How "old" is "old"?

Maybe more so from Facebook than here, but I could be wrong. The thing is there are
alot of people that don’t have Facebook accounts. I don’t….no desire for one…I do,
however, visit her public page for info. :). There are some nice Easter pics on there of
Cathe & her sons, family. Cathe looks so pretty!
My grandmother was born in 1896. She worked the farm until she was 77 years old. She died at 101.
I think some aspects of aging are genetic, and some reflect lifestyle. But I don't think you gain insights into yourselves or others by knowing a number. We had a local fire fighter who retired at 92. It's certainly not the norm. A friend of my grandmother was swimming in the local lake at 95. So many people aren't working at being healthy, and wonder why they have problems. Bodies age, but a healthy lifestyle plays a role in quality of life. Cathe's new series may help address aging issues, like flexibility and balance. I have less flexibility that I did in my 30's, but I can address that. I didn't do yoga in my 30's. That doesn't mean I put away my heavy weights.
I had two grandparents live to be 96 (one born in 1897) and one 98, they all grew up in the country on farms, with huge gardens and fresh air. The 96 yo ones still lived on the farm when their health went back. I had grandmothers climbing on counters, one standing on it painting in their 80's and my one grandma ended up in a nursing home after she fell on the stairs taking a fan to the attic when she was 94-95. So, I have at least some genetics for longevity.

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