I <3 4DS!!!


4DS rocks! It is my most recent purchase and I love it! I have only done the step workouts so far. Tomorrow is kickbox and then bootcamp on Mon. The choreography is amazing! SO FUN!

What are your favorite premixes? There are so many to choose from :)


Hi Marie :)

ME TOO!!! :eek:

I love the 60min cardio pre-mix w/High & Low step. The UB Bootcamp pre-mix is great too. I never really had a chance to dabble in more pre-mixes as I started STS shortly after I received 4DS. Have fun!

BTW, did you start feeling little kicks yet? They are pretty miraculous :).

All the best,



Hey Natasha :)

Thanks for the recommendations! I'll be checking those out, especially interested in the step premix..what a blast that would be! Love my step :)

I have felt lots of movement. Thanks for asking. The little guy is usually sleeping during the day but starts moving around alot around 9 or 10pm. Last night he was super active. So fun!!!! My husband got to feel it the other night too.

I'm really enjoying my pregnant belly :) Cathe workouts are getting a bit harder. I have mostly been sticking to step and LIS. I have also been trying to do her yoga workouts once a week.

How's STS going? I have been thinking of starting Meso 1 again.


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