hello mamas! 3-30---->

Hi Stephanie! Have fun soccering!:D
Sorry about Charlie and the shots! Poor little guy!:( Fevers scare the life outta me!:(
We LOVED RF Cafe! Will prob go back today.... I hate to do the same place 2x when there are so many cool places here but DDs totally loved it and the food was awesome!

Did 4DS KB this morning - felt good! I've enjoyed a small break from the weights but I'm sure I'll be ready to get back to it.

I have not done ANY shopping!:( It's so hard w/ Julia's schedule. Maybe the fam will let me disappear for an hour today so I can go to Crate & Barrel. :D Oh, the damage I could do in a weekend alone here!:eek:
Kate - Sorry about the lost ticket, but you're right...perspective. Have fun shopping! I'm so jealous of you!!

Maggie - I would also love to lose an extra 5 lbs. Congrats on being on the single digits to lose also!! You'll be there in no time.

Steph - Hope Charlie feels better!

Hi Candra, Becky and everyone else!!

Okay, ballet today and hoping to get some things done. I would like to straighten up the house, but I don't think this weekend being I have no DH. I did get an uphill walk w/ baby in stroller yesterday. I'm finally at the point where it's easy so I need to up it somehow. Feels like a cheat now. Anyway, hope everyone has a great weekend!!

Stephanie- poor Charlie:( Ryder had a fever w/ his last set of shots so I am really dreading his 6mos appt. I too worry about the vaccinies, I just say a little prayer b/f I take him in.

Kate-sounds like you are having a great vacation!! My kids love the rainforest cafe also. I hope you get away to shop:)

Maggie-congrats on finishing meso 1:D Are you doing the 6mos rotation? I remember having dial up :mad:

Lisa-you're almost there, 8# will come off fast!

Becky-I love running outdoors too. I have been stuck on the tm until Ryder is old enough for the jogger.

Wendy-do you make all of JJ's food? Did you make your sponge cake?

We have no b-ball b/c of spring break:D:D:D I got to run on the tm,stretch and abs!! I love not having to be anywhere!:) I finished clx yesterday, so I think I am going to focus on mostly cardio next week.

Hope everyone has a great weekend:)

No shopping...yet. I've got onem ore chance to escape - Hope it works out!
Took the kids to Shedd...they loved it. We bought membership tix so we could skip the 90 minute line! Worse than Cedar Point! Looks like we'll be coming back so we can make the most of the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. This trip gets more expensive every time I turn around.

Lisa, Nice stroller walk - ^5 on it getting easier!
Good luck w/ the house straightening! Luckily, my cleaning lady came while we were gone....I'll get to walk into a spotless house! SCORE!:cool:

Candra, yay no sports! Did you see good results from CLX?

Wendy, Were you the one who recommended the Beaba Babycook? I LOVELOVELOVE that thing! So wonderful!!!! Someone was thinkin' when they made that thing!
got to go to crate & b......wowza! coulda been reeeel bad...but all i got was popsicle molds and herb snippers.
happy saturday night! busy busy busy here

friday night we had a potluck before services at temple. made mac and cheese (not a diet friendly recipe but always a hit =) today i went (with jj in tow) to the big annual event where i used to work, an event i was responsible for last year. annual youth peace conference in a nearby city... it was so nice to see all of the staff and the young people i use to work with... but also nice to be able to come and go as i pleased and have no worries about it! now im home from a family dinner this evening. my jj was sooooo tired, he was just a mess by the end, poor guy. got him home and into bed by 9. i feel like such a bad mommy -thats two nights in a row out late! tonight i didnt even do the whole bath routine, he was just too wiped.

candra - i do make all of jj's food except for the cereals. its too hard to grind grains, my processor is not high powered enough i think. sweet potatoes, applesauce, zucchini, mango, carrots so far (plus bananas and avocado but they're just mashed right before feeding). and hes been eating rice and barley baby cereals.

the sponge cake was tasty and consistency correct i think but it looked awful! it turns out greasing and flouring was not a good idea. i wish my nanas recipes were not so cryptic and her handwriting so terrible! but live and learn and itll be better next time=)

kate - sounds like youre loving the city vaca!! sorry about the tix fiasco, that sucks, but sounds like you carried on well. actually wasnt me on the beaba babycook but now that ive google it -- how cool that it does e'rything in 1! i think im cooking in larger quantity than that, tho, its only a 2-1/2 cup. are you using it? or just admiring the invention?

stephanie - ill have to look up clean eating and health mags at the library... we have an awesome local one and i use the heck out of it! glad your fam enjoyed april fools, hehe.

maggie - i hear you about the $$ for baby food, ppl see the .75 tag and think its so cheap but for that i could make about 8 servings of sweet potatoes! sure does add up... BUT, if i had all your kids i dont think id have time to make babyfood! buy if you need to =) and love your kids convo!

ill say a prayer for trish and fam as well...

hi lisa, congrats on the lbs!

and on the workout front, it appears i am on the mend at least for now lol. i went for it and did KCM step boxing yesterday. a toughie but short and i modified plus didnt use a step at all. it went well, knee feels ok and no new pains popping up, yahoo!! followed with stretch fusion (michelle lemay from fit tv). today literally no time for a workout as weve been out all day.

Hi ladies!

Well, my eating was not good today or yesterday I am so ashamed to admit. I am mad at myself--just undid more progress:mad:Ugh and Easter is next weekend? I never eat clean for holidays.

I did make some "green soup" from my latest Clean Eating magazine and it is pretty tasty and low in calorie, so I'm set to go tomorrow.

Gwen-bird is pulling herself to a kneeling position when she can, but still isn't crawling on her hands and knees. She is a substantial baby--stout and meaty, and mad because I just swept her mouth and deprived her of her "treat" (origin unknown).

Kate--sounds like you are having a blast in Chicago. Sorry about the train tickets, but you are right about perspective--I need to remember that. And we've found that vacation time is always more expensive than we'd anticipated. This year I am planning ahead for that:p.

Stephanie--I hear you on the vaccines. I always do them right on schedule, but I always worry just a bit. My ankle is recovering way too slowly. I'd like to start cardio again after my STS rest week, but now I'm wondering? I hope you get some really good, refreshing sleep--sounds like you've got a lot going on (((hugs))).

Lisa--I'm always in survival mode when dh is gone overnight--so don't feel guilty about not cleaning--funny thing about a messy house--it will still be there when you have time to get to it:eek:. Good news about your hill walk being "easy"--making progress!!

Candra--enjoy your spring break and not having to go anywhere! I remember Little League--it was brutal--practice and/or games every day of the week. I am going to call about switching to high speed next week. I cannot take it anymore! (and ds14 is going purely nuts--we are soooo last century:eek:)

Wendy--good news on your body feeling better--hurray! I'm still waiting. I'm wondering if I've developed some sort of arthritis in my ankle or something. When I make baby food it's nothing fancy, so it's not too much extra work. I usually make huge batches of food, which we eat several days in a row or freeze--same with the baby food.

Okay--I should go and check in with the STS six monthers, but I also need to make sure I can find all 4 little one's church shoes for tomorrow. We wake up at 7:00am and have to be out of the house by 8:00 to make the 8:30 service, so finding everyone's shoes ahead of time makes it a little less frenetic. I need to find my shoes as well--that can be a disaster--I'm all dressed and can only find one shoe because someone has walked off with the other one and left it in some pile or something--

Gwen is screaming--

take care
Hi mamas!

Lisa--You do ballet? I grew up taking ballet and started back before I got pregnant with Charlie. I was enjoying it SO much, but then with the pregnancy and post-preg body issues (I danced with a lot of ex-pro-dancers who were stick figures), I put it on the back burner. Neat to know that you're a ballerina too!! :)

Kate--Glad you made it home OK! I bet you need a vacation now to get over your vacation! :p Isn't that how it always is?

Maggie--Sorry your ankle is still bothering you. Mine still hurts too. I even told DH last night that I'm considering selling my Cathe step DVDs because I don't think I'll be ready for the step for a long time. I still really cringe when I think about that fall. I'm now thinking about buying the slow & heavy series (since I can't afford STS) because I've heard it's the next best thing and I need something to work different body parts on different days. Plus, didn't you say that heavy weights is what helped you best lose your weight?

Wendy--Glad you're on the mend!

Candra--Your workouts sound great!


Thanks for the well-wishes for Charlie. He's much better. Yesterday was a great day. We watched the big boys play soccer, and they did great! Henry got five goals, and Oliver was Mr. Hotshot Goalie. And DH filled in and coached Oliver's game. Charlie did great watching his brothers and loved being outside in the beautiful weather. Supposed to get cold next week --highs inthe 40s and even maybe snow Monday night!! And it's the boys' SPRING BREAK!!! Wacky wacky weather.

On a different note: does anyone do kettleball workouts? I'm considering that too. GOT TO LOSE THIS WEIGHT!!! We're considering going to the beach afterall -- NEXT MONTH. And I don't want to look like a Far Side character. Ugh.

Well, sorry for the novel... again! Hope everyone has had a fantastic weekend!! :)

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