I can slow the play speed on my DVD player !!!! Yea !!!!


I love the replies, but yes..... i be over 60 and better continue with Cathe, if I am blessed to age 80+ ;);) But I only do her gym style for triceps, biceps, and butts & guts. the pace for strength strength is what I like and has assisted me in staying. I much prefer Cathe over any other instructor, what drew me too her was her upper body (triceps/biceps/shoulders) :)


The slower speed is really good to use for the stretch sections too. Many of Cathe's workouts have stretches that are great, but she doesn't hold them as long as I like, so I slow the DVD down for the stretch.:)

aqua girl

I found a Sony SR510H DVD player at Walmart yesterday for $40. That has
Variable playback speeds, faster & slower, with sound, which is fine, just a tad
Slower...works great with that Shred Cardio step warmup that Goes mega fast
IMO....also this little "gem" will let you program the dvd, title, chapters, etc so
You can program the DVD to play the segments you want, kinda like a dvd
"Workout blender" :)

Lucia A

Wow until I read this thread I never thought of slowing her down.

I agree with lower step and no step. I alternate Cathe Step with Treadmill and sometimes rebounder.

Interesting, I do the same as you.

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