how heavy r your dumbells for sts?


I am currently doing sts for the first time. I have hex dumbells up to 20 lbs. I have the good old fashioned dumbells that you add weights and then screw on the end thing. There is no time in sts to be changing out weights! So my question to you all, is how high of a weight do you think I will need in set dumbells? I found some on craiglsist that are a local pick up. He has pairs of 25,30,40,and 50. For $225. Is that a good price? Will I need them up that high? Im thinking yes?!
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Calculate 1$ apound..thats what the generall sell for! also baragin him down a little..:) You might need up to 40 for the back...i have never reacher 50 but what a great goal!


gratefuldog: I don't know what your strength level is, but I started out with just 3s, 5s, 8s, 10s, 12s, 15s, then I added 20s, plus I had a barbell. I didn't really even need the 20s until the 2nd mesocycle. This was plenty for me at the time. I could see how I might need to go up a bit and get MAYBE 25s and 30s, but I could not see going any higher for me than that.

I think 40s and 50s would be way to high for me. And .60 per pound is not unreasonable at all. If you have Play It Again Sports near you, you might try them, they have pretty good prices...

Cosmo Mom

Those are alot of heavy weights. If you have a barbell you already have the heavier weights for leg work. Also, it sounds like you have the smaller little "barbells" to add weight (which I do for other exercises to maybe go to 40, etc.)

I use 25 lbs. for the narrow squats, etc. and a 25 lb. for overhead tricep extension. Then I bought one 30 lb. at a time (when they are on sale at Dicks or have coupon, etc.) and lastly, I bought one 35 lb. and these I use for one armed lateral back exercises.

So, there's no way I would pay that much for those weights.

Good luck though with your weight training!


My weight use for dumbbells increased during my STS strength workout. I started out using 3lb weights and ended 3rd Meso using a max weighted vest, weighted gloves and 12lb dumbbells. I lost 20 pounds during the series without the cardio recovery days off.


Hi! I am on my 3rd round of STS and I have dbs up to 20lbs plus one old fashioned adjustable pair like you. I am in Meso 3 and lift 50 lb dbs in each hand for squats: I feel like my legs could actually handle more weight, but my grip strength is maxed out. It is time consuming to change up the weights on the adjustable dbs during the workout, so I just get creative with wrist and ankle weights- sometimes wearing them on my wrists and sometimes wrapping them around my barbell. I use my barbell (100 lbs) for deadlifts rather than dbs, and will often do plie squats with dbs in both hands rather than one to increase the weight. You will find as you get into Meso 2 and 3 that you can lift heavier as there are fewer reps and longer breaks.


I used 40 & 50lb dumbbells for STS meso 2 & 3(plyo). The hand grip strength gets me too. I tried using straps but that doesn't feel good to me either.
The weighted vest helps too! I know that's one more piece of equipment, but I love my Cathe vest.:)


I have dumbbells up to 35 lbs, the 20lb weighted vest and 150 lb barbell set. I use the barbell a lot in place of dumbbells, like for squats and lunges, since my grip strength is not so good over about 40 lbs, but if you can get up to 50 lb dumbbells, get the weight vest. I love how versatile the vest is.

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