I can slow the play speed on my DVD player !!!! Yea !!!!


I just discovered something wonderful :D

At age 66, I have trouble keeping up with the pace of some Cathe DVDs... while commenting about that in another thread, I wondered if I could slow the playback speed on my DVD player ... and...

I can !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Woo Hoo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this is HUGE....

I can push a button and the DVD plays at 0.8 speed. It slows it down just enough... and I can still hear Cathe clearly.. just speaking a little more slowly... and it gives me a tad bit more time between exercises to get my correct weights.

And.. on step workouts.. it will slow it down just enough for me to keep up with Cathe and crew.

I'm excited !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

can you tell???? lol


What a discovery!

What kind of a player do you have? I'd like to try that for my next exercise day.

Thank you so much for sharing.

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Janie - I'm on the computer upstairs and the DVD player is downstairs. Next time I'm on the computer I'll post what brand it is.

but.. in the meantime...

I just looked on the DVD player remote control and there is a button that is marked 1.3/0.8

So... I pushed it while the DVD was playing... and.. voila !!!

I can speed it up to 1.3x normal speed or slow it down to 0.8x normal speed.
Each time I push the button, it rotates thru the 3 speeds: faster, normal and slower

This is going to be a big help on the new Low Impact Series DVDs. I have no trouble doing the exercises, I just can't do them as fast.


What brand?

Hi Susan,

I'd like to know what brand and model number DVD player you have. Finding one with a slow motion mode has been very challenging.




Wait wait! Sorry I'm reading this and had to read it again - You're 66 and doing Cathe?!?!

God bless ya...


lol... yes... I'm 66 and doing Cathe workouts !!!

I won't be old til at least 80.

However... finding out that I could slow the speed on my DVD player made a huge difference. I can do most things... maybe not as many reps and not as much weight as Cathe and crew, but I CAN do everything...

I just can't go as fast as they go. I need to do the movements a little slower, so this is perfect.

Sorry it took so long to get back to post about what kind of DVD player it is....

DVD Video Recorder
Model No. 420KU
August 2009

I don't remember where I got it.. but it was most likely either Amazon or Walmart. And it wasn't very expensive.

Not sure if they still make that model..... but on the remote... about 3/4 of the way down.. is a button that says 1.3x/0.8x PLAY.

I'll go take a look at Amazon and see if I can find it.... I'm guessing that's where I bought it....


Thank you... but I am not unique.

At my gym, there are lots of men and women in their 60s and 70s who are at the gym every day doing treadmill, elliptical, weight machines, step class, Body Combat, Body Pump, free weights.... you name it... there's a gray-hair doing it.

If you exercise when you are younger and keep at it, there's no reason why you can't still be exercising in your 60s, 70s and 80s.

As I said... my only problem is that I can't move as fast as I used to...

My favorite Cathe DVDs are:

Muscle Max
STS Total Body
Pyramid Upper Body
Gym Styles
Pure Strength
High Reps
Push Pull

There isn't anything on any of those that I can't do.... I just can't do as many reps and can't use the heavy weights that Cathe and crew do. But I'm working on increasing my weights gradually.

ohh... one thing I can't do is leg presses on the high step with 5 risers.. lol So I do them with 2 risers instead....

For cardio, I do step class at the gym 2x/week and one day of either moderate walking on the treadmill or do the elliptical.

I have just started trying some of the Low Impact Series..... Surprisingly, I find those to be much more difficult than the DVDs listed above. The pace is a lot faster and there are a lot of very difficult moves based on planks and other things....

But I'll work on the LIS ..... we shall see :)


Slowing down the speed is a brilliant idea....does Cathe have a deeper voice when you do that?

Cheers to you for sticking to the workouts that you love!!!


A true inspiration. I hope to tell your same story one day.


It's easy natty :) Just keep exercising your whole life and don't stop.

Unfortunately, I stopped for about 10 years and that's why I now have this excess weight to get rid of.....

I'm still very healthy, but not exercising allowed the pounds to creep on so it's back to work... wish I had never stopped...


Slowing down the speed is a brilliant idea....does Cathe have a deeper voice when you do that?

Cheers to you for sticking to the workouts that you love!!!

Cathe's voice isn't really lower.... at 80% speed, it's not like the old days of slowing down a movie or video where the voice r...e...a...l..l...y crawls.....

It's Cathe in a normal voice but just speaking more slowly... as you would to a teenager to whom you were trying to make a point and stay calm while doing it ... lol


It's Cathe in a normal voice but just speaking more slowly... as you would to a teenager to whom you were trying to make a point and stay calm while doing it ... lol

Ha! I get accused of "yelling" when I do that--three times in the past 2 days.:eek: Since when is speaking calmly and slowly "yelling"? I guess when you factor in 14-year-old red-headed female hormones.

Susan, you really are an inspiration--both in fitness and also (evidently) in raising teenagers.;)


Thank you for the information, Susan. I'm 62 and, like you, I have to slow down the movements. I can do that on my own with most of the Low Impact Series. I just do the exercises more slowly and I ignore the pace of the music. In the end, I do fewer reps than Cathe and her crew, but I'm just as sweaty. For Low Impact Challenge, however, I do that on the floor because her pace is just too fast for me to safely do it on a step (and I use a 4-inch step!). I'm hoping that by using the slow-motion feature I can do Cathe step workouts on the step. I like her choreography, but the only ones I can do are Low Impact Step and Basic Stepping. This will open a whole new world of step workouts for me.

Thanks again.



Glad I could help Linda.

I too have trouble with some of the step workouts.. that the pace is too fast to be safe. I don't want to stumble and go flying across the room and really hurt myself on the hearth or some of the furniture.

For some of the step workouts, I just do them on the floor with no step at all. that's for the really fast paced ones.

For the others, I find that this 80% speed is perfect and, like you, use a 4 inch step with no risers.

Before I discovered this wonderful 80% speed on my DVD player, when I was doing weight workouts, like you, I just did the movements more slowly and hence did fewer reps.

Now... with the slower speed, I can do the whole thing... well.. most of the time.. lol. There are some movements (planks and pushups... lol) where speed is not the issue :)
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