How long does spaghetti squash keep?


I have Googled like mad, but can't find a clear answer on this! I bought a spaghetti squash about 5 weeks :eek: ago meaning to cook it and never got around to it. I have never eaten it before, and my husband was skeptical, so I kept putting it off. Anyway, everything I read says that "it will keep a long time." Well, how long does that mean?

It still looks fine, doens't have any smell, soft spots, or anything like that. Should it still be ok? If it is, I SWEAR I'm gonna cook it tomorrow!

(and normally I would toss it and buy a new one to be sure, but I am on a campaign to save money and absolutely not throw away any food!) Thanks!


I say you'll know the answer once you cut it in half!
People used to keep squash and other foods in their cellars for long periods of time. If it's been kept cool, has no soft or dark spots on, and looks okay when you cut into it (today or tomorrow!!), I'd say go ahead and eat it.


I've heard that they'll keep for a month at room temperature, longer if kept in a cooler area. I think if it doesn't have soft spots on it, it's probably okay. You'll know once you cut into it. ;)


I grow them in the garden in the summer and keep them in the basement all winter,sometimes one will get mushy but they usually last until I'm ready to eat them.


I agree with the others, once you cut it open, you'll know for sure.

As long as you see not funny spots, I would still use it.

I had this yummy recipe to go with Spaghetti squash on the Shape magazine website. it was with homemade meatballs and marinara sauce. Yum!

What did you end up making with it? I'm always looking for new recipes!



Thanks everyone! I had read that the way to cook these was to cut it open AFTER cooking, that's why I was kinda hesitant. It said to prick it with a fork, bake, then open. I was afraid of opening up a big hot stinky mess! We'll see tonight...!


I love spaghetti squash. I use it just like pasta. It's great and nice variation from pasta.



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