OK ladies,
Another one of THOSE threads :confused:. Dieting help needed :eek::eek:!!! I went on vacation two weeks ago and actually lost weight while we were gone. I came home and weighed about a pound lighter. Happy dance!!! Then, between then and now, I've gained FIVE POUNDS :mad:!!! WTH??? I suppose I let go a little and enjoyed a bit too much food and wine. So, I did the stupid TDEE thing (not stupid, really, I'm just hungry and hostile today), and I need to eat a little less than 1400 per day to lose weight. I promise there's a question...
How do you ladies who restrict your calories to below 1500 (you know who you are, I read your post on Ask Cathe) do it and still incorporate snacks in the day? I hate to cut out snacks... Any suggestions would be lovely.

Thanks for putting up with my endless dietary neediness. :p
just my two cents

How much protein do you want to get in? Are you a vegetarian? (changes how I answer this question.) Do you want to taper calories/carbs? Do you care about carbs? Do you get your cardio in the AM or pm?

The best way for me to deal with hungries is to eat. Healthy fats + low calorie vegetables covers both the satiety triggers. A great big salad with at least two cups of greens (and really, how are you going to get into trouble with salad greens?) and olive oil plus either lemon or apple cider vinegar really helps with my hungries. Use a whole tablespoon. I know its 120 calories but it hits the spot with no adverse side effects (or anything left on the side of your hip/butt;) ) I don't really count the cals on the lettuce cause really its like 4 calories for two cups and 2.2 of them are fiber according to fitday. So counting the oil its 124 calories and 2 grams of fiber. You can add 1 tbsp. of shredded parmesan for flavor (if you tolerate dairy.) and just 20 calories.

I don't know if this helps. I'm in the same boat (well, maybe a bigger boat since I have 55 pounds to lose.) I'm aiming for my bmr and I try to get my burn/deficit from my workouts (Cathe, running, walking, yoga). For me thats 1600 cal / day.

Coconut oil really seems to help. Yoga has made a big difference to me and can be just 20 min. a session. Logging my eats helps. I use a digital scale. I have extra measuring spoons/cups I got at the dollar store, I hate washing more than once/day :p
Well, if you don't want to cut out snacks, then your actual meals have to be downsized. That can be a pain in the butt, but it's doable. I have found that it's hardest at dinnertime when the rest of the family has about 500 calories of food on their plate, and I have only about 300 to go for the day. I often save up a little extra for dinner for that reason.

As for being hungry, I just deal with it. It stinks, I know. I feel your pain. In fact, I'm feelin' it right now!
I wish I could keep my calories under 1500, but whenever I eat that low during the day I end up with a peanut butter sandwich in my hand at midnight!

I have been logging my food intake to see if some patterns emerge. Maybe you could do this for a short while to see what foods leave you more satisfied? I know, it's not great advice, but I am in the same boat as you :)

Please chime in anyone who knows how to not turn into a grouchy bear or a midnight snacker on 1500 calories a day!

I was hoping you guys would tell me about an amazing 5 calorie, fiber and protein laden chocolate cupcake I could buy. Oh well. :p

Yes, I am a vegetarian.. Well, technically a pescatarian (sp?). I occasionally eat fish. I do the BIG salad thing for dinner every night during the week and cook a separate meal for the family. So I don't like to eat salad during the day or I feel quite like a rabbit. I eat a lot of whole grains, drink lots of unsweet tea/water during the day, etc. I workout while DH and the kids eat dinner every night. I used to not get hungry during the day, but for the past couple of weeks, I've been insatiable. Ugh!! I eat small meals, but it's still pretty hard to eat three small meals and two snacks and not overdo calories. My body is happiest eating 1700-1800 calories per day. I feel energized, full and happy. Problem is, I really need to lose these 5 pounds PLUS about 10 more. I need to just suck it up and quit whining...
I need to eat 1450 calories a day to lose weight. What is working for me is to eat 1150-1250 calories for three days and on the 4th day eat 1500-1900 calories. It averages to 1450 calories per day but I feel better.

I eat oatmeal most days because it is filling. Lately I have been mixing a can of yams (drained), a cup of oatmeal 1-2t cinnamon and a t vanilla with 1 3/4 cup water and microwaving for 2 minutes. This makes 3 servings for me. I use for dinner or breakfast. I fit carb in before weight wo and I usually exercise in the evening.

For afternoon snack I have 1/2c lowfat cottage cheese and a fruit. Any other snack is only a fruit or a veg.

I am using the Mayo Clinic diet. Fruits and veg are unlimited. Corn and peas are not listed as veg. You are required to eat 4 veg and 3 fruits per day but can eat more.

On the diet you are only supposed to watch as much tv as the # of hours of exercise for the day.

Were you working out while on vacation or just relaxing? It could be that, if you were just relaxing and having fun, your body is readjusting to your workout schedule again, maybe? If your eating schedule changed while on vacation, that too could be a factor as well. You may want to add some more veggies as snacks between meals, not salad stuff, but significant veggies like broccoli, cauliflower, carrots and celery, bell peppers (roasted is the best). I'm usually in bed by 10 p.m. because I get up so early for my workouts, so hunger after my dinner meal isn't a problem. If I stay up later, then I do start getting hungry, but I"m done for the day, so I drink a glass of water and get to sleep! Veggies are very low cal and good for snacks. I was actually right at 1200 cals a day when I was trying to lose significant weight.

I hope this helps and you figure it out! Good luck!
Joan-Yes, I agree that shuffling up calories is effective. Debbie (fitnessfreak) taught me that. I'll have to work harder on that. I think I wasn't allowing a big enough deficit between my low-cal and bigger-cal days.

I'll definitely try snacking on more veggies. I'm not fond of many raw veggies... odd I know for a mostly vegetarian. It's a texture thing. I like cooked veggies, so I'll have to make sure I have a stash nearby.

As for vacation, we walked a good bit, and we went with my parents and my sister and her family, so we were so busy fixing food for others/kids that I really didn't focus on me that much. I nibbled here and there. That was a major breakthrough for me because usually all bets are off on vacation and I eat like I'm storing up for the winter.

I just did a 20-minute steady-state run on the treadmill while DS was down for a nap and the others were playing. It was so nice. Tonight I'll do GS chest/shoulders/triceps. I think I needed to step up my cardio. And so I'm going to try to couple my lifting days with a steady-state run. I'm also trying to "learn" how to run better so I can run in run on Thanksgiving...

I'm totally prattling on... Thanks ladies for your advice, as always!!! You rock!! :)
what about beans?

beans/lentils keep me feeling full hours afterwards. sometimes 4 hrs later.
i like to make a lentil soup- lots of veggies, chicken/veg. stock for flavor, spinach. as a shortcut, u could add veggies to canned lentil soup. i make that that just for me, my family won't touch the stuff.
could also make lentils with the flavors of bbq beans.
black bean salads are yummy. theres a yummy recipe in cathe recipes. i just put basil/cilantro and salsa on the beans. eat with lettuce 'taco', tortilla or just the beans. i get the fresh herbs in a tube, they last for months, and basil makes everything tastes good with no fat and a dose of vit.C. in my local grocery they sell them by the organic produce next to the real fresh herbs.
if you like it a little spicy, theres a fat free mustard. its called great value all natural southwest spicy mustard. from walmart. it has red and green bell peppers in it. really good on beans with salsa or sandwhich.
i always feel like i can eat as much as i want of the lentils or beans. its mostly veggies and legumes. i shouldnt eat to whole pot, but really u may fee
full with only a small amount. eating the soup when i'm sick makes me feel better too. along with huge amounts of lemon in green or other type of tea. i dont feel hungry when i drink that.
although i'm not really hungry when i'm sick, just want the taste of phlem gone. well anyway u might try tea or even mouth wash. good luck.

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