How does cardio work with STS?


Hi Guys -

How does cardio fit into STS? Is there cardio in the actual STS DVD's or do you need to schedule cardio in with the workout?

Does the book that comes with it help plan that in?

I am doing great with Cathe's other DVD's, but I pick and choose, so I think I would like the structure of STS, but I want to make sure I keep up my cardio.

If someone could explain for me how that works, I would appreciate it.


Cathe posted this two threads discussing options for cardio. You can also find them at the top of this forum- STS Cardio Options. There are two threads.

I put in my own cardio. Whatever I feel like doing that day. I have to watch what type of cardio I do because I have knee problems. So, my cardio of choice is typically kickboxing.

If you look at Cathe's suggestions for each, she typically gives one step workout, one kickboxing, and one high intensity training (like an Imax) or Hi Low.
I just do cardio on my non STS days. I either run or spin or do a video if I don't feel like going to the gym. I try to get a minimum of 4 days of cardio on top of STS. Once I go to a regular work schedule at the end of this month (M-F), I will increase my cardio to 5 days per week.
i run on the days i am not lifting. so, i do STS on mon/wed/fri and run tues/thurs/sat & sun (and sometimes friday at work with my coworker)

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