Harry Potter


You will love it!! Two hours plus of HP fun!! Bring some tissues...movie very close to book and will help viewers connect some dots....enjoy!

Now waiting for Limo (I'm not kidding...GNO!!) to go see Kathy Griffin!! What a weekend!!


I saw it yesterday morning, and it was great! But very sad too. And, they got two things wrong, Bill Weasley is supposed to be dark haired and handsome. Also, George is supposed to actually lose his ear, not just get hurt, its supposed to come off. Gruesome, I know, but hey Harry Potter is supposed to be scary.



Well, we loved it! I thought they were quite faithful to the book. I was worried they were going to really screw it up. It gives me hope that the next half will be well done. And, yes, I did need the tissues.


Saw it last night... the part with the multiple Harrys in the beginning was hilarious!
I was wondering where they would decide to split the book, and it's brilliant the way they did it.
I was also expecting a bigger fight in Luna's house, but what can you do?... Ehhh...
Some parts were moving too fast (like excerpts from the book, e.g. Bill's and Fleur's wedding) when other parts were dragging a bit.
And, no one's making fun of Fleur's English... :-(
The effects are amazing and I am glad they decided against shooting it in 3D.



We saw it twice this weekend - once just DH and I, next day with DD and DS. We LOVED it. I had not read the book since it first came out so had actually forgotten some pieces. I am now re-reading the book and it is amazing how well they matched the book, including using some of the dialogue. I can't wait until July!!

Chris - I thought I heard that the second half is in 3D. I am kind of hoping not. To me, it seems to take away from the movie and wearing the glasses is VERY distracting!



I've seen it 5 times now. Wow, did I just admit that? :p

LOVE this movie. Love, love, love. There were some things that bothered me, but on the whole, I was very happy. (Obviously, LOL, since I've now seen it 5 times and plan to see it more times while it's still in the theatre.)

As a Ron fan, I have to say, I was so very, very happy that we FINALLY--after SEVEN MOVIES--saw the real Ron from the books. Rupert Grint has always been good at bringing out flashes of him, but I think the filmmakers always held back from giving him material that he could really sink his teeth into, and as a result, movie Ron always came off as goofy and kind of a lightweight--so different from the Ron in the books. This one, the difference is pretty stark, and it made this Ron fan's heart overflowing indeed. It's not hard to see why Hermione is utterly and madly in love with the boy :).
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We saw it last night. LOVED it!!! I was worried because so many of the reviews said it was "too dark" and "too scary". My boys are 11 and 14 and grew up reading the books as a family at night. (We have read most of them 3 or more times!! Not to mention how many times they have seen each movie!) It was "dark" and "scary", appropriately so. The boys were fine; I alternately screamed and cried (and was comforted by my 11 year old!)
I wouldn't take young children to see it, or kids who aren't familiar with the story.
We LOVED it and are ready to re-read book 7 again!

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