hello mamas! 3-30---->


good afternoon!
i got back work done, will do bi's later.....

stephanie, night wo's are draining for sure! hope you can catch an earliy one today! i am usually pretty zapped by the time i get j to bed:confused:
Hi mamas!

Kate--way to go on the workout! Yeah, I'm hoping for an earlier workout today, but I'm dragging today. Didn't sleep well. Hoping some energy hits soon or I'll be trekking to Starbucks for a caffeine fix! LOL

Hi everyone else!! Hope you're all having a good Monday!
Kate-i don't know how you have the energy to w/o in the pm

Stephanie-Did you get to w/o? I got my coffee fix this am, now if only Ryder will go down for his nap:rolleyes:

I am on my last week of clx!! I can't believe it's been 3 mos. Now I have to figure out what to do next.

stephanie, mikes always after me to start drinking coffee:p but i never do! im sure id need to add too much cream/sugar!:D
hope you get your wo!

candra, mike does his wo's at night too. when he didnt it made it soooo hard to go downstairs knowing he was up here sawing logs! plus my cathe calendar is in the kitchen - if i dont do my wo i wouldnt get a sticker and everyone would see i skipped! PLUS i love to eat - i HAVE TO wo!:p meso2 has been awesome for me! im lifting heavier than ever and its addicting!:cool:

great day here! got a couple errands done and i need a major cleanmax!!! this pit is scary!:eek:
I got half my w/o in, then the bug guy came and rang the doorbell which made my dog go crazy which woke Ryder from his nap:mad: I will try and finish after I get Owen from preschool

I got to finish weights and I added 20min of hiit on the elliptical! Now I am off to shower at 1:30 in the afternoon:eek: Hey better late than never

Hi ladies. I'm back in sunny Florida...for 4 weeks at least.

We actually got back Saturday evening. I put Z down to sleep and did Cardio Coach #4.

Yesterday I did HC Extreme Hi/lo intervals minus the kickmax interval blast.

Today I did STS #1 (I'm starting over after my 1.5 week hiatus...plus I don't want to get bigger dumbells before the move and I'll need them for Meso 2), stability ball abs, and the kickmax interval blast I skipped yesterday.

Stephanie, I know it isn't "clean", but I have been using the Crystal Light Wild Strawberry caffienated water bottle packets. Each one has 60 mg caffeine, which is more than what's in a 12 oz soda, and minus the carbonation.

Kate, have fun with cleanmax. When DH comes home I need to straighten up some. A rep from a moving company is coming tomorrow to give us an estimate.

Candra, sorry about the 1/2 w/o. I hate it when that happens! Glad you got it all in eventually. Good job on the extra elliptical w/o!!

Hi everyone else.

Oh, I weighted myself yesterday and the scale was the same as when I left. At least I didn't gain. I guess Coach Sean kept me from doing that even with the yummy cream sauces and chocolatey desserts. Then today I weighed myself and was down 1/2 pound. Here's to hoping it continues to decrease. I want to lose 11 pounds by May 16...but would LOVE to lose 16!

candra, wtg on finishing the wo!
and youre doing better than me - no showr yet....hopefully tonight!:confused:

becky, ^5 on the wt!!! breaking even while away is a major accomplishment! you are so motivating to me....we had ice cream tonight. i wasnt hungry so i shouldnt have ate it but oh it was good!:eek: tomorrows another day:rolleyes:
Hi ladies--

No workout for me today--supposed to do cardio, but I'm going to take it easy on the ankle, which is still inexplicably sore. Next week is my STS rest week, so I'll take 2 weeks off the cardio and finish up with meso 1 this week. I get this horrible panicky feeling over it, but really, how many calories can 3 cardio sessions per week burn? I'm sure I can make up the deficit by eating cleaner and less.

Plus, Gwen, the fatling, still nurses as her primary food source and she's gaining, sooooo hopefully I'm burning lots of calories there.

Okay, trying to calm myself down here.

I'm just so bummed!

Candra--I'm sure Ryder is fine going to and from all the events. We have drug our kids all over the place as babies, including long day hikes into the middle of nowhere in the mountains. I'll post pictures sometime. I wasn't going to take a spring break as I'm just jonesing to get done, but I really need to get our garden in, so next week will be garden week. I could call it "school";), because they will all be pitching in.

Kate--I'd love to get the dumbells, because that squatting motion to pick up the dumbell is so nice, but I'll need a pair of 35's, a pair of 40's, a 45 and a 50 (I think) and not only are they spendy, but I'm not sure my hands will be strong enough to pick them up. I think I'll just use my squat rack and go heavier. I want the money for the bike. Oooh is meso 2 Ch,sh,tri that long? The break times must add up.

Stephanie--I always use sugar to keep the peace. They all get a home made cookie (not a clean one either) or something while I workout to help keep them occupied for an hour and when dh is out of town, junk food here we come!:eek: What's funny is my son with down syndrome is my best eater. Dds 12 and 10 are becoming interested in my healthier eating. Ds 14 "carb loads" (but his metabolism is fast) and ds 5 only eats meat and cheese, carbs, and a few fruits--no veggies and nothing green. We eat a lot of soup because it's cheap and he hates it. Dd 3 is fairly picky, but eats fruit. And Gwen eats whatever scraps she can find on the floor:eek::eek::eek:. I know that's gross, but with so many kiddos, the floors could be swept several times per day and still have teeny little bits that she would root out......

Becky--good news on the scale--Sometimes the weight thing is just really mysterious...I'll eat really well and plateau or I'll eat like a pig and lose. I cannot explain it, but hey--you are doing great! (and I'm so envious of your workout--I love the HCX workouts--it'll be a while for me though.)

Well, hello to everyone else. Too much coffee for me, I guess, I've written a novel here. Trying not to eat....groan....

Becky-Good job on the weight loss! I have 13 more to go until pre-pg weight. I hate those girls who lose all their pg weight right away(of course not you Kate:D)

Maggie-what do you grow in your garden? I really want to plant one, I think it would be fun for the boys to grow their own food. I always tell myself that nursing is cardio:p

I am off to Wilson's b-ball practice! Have a great night

Oh my! I can't keep up with you ladies! Just wanted to drop in and say hello. I did 4ds LIS and abs today. Hoping to get some pilates in tonight. I am still contemplating the STS Cardio and I know I have one day left. Anyone else preordering besides Maggie and Kate? Anyway, had my annual appt. today and was hoping I would be back to prepg weight, but oh well. Weekend was busy with bday celebration and now my belly and butt are paying. Anyway, gotta run again to take odd to swim lessons. BBL!!

Becky-- THanks for the heads-up on the Crystal lite!! I'm so trying that! Coffee lately has tasted blah to me, except for Starbucks, and it's WAY too expensive for me to start that habit!

Maggie--LOL on your kiddos' eating! I don't know how you keep up with each of their favorites. You, my dear, are an anomaly. I'm so in awe! I'm sorry about the ankle. (From one gimpy lady to another.) Maybe one day we'll all be ache-free! DH and I were commiserating the other night about how long it takes our bodies to heal after injuries now as opposed to 10 years ago. :confused:

Candra-- 13 pounds is great!! That sounds like such a small amount to me! (I have about 35 to go :eek: )

Hi Lisa!

Well, no workout again tonight. DH came home and mowed the lawn because it's going to rain tomorrow and it was in desperate need. Our little town has a little guy who rides around and gives fines if your grass is the slightest bit too high. Yes, I live in anal-town. Of course, I'm pretty anal, so it's pretty fitting. But :mad: on my workout! One of these days I'll get organized and schedulized again. And then maybe I'll get out of these stupid fat clothes. Did you know I got a PLUS SIZE CATALOG in the mail today??? Sad thing is, I could order from them. :(:confused::(:( Woe is me. Are we all hearing violins now? I'll shut up. Nighty night ladies. Tomorrow is a new day!
Hi ladies! Today was Rhythmic Step. I love that workout!

DH gave his letter of resignation today. He's now training someone to take his place. His last day is the 17th. I know we had to do it since we close on the house up north in less than 4 weeks and are moving, but for some reason I feel really anxious about it. Maybe its because he doesn't have definite plans up there (but there are many computer jobs available) or that I don't start work until June 22nd.

He's so happy. He's not been happy in his job for a few months. I will just be ecstatic when we have definite plans for him. He's working with a couple of headhunting agencies and there is another company really interested in him if their current project does well (will know in a couple of weeks), so time line wise we're good....I just hate not being in control! Ugh!

And now I'm choosing moving companies. I just feel like everything is moving so quickly. I think all the life-changing events are starting to pile on me. I need to go for an outdoor run! If I still feel this way (anxious/nervous) when DH gets home from work, I'll have him watch Z (after his elliptical...trying to make him be fit too) and go for an all-out outdoor run. I haven't done that in a while...not since before I got pregnant. Just run off the stress until I just don't care anymore (or collapse...whichever comes first). Even if its raining, I may have to do this.

Sorry to be drab today. Maybe its the weather...in Florida but overcast and icky humid.

maggie, im sorry abt the no cardio. do you have stretch dvds? yoga? i find a good long stretch to help me feel leaner. just a thought! im in a quandry re my sts for while we're in chicago. oh well! not all the wo's are 70 min - just that one....and it was easy to break the parts out. like gymstyles...exhaust 1 body part, move on to the next. didnt mean to scare ya!
lol at gwens food! forget the 5 sec rule - we have the 5 mnute rule! ive joked "you can eat off our floors....cause there's food all over them"!:p my stepmom who has never had kids didnt think it was very funny! most days i keep a pretty tidy house, but sometimes....you know!!

candra, how was practice? weather ok?
and i sure didnt lose my weight right away!! somehow 5# found me in the last month!:mad::eek: clothes fit the same, some better...go figure. im not stressing abt it. im lifting heavier than ever and figure that has sthing to do w/ it.

lisa, get sts cardio!! its such a steal! even if you sell wat you wont use!
i should bust out some step....lis is fun! my abs are CRYING from the abs mike & i did a couple days ago - some fun stuff on the incline bench.

stephanie, im not looking forward to mowing season! it eats up so much of m's time....and we even have a mowing service! but he enjoys it.
:eek::eek::eek: on the lawn measurer!!! what a job!
hope you get some wo time today!

did sts back/bis yday and some time on the versaclimber. not sure what im doing today but i wont be able to do it til abut 8 si ove got plenty o'time to decide!:rolleyes::p
becky, deep breath! you guys are doing great! just gotta give the chips a chance to fall into place! think how settled you'll be in a couple months....aaaahhhhh!:D
^5 on rs! i had a dream abt it the other day! wierd!
Becky-everything will fall into place:) a good long run will make you feel better!!

Stephanie-we live in a very strict association. We got in fined for planting trees in our backyard w/ out asking first:mad: I'm sure the neighbors would come out w/ their pitchforks and chase us out of town if we didn't have our grass cut every week:p

Kate-practice was fine. it got cold after the sun went down. How long will you be in Chicago?

I better go pay bills and then I am going to Trader Joes's:)

Hi Lisa and Wendy

Candra--Do we live in the same neighborhood? Our neighborhood association won't let you put up even a swing set without approval. We put up a play house in the backyard anyway (without asking) because going through the process of asking the board just seemed like a colossal waste of time. (Plus, sometimes it's easier to ask for forgiveness than permission.) Soooo we've yet to be fined, but we did get a letter "reminding" us that permission is required for everything. Don't get me wrong, I love having restrictions so that people can't let their grass grow eight feet tall and park their car on blocks in their front yard, but I also like being able to landscape as I want to since it's MY property. *stepping off of soap box*

Becky--Enjoy your destressing run. I'm sure everything will be fine. We moved once when I was the only one with a job. DH found a job very soon after. Sometimes you just have to take a leap of faith. (Even though that leap can be scary!) :)

Maggie--Sorry about having to take two rest weeks. (I've taken three and a half :eek: thanks to my lovely ankle.) Just when I think I'm ready for cardio again, it starts hurting. Stupid ankles.

Kate--Could you bottle up some of your energy and mail it to me?? You are such a motivator!!

No workout YET, but I'm thinking there won't be soccer practice for Henry tonight because of the rain today (c'mon rain!!), so I should be able to get one in when DH gets home. Then I'm cookin Italian tonight (if there's no soccer). I'm makin pasta (wheat, of course) with red sauce and Italian sausage (chicken, of course) and for dessert: an orange/olive oil cake. Anyone care to join us? With this kind of meal, I'll need to work out!! :eek:

Later taters! Have a beautiful day!
Hi ladies

Disk 10 second time round on tap for today.

I've not gained weight since the cardio grew scarce, so I'm happy about that. I now have 9.5 lbs to go to get to my pre preg weight.

Lisa--I'm going to do a lot of tomatoes, beans, snap and sugar peas, onions, greens, etc--all stuff we eat a lot of normally. Extra tomatoes are easy to make into wonderful sauce and if there is any excess of anything it can be easily frozen. In Hawaii I imagine you could grow some really interesting and exotic things because of the more tropical climate.

Stephanie--dh and I are always having the exact same conversation about our aging bodies:(:eek::confused:. It takes so much longer to heal and injury happens so easily. What's it going to be like when I'm 50? I don't want to play golf for exercise:mad:.

Becky--just take one day and it's challenges at a time. You do have lots going on right now--new baby, new house, graduation, job changes. Deep breath--(((hugs)))--it's all good stuff:)

Kate--I'll survive no cardio as long as I can keep the calorie deficit so the weight comes off. I'm looking forward to meso 2 despite the longer workouts. When do you leave for your vacation?

Candra--if we lived where you lived, the neighbors would kill us:eek:. We are digging up our back yard to put in more garden and the front is just trees and plants and a small patio--no grass at all (except those infernal weeds that I can never keep up with...).

take care all:)


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