How "old" is "old"?


This is a question I have been pondering of late.

Google says that if you are 65 or older you are considered elderly. I am 65 and there is no time-zone, planet or even a dimension in which I would consider that I am ELDERLY!

I have been working out for 40 years exactly (got a Jane Fonda VHS Tape for my 25th birthday) and I found Cathe's MegaStep workout in the early '90s.

For those of you who are "elderly" how do you all feel about it? I know Cathe will be 60 this July and her new series about "Active Aging" is kinda freaking me out!

How old would you be if you didn't know how old you were?" - Satchel Paige
Love your question! Well, I’m pushing the big 70 and I guess I am elderly….some days
I feel less elderly than I am, sometimes a lot more! :). But it is what it is and I am learning to adapt & modify, because of age & other issues that arise from time to time. I guess I have been a workout-holic for 50 yrs +. We can just do what we can do and do it the best we can. Keep moving, if at all possible! :)
My grandmother was born in 1896. She worked the farm until she was 77 years old. She died at 101.
I think some aspects of aging are genetic, and some reflect lifestyle. But I don't think you gain insights into yourselves or others by knowing a number. We had a local fire fighter who retired at 92. It's certainly not the norm. A friend of my grandmother was swimming in the local lake at 95. So many people aren't working at being healthy, and wonder why they have problems. Bodies age, but a healthy lifestyle plays a role in quality of life. Cathe's new series may help address aging issues, like flexibility and balance. I have less flexibility that I did in my 30's, but I can address that. I didn't do yoga in my 30's. That doesn't mean I put away my heavy weights.
The man who lives across the street from me just turned 104 on leap day. His (much younger) wife was outside on the driveway last week and Jim was planting seeds in a pot. At 104! They have a caregiver who comes daily as well as night care but it’s mainly to help his wife and give her a break.

I think genetics has a lot to do with that type of longevity. Although I did watch the little special they had on a local news station for his birthday and he was always physically active throughout his life.
... and there is no time-zone, planet or even a dimension in which I would consider that I am ELDERLY!
I hear ya!!

You're reminding me of when I looked up my cat's age classification. On one chart she was a super senior and I informed her.
Her response was to get the zoomies and jump, land and balance on a 2" wide windowsill. :cool:

I'll take that lesson from my kitty...
Live who you are! Not who they say you are!!
I will be 65 next year. I'll be eligible for what I call "old peoples" health insurance.

I have been modifying my workouts, it seems forever, to make them work for me. I have been working out for 40 plus years. I went to a gym, then discovered video;s. First the Firm - then Cathe with the Pure Strength series and have not turned back. I'm always thankful I can do what I can and will continue plugging away
Ok, so I'm not elderly (turning 54 in a few months) but I often help others in my life with snow shoveling, lifting, climbing ladders etc. I know some who are only 10 years older than me and they seem "elderly" but others, like my parents who only recently seem to be showing their age and they are both 78. A friend of mine is turning 70 this year but I still wouldn't call her elderly!
We were talking about this in my Pilates studio yesterday. We are all individuals and some of us retain mobility, flexibility and strength, along with our mental faculties, longer than others. Our instructor was telling us about her oldest client. He was 97, still able to drive, and still active. We had another man in our class who looked like he was in his mid 60s. He played badminton every week, played golf, and went swimming and hiking. We were all surprised when he told us he was celebrating his 80th.
I wonder how many elderly Cathletes are here? Anyone know how to do a poll? (See, I guess that request really does prove I am elderly!)
I'm just not sure we could agree who is others have pointed out...the age alone isn't enough!

P.S. I was with a group of 20ish year olds and I was a little shocked how many of them groaned trying to get on their knees and stand back up again.
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We've been discussing aspects of your question this week. I don't think there is any hardline answer as to what is considered "elderly" or "senior" or "old" - as my high school physics teacher would say "it's all relative". I've been able to get "senior" tickets at my local theater for over a decade. I've been on Medicare for almost two years. For years my gray hair and wrinkles allow me to purchase alchohol without having to show my ID. I worked long hours over decades to be able to retire in relative comfort. There are some advantages to this stage of life, as well as disadvantages - but that's true in every stage. If I only focused on the disadvantages, then I'd start to feel "old" and I don't care for that feeling. Cathe's new series doesn't freak me out - I'm appreciative as I'm hoping it will assist with the aging disadvantages that are coming on. I had older parents who lived life fully despite their ages - they would say they didn't have a choice in staying active because they chose to be older parents and that choice dictated their activity in their "senior" years, while I had friends whose parents could have been the children of my parents who seemed "older" in their choices of how to participate in life.

But I'm also interested in the aging population on the fitness forums too. I've noticed some of the "older" fans seem to have disappeared over the years. I suspect lots of forum fans have migrated to Facebook and post there, but others have moved on, mostly lurk, or only visit periodically. I've been on Cathe's forum under this UserName for a few years, but I was a member way back (the late 90's/early 2000's maybe) under a different name (I couldn't remember the UserName or what email account I had used way back then, so had to rejoin once I retired). So if fitdeb or anyone wants to do a poll, I'd participate and would be interested in the results too. A poll is set-up by clicking on the the little poll icon when you go to post a new thread.

It might be interesting to see the ages as well as exercise frequency ... something along the lines of:
50-55 & exercise 3x/week
50-55 & exercise 4-6x/week
50-55 & exercise everyday (or maybe combine this with the previous, so 4-7 days)
then maybe similar for the age groups 56-60, 61-65, 66-70, 71-75, 76-80 and 81+ - of course that may be a L . O. N. G. poll ;) Fitdeb - this was your idea - do what you want!

I think we may be inspired to see Cathletes in their later years working out so frequently! The types of workouts they do would also be interesting, but that could be a later poll (or not :)) .
I enjoyed reading through the entire thread. Great observations!

I’ll be 69 in June. I pretty much work out every day but shift the intensity to avoid overtraining while simultaneously keeping my joints moving.

I think I’m hitting my ornery old lady stage. I really don’t care what society says I should do, wear or how I should act. I actually love my body, loosening skin, wrinkles and all. That wasn’t true in my younger years so I guess I’m still learning and growing.
I think I’m hitting my ornery old lady stage. I really don’t care what society says I should do, wear or how I should act.
I don't know about ornery but It is enormously freeing! I wish I had this wisdom when I was younger. But at least I'm appreciative now!

All I can do is impact younger folks by sharing that viewpoint now!
I am gonna try & do an “update poll” for the above that was nine years ago!!! Don’t know how many will participate, but I am gonna try to do it.
You might want to put a time limit on the poll ... maybe a month or so? Also I was thinking some of the "challenges and check-in" Cathletes might not visit the General Discussion pages ...maybe a "butt-in" to invite them to participate?

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