s? Tosca was just incredibly sweet. I told her what a treat it was to meet her, and she said sincerely that it was a treat to meet me as well -- how nice was that! She is so beautiful in person. At 52 she is 2 years older than I am, and I'm always being told how young I look, but I think she looks a good 10 years younger than me!

Fun weekend.

How fun :D I've heard that Tosca is a really sweet lady & gorgeous. Glad you got to meet her. Richard Simmons must have been a hoot ;)
I would love to meet Tosca Reno, you had a great weekend indeed! Not to leave Richard out, I have a lot of respect for him.
In the 70s, I think Richard Simmons was a forerunner for fitness. He does having staying power.
Tosca would be totally cool to meet.... Richard - maybe just a bit scary! He does have staying power- that's for sure!

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