hello mamas! 3-30---->

maggie, you are getting so cloe!!!! keep it up!!!!
weleave thur a.m. - bright & early - literally waking the kids, driving off w/ them in pjs....wonder if the train has a dress code?!:p

stephanie, energy comin' atcha!!!! send me some of that yummy dinner tho!!! actually we're having ital too - homemade thincrust pizza - i cant wait!!!!!

hi candra! 3 nights away...our 1st overnight somwhere w/ j....should be interesting!:rolleyes::p
i was...
then I wasn't
I was....
then I wasn't...

then I did it!!

20 min on the versaclimber done!
sweaty...time for a -c-c-c-c-cold shower!
Thanks for all the kind words ladies. My mortgage guy called today to get more documents. I am glad he's up on things, but needing to provide more documentation makes me nervous that somehow things won't go through. (Totally irrational I know)

But....I am doing better now. I did go for a 1.5 mile outdoor run. It was rainy and humid, but I think that was even better.

Kate, the pizza sounds great. Fridays are homemade pizza days here. Great job on the vc.

Candra, if I lived in your neighborhood I'd have to hire someone!

Stephanie, that cake sounds devine! I can't wait till I'm at the right weight so I just maintain and have a treat now and then without feeling guilty.

Maggie, great job on the weight! How has your mood been with no cardio? Cardio is my anti-depressant. You always seem to have it all together though.

Good night everyone.

Hi everyone. I have been so totally out of the loop. Husband quit his job and is moving to another company. As the household lawyer, I've been up to my ears in negotiating, thinking, talking, etc. about the job change.

You guys crack me up. Candra, I want to disconnect my doorbell too. Stephnie, I too pray for canceled games and practices. It bums me out when they're rescheduled.
Hi mamas! Anyone up to any April foolery today? Wish I were smart enough to think of some cute tricks to play on my boys. I'll have to put my thinking cap on. I'm SO tired today because Charlie was up literally all night. He either had tummy issues (hasn't had a good poop in a couple of days) or he's getting another ear infection -- he has a mild cold. We go to the pediatrician Friday for his 6 month check-up, so I'm hoping he'll muddle through until then. If he develops a fever or seems like it definitely is his ear, I may have to take him early. Poor little guy. And poor DH, his new boss starts today, and he wanted to be extra alert today. AND he doesn't even drink caffeine. I don't know how he'll do it. I'm going to start my caffeine IV shortly! :p But enough about me...

Maggie--Only 9.5 pounds!! How totally awesome!!! You must have worked really really hard. You should be very proud of yourself!

Kate--Thanks for the energy boost! I'll need it today! Where are you guys going on vacation? We're skipping vacation again this year. I'm a beach bum at heart and miss it SOOOO much! Have a great time!

Becky--Yay on the run! Don't worry about the documents. Seems like every time we buy a house there is more and more red tape. (We're in our third.) As for the cake, I'm not at my weight goal yet -- by far! But I still allow myself one small treat a day. I can't do the total deprivation thing or I'll backslide. A small slice goes a long way with a heap of berries on top. Plus, it's a pretty healthy dessert, as far as desserts go, and I wanted my boys to try it. Of course, I didn't have time to make it yesterday. :rolleyes:

Kristan--Sorry things have been so crazy for your guys. I hope the job change goes smoothly! Glad to know I'm not the only soccer mom who dreads practices! I love them once we're there and settled, but lugging three kids, a lawn chair, a cooler and a diaper bag to the fields is such a pain!!
Stephanie-sorry Charlie isn't feeling well:( I am also trying to think of something to do to the boys for April Fool's. Let me know if you think of anything good;)

Kristen-good to hear from you!:) I hope everything goes well w/ the job hunt. Mimi must be getting so big. How old is she now?

Becky-we just bought our house last year and all the paperwork is crazy:confused: Our grass would be 10ft high if I left it up to Mike he works really long hours. We've had the same gardner for 8 yrs he is great he even cleans up after the dogs!:D

Kate-good job on the wo!! A shower feels so good when you are sweaty.

I did my clx wo then finished w/ 20 min hiit on the elliptical. My legs feel like jello:eek: I need to shower and go pick up Owen. bbl

hi becky! hows paperworkmax?:p

hi kristan!!!! sounds a leeeeetle busy your way! hang in there!

stephanie, id def be hatin' the soccer mom thing! i do NOT complain my dds arent joiners!:D
we are headed to chicago.....gulp! are we crazy???:eek: we're normally beach goers too. cmon july!!!!:cool::cool::cool::cool:

candra, your wo sounds great!! ive got sts legs tonight - bring on the jello!!!:D
spking of april fools - i told mike i was preg!!!!!
got him good!

he was actually disappointed we weren't! i love him!!!
Happy April Fools

Today was STS disc 2. If I get home in time and it isn't pouring, I may go for another quick run today. I do feel better today. So far no more requests for documents, but we'll see.

I did choose a moving company today though and they're picking up our stuff on April 23rd! That is soooo soon. And, I'm throwing my girlfriend a lingerie shower at my place on the 18th. I am stacking all the boxes into 1 unused bedroom though, so the living room/great room will be super uncluttered! Since DH won't be working after the 17th, he can help do the last part of the packing.

Kate, my DH would kill me if I did that to him. But then I'd have to make myself cry for him to even believe it. I love Z but the thought of another right now is WAY too much! I am so not good at April Fools anyway. I can't ever lie without laughing, or looking like I';)m about to laugh.

Candra, I think we'll get someone to mow our grass too. We'll probably even have help bi-monthly with cleaning if we can swing it. I just don't want to come home from work and work more. I know I can't count on DH to keep it as clean as I would want it. He's clean, but not exceptional. ;)

Stephanie, I hope Charlie feels better soon. Can you post the recipe for that orange cake you were talking about? It sounds light and spring/summery and I might make it for the Hawaiian luau (I know I prob spelled that wrong) that my mom is throwing as a graduation party for me and my brother (brother is graduating high school) on Memorial Day.

I think Z might be teething. She's pretty young (will be 12 weeks Sunday) but Mom seems to think I teethed young too. She's been drooling, blowing bubbles, and chewing on her hands quite a bit. And this morning she was uber-fussy...but in a not normal way. It was a different cry with a pitiful look on her face. Made me feel so bad for her. Oh, and she doesn't want to be put down at all. I got her to take a 50 some minute nap today, just in time for my workout, but now she wants to be in my arms continually.

A friend mentioned teething tablets and I'm going to go get those. What do you ladies think? I may almost be a doctor, but I am most certainly NOT a pediatrician!!!

OK I have an April Fools trick I'm playing on the boys. I got the idea from a fellow Catheite on Facebook. I'm going to not say a word about what's for dinner (hoping they don't ask) and when they come to the table, I'll have "fishsticks and mashed potatoes and gravy" (Oliver hates fish and both hate mashed potatoes & gravy). BUT the fishsticks actually will be those little chocolate wafer cookies covered with a thin layer of icing and rolled in cornflake crumbs. And the mashed potatoes will be vanilla ice cream with caramel sauce. I hope I can pull it off. Yes, it's unhealthy. But it's not only an April Fools on the food, it's eating dessert first, which is DEFINITELY an April Fools around here. That's the best I've got.

Kate--Your trick on Mike was classic! Poor guy, you disappointed him!!! Why do I think, however that someday you will be saying it to him and it won't be an April Fools trick? (I have a sneaky feeling that you have a baby boy in your future!)

Becky--I'll post my recipe soon. I have to go dig out that cookbook. I haven't ever tried it, so I'm making no promises! I am also going to try a recipe for some strawberry orange muffins that I saw in a Clean Eating Magazine email. I may post it too.

Hi to everyone else!! Hope everyone's day is going well. I really want to play an April Fools trick on my parents and DH's parents (his mom falls for anything), but I am so afraid of jinxing ourselves if I do that. I'm super superstitious. Anyway, have a great evening, guys!!
Becky, HIGHLANDS TEETHING TABLETS!!!! Wonderful litttle things!
THat shower sounds like fun!!!:D
I have a lady that cleans evry other Friday - I love it! She used to be weekly bit I cant justtify the expense anymore.

Stephanie, Ive heard of that dinner! Too cool that you;re doing it! If we werent going on vaca tomorrow and splurging then I would do that tonihgt. Next yr....
LOL on the boy! Mike says hes fine with 100 girls but cmon! Id def be wanting my girl of I had all boys....or maybe not!? Who knows?! Just glad they're all healthy! #4 is def not ruled out tho....esp with his reaction! I was pleasantly surprised!

Off to Gina's conference soon..... I'm sure she's a "Genius" and her teacher will confirm it!:p;) LOL!
I got some of those Hylands Teething Tablets. I still don't know if she's teething or not, but I put one in her mouth under her tongue and then mushed it along her lower gums. She fought me but then fell asleep. I don't know if she fell asleep simply because it was time for a nap or because the tablets soothed her gums and she felt less pain. Either way, she slept. I'll try them again tomorrow if she continues her weird fussiness.

Oh, and for the first time EVER, I put her down in her crib while still awake and she fell asleep!!! I swaddled her in the miracle blanket, turned on that vibraty unit under her mattress (it only lasts like 10 minutes) and turned on her mobile. I left the room and just checked on her...asleep...moving a bit but asleep. Such a big girl!

I didn't end up running this evening in addition to my STS. It was rainy and getting dark when Z and I got home. I had to go to the med school campus today and make a powerpoint presentation then we went to the grocery store. It was nice getting out of the house...have been at home since we got home. At first that was great, but by today I was getting stir-crazy.

Only 22 more days till moving day. This is crazy.

sorry so sporadic lately, i just feel so overwhelmed these days!

kate - have a blast on your trip! hope it turns out you and the fam like city vacas and not just the beach!

stephanie - that sounds like a great trick, cant wait to hear how it went =) you mentioned clean eating magazine but ive never seen it around here, have to google it when i get a minute. orange strawberry muffins sound really good.

becky, moving has always been stressful for me but ive taken the opportunity to seriously purge. in the end once i was in the new place it felt so good to be uncluttered. its like a fresh start, ya know?

candra, those neighborhood rules would be tough for me! right now im trying to figure out what the heck to do with our yard... its something my guy usually takes care of so i just dont know where to start! but im positive our little patch 'o grass is probably 1/6 the size of some of you guys so i really cant complain i guess.

i made a ton of baby food today. tomorrow ive got to try my nana's sponge cake recipe, been totally putting it off because the recipe looks like a pain and i dont have the best equipped kitchen (just a hand mixer for instance). i ended upwith nanas recipe box because i like to bake so everyone is looking forward to it for the holiday...

went to yoga monday night, so good!!!! once again sore 2 days out. ive been avoidng cathe cardio for fear of my left knee (or other body parts lol). i am such a wimp/gimp! did a few miles with the babe in stroller yesterday and today, including some hills. ive been pretty careful to keep my heart rate up over 50 % at all times while im out so hopefully this is at least helping me maintain even if i cant get more weight off with my current activity level.

happy april fools day!

Hi ladies. Today was a 2-a-day. Wasn't planned that way, but I got to anyway! I did 4DS Kickbox/Bootcamp Cardio Power premix and then this afternoon I did a 2 mile outdoor run. I am loving the running outside! It has been rainy here during the day and I haven't been able to take Z for walks, so getting out all by myself once DH comes home has been wonderful. Such a stress relief.

Wendy, that yoga sounds devine. I was just thinking today I need to do more stretching. My muscles are really tight.

Hello to everyone else. Hope everyone had a good day.

Ugh! I just clicked the wrong tab closed and lost a whole post with personals. Well, I'm not going to do it all again tonight, so hopefully tomorrow.

Ds 14 is waiting for me to watch "All Quiet On the Western Front". We are actually studying WW2 now, but I'm way backed up on my movie queue--so we have lots of WW1 stuff still to watch--I love to supplement what we are learning with historical movies and documentaries.....

I'll finish meso 1 tomorrow and I'm going nuts with no cardio, but am amazed at how much time is freed up for other things when I don't workout. Hmmmm....

take care,
Hi ladies! Sorry I haven't been around much. I've been putting in more work hours and it's been brutal. Anyway, I will be flying solo this weekend since DH is going on a business trip for the next three days. I probably won't be on much, but just wanted to check-in and say hello. I did drop another two pounds so I now have 8 more pounds to lose to be prepg weight. Funny since I haven't worked out but once this week, yikes! Anyway, I'm reading the posts and thinking of you ladies. Sorry for the lack of personals. I promise it'll be better next week!

Quick hello here!

Chicago is going great! Julia's a trooper!:D Sleeping AWESOME!

Been getting my WO's in....eating is pretty much on track:D.

Hi ladies--

I'm finished with meso 1 and now I rest (except for garden max and clean max and Easter max next week!) Need to get my stuff prepared for the next meso.

Lisa--congrats on 8 lbs to go! I have 9.5 (but then some after that). Flying solo is hard, so hang in there. And don't worry about the personals;).

Kate--glad you are enjoying Chicago! I can't wait to hear all you did.:D

Becky--Pack max, Paperwork max, and Teething max for you. You've got a lot going on--one day at a time:). Cardio is my de-stressor, so since it's not an option for me right now--extra prayer gets me through the day.

Wendy--I need to make more baby food. Gwen has been eating applesauce mixed with baby oats exclusively (plus breast milk). I don't like buying the little jars because they are expensive. I feel your pain on the gimpy body parts!

Stephanie--how did your boys like the April Fool's joke? It sounded really cute. I'm never on the ball enough to do anything like that, but I'm sure my kids would have got a kick out of it....I'm still resting my ankle. Another week should do it, but I've got to start again slowly--ugh!

Hi Kristan! I've been wondering about how you are doing--Hope your husband's job change goes well....

Rhiannon--"Mom, Gabe is in our room and we are trying to do our bible memory and I don't like singing in front of people. He won't get out."

Me--"Maybe he just wants to hang out with you."

R--"Yeah, but I don't like singing in front of people."

Me--"Tell him to read Bard a story. I'll be up in a minute."

Oh the minutia (spelling?)

Okay, I'm back.

Candra--I'm going to post some thumbnails about where we've drug our babies through the years, but I don't have time now. (We still have dial up:eek:)

Trish? Are you out there? Praying for you as your dh prepares to leave for Iraq and your move....

Take care all
hi maggie! youve got a lot of maxing ahead of you! itll def be an ACTIVE recovery week!:D
lol at your kids!

yday was pool & rainforest cafe - soooo cool!
today = pool, amer girl store $$$$$$ 1 doll each for bday present, ferris wheel, giordanos
tomorrow - shedd, weber grill
sun - home

lost our amtrak tix. im so #%$%#%#. another $150....:mad::mad::mad: better to lose tix than a wallet or a kid tho!;) perspective, perspective........
Hi mamas!
Becky--How's the teething going? I'm sorry I haven't posted the recipes yet. It's been crazy around here! I meant to last night and forgot. I made the orange cake yesterday, and it is YUMMY! Like a sponge cake. I froze one (the recipe makes two loaves.) for when my in-laws come next week. I'll type it up this weekend.

Wendy--Yes, the boys fell for the April Fool's dinner. DH really fell for it. He hates fish, and he was very mad at me for making that for his "dinner." He got a kick out of it. Clean Eating Magazine is really great. I enjoy it. I like Health Magazine better, though.

Maggie-- Your post was a hoot! I love the way you include conversations with your kids! Your kids sound like such good kids. I need to make our faith more of an integral part of their lives. You've inspired me. :) Hope your ankle is feeling better!

Lisa--YAY on the two pounds!! Hope your weekend goes smoothly!

Kate--Chicago sounds like fun! Hope you're enjoying yourself!! (Don't you love the Rainforest Cafe?!! We have one here -- the boys' favorite part were the gorillas.)
I'm so tired tonight. Charlie had his 6 month doc visit and got three shots and his second ROTO virus vaccine dose. I worry every time we get vaccines. An old friend of mine has a son with autism, and I can't help but wonder... I still believe in the dire importance of vaccines, so I do it. This round was rough on him. He's run a low temp and been fussy. Poor guy. Tonight also was Oliver's soccer practice. And we volunteered last-minute to do snack at the game tomorrow, which DH is substitute coaching, so I had to go to the store after practice tonight and get some snacks for tomorrow. SOOOOOOO tired!!! Hoping Charlie sleeps well tonight!!

Well, I better go before I fall asleep at the keyboard. Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!! Kate, safe travels!!

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