Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for August 2018


Getting the August check in started. I did Cathe Live Low Impact Cardio Hiit, 34 minutes, heart rate average 129, max 158, 222 calories, 2,397 steps. I then did Cathe Live Birthday Bash 2017, just the boxing portion and stretch, 30 minutes, heart rate average 129, max 158, 2,337 steps, 196 calories. I still intend to do some stretching. Maybe Kelly's Raw stretch. Total time 64 minutes, 418 calories,

Roselyn, nice work this morning :)
Today I did STS Meso 1 - Disc 8, Back & Triceps. Very early morning workout as I am back to normal work hours. It was't too bad working out at 5:30, I had great energy and enjoyed this workout. I don't have time to list the exercises, though.

Workout was 55 minutes, burned 355 calories. HR was 122//158.

Diane Sue - How is Kelly's RAW stretch? You seem to do it often, do you like it? Nice job on your workouts!

Roselyn - I cannot believe it is August already, seems impossible!!

Jolie - I bet you hate to see your son go again. Does he like the college he is going to?

DOZ - Hope you are doing great!


Debbie, nice job on STS. You got a decent calorie burn with it. I think on Meso one I got close to that , but that generally included the extended stretch.
I really do like Kelly's stretch. I feel good when I am done with it. She spends quite a bit of time on the legs and does hit the upper body. Near the last she does the shoulder stand and plough move.
Hey guys ;)

Today’s workout, STS chest shoulders & triceps, and durning min rest I did leg conditioning, afterwards went for a walk only 50 minutes, I didn’t want to get caught in the rain, haven’t rain yet. But this morning it was cloudy and gloomy so I stayed closes to home.

Yesterday’s workout, walked 1:45 hour, felt good, love it.....

Diane Sue, Debbie- :) great workouts. When is Cathe going to ship her new workout? Man oh man, can’t believe were already in August, time flying, fall will be here soon.


Doz, nice work today. I think Cathe had said the dvds would be shipped late fall early winter? I don't think they have even filmed yet.
Today I did Cardio Coach #4 and had a really good workout. At first I didn't really feel much up to running, wanted to do a kickboxing workout. But I have my workout room set up for STS and didn't want to move it all. After the first challenge I was good so I ended up having a great workout.

Workout was 45 minutes, ran 3.38 miles, burned 433 calories and went 6693 steps. HR was 151/182.

Diane Sue - I'll have to try that stretch workout soon, it sounds really good. Nice job on your workout yesterday!

DOZ - Great job keeping up with STS. It is tough and long workouts. You are doing great.

Roselyn - Great job on STS Legs. Which Meso cycle are you on?

Jolie - Hope you are doing well!


Today has been a bit of a surprise and is going to be pretty active. I have my grandson here as usual on Thursdays and other daughter called and I am watching her two, the 4 and 10 year olds. I will have them for dinner. I haven't had them over for awhile so it will be nice.
Workout was Cathe Live Low Impact Cardio Leg Blast + Upper Body, 53 minutes, 2,031 steps, met 4.8, heart rate average 107, max 150. I then did Coffey Fit Raw Perfect 10, non weighted "wake up" workout, 25 minutes, 110 calories, heart rate average 114, max 160, met 4.0, 978 steps. I liked both of these workout.
I have been wanting to check out the Perfect 10 and sometime, the floor workout from Coffey Fit Raw. Perfect 10 was pretty good. Nice to finish off with or to just do or warm up. Not super easy, as it includes various types of push ups including a pike push up for shoulders, squat thrusts, side lying push ups, lunge, squat variations, and finishes off with some bicycles and crunch hip curl done twice for abs.
Low Impact Cardio Leg Blast +Upper Body
squat kicks 8# squat press 8# 2 X
cardio walking lunge with pulses turn squat 10#
static lunge 12# dbs
diagonal lunge 12# dbs
4 squats 2 deadlifts 15# dbs
cross back lunge 12# dbs
Upper-stability ball and mat starts at 28:29 minutes
hammer curl 10# dbs/lateral raise 8# dbs second set front curls 10# dbs/high end lateral raise 5#dbs
Incline front raise 8# dbs/seated overhead press 10# dbs second set I used 12# dbs on OHPress
seated rear delt fly 12#dbs 10 resp/seated overhead extension 12# dbs 8 reps
pullover 12# dbs/ bench press close 12#dbs second set standard bench press
flys 12#dbs/flip over and do see saw push up repeat
@ 47 minutes core

Debbie, glad that you got into the workout after getting started :) I have done the same thing many times.

Roselyn, nice work. I am enjoying the live workouts again.

Jolie Fit

Back at it again today and it is very hot and humid again!!! The humidity is as high as Florida!!! 81%.
I did a full body workout, 4 rounds of the circuit and I did 12 reps per set. Workout was 44 minutes including the STS Meso 2 warmup. My average heart rate was 117 and max was 167.

Chest Press- 25's x 12 ( 4 rounds )
Wide Grip Cable Pull Downs- 50# x 12
Seated Overhead Press- 20's X 12
Hammer Curls- 17's x 12
Lying Triceps Ext.- 15's x 12
Leg Ext.- 50# x 20
Stiffed Leg Deadlifts BB- 40# x 12

I skipped doing abs today cause I just didn't feel like doing them!

Debbie, great job on the workouts the last couple of days. My son likes college and is doing great. He got two A's in his summer school classes, nice way to start out the year. He came home and went on a 2 night fishing charter with my husband and caught a 70# Tuna. He loves to deep sea fish and he was very happy about his catch. I will post a picture later today.

Diane Sue, nice workouts the last couple of days. I made gazpacho yesterday for the week and it is so good, light and refreshing! Sprouts is having 25% off all vitamins right now, go stock up.

Roselyn, nice job getting the workouts in! How was the bridal shower?

DOZ, back at it again, way to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have to get a job this fall, and I am not sure what to do since I have to run this household with no help too!

Have a nice day.

Jolie Fit

This is the 70# Tuna my son Jack caught in the middle of the night this weekend on the full moon off the coast of Mexico. We are going to be eating a lot of Ahi Tuna in this house for a while!!!


Today was STS Meso 1, Disc 9, Legs. Unfortunately, my knees were talking to me today so I couldn't go heavy and I didn't do all the exercises. Was bummed, my knees have been doing so well. :(

Squat Lunge Sequence: BW - 4 sets
One Leg Sit 'n Slides: 12#/15 reps
Lateral Step-Ups: BW/15 reps
Wide Stance Deadlifts: 20's/15 reps
Side Lunge onto 6" High Step: 12#/15 reps
45 Degree Lunges: 12's/15 reps
Narrow Stance Squats: 20's/15 reps
Static Low End Lunge: 8's/12 reps
Plie Squats: 15#/24 reps
Wide Stance Deadlifts: 20's/15 reps
Slide Back Lunges: Skipped
Side Slide Lunges: 10#/15 reps
Front Lunge: 12's/15 reps
Narrow Stance Squats: 15's/15 reps
Calf Raises: 15's/40 reps
Leg Press: 15's/15 reps
Skipped the rest

Workout was 36 minutes, burned 196 calories and HR was 114/155.

Walked on my treadmill at 3% for 21 minutes, burned 144 calories and went 1 mile. Did 2466 steps and HR was 119/127.

At work so no time for personals. I'm sorry, I will try to be back later. Have great workouts everyone!!!

Jolie Fit

Today I did another Total Body workout, 4 rounds of the circuit, x 12 reps per set and I did some finisher exercises at the end. Workout was 50 minutes, 117 average and 151 max heart rate. I burned 359 calories.

Chest Flies- 17's x 12 ( 4 rounds of the circuit )
BB Rows- 45# x 12 ( need to go heavier next time )
1 Arm Lat Raise- 10's x 12
Bicep Curls- 17's x 12
Close Grip Chest Press- 17's x 12 ( need to go heavier )
Front Squats Heels elevated- 15# x 16
Abs 4 different types of exercises
x 40
x 16
x 20
x 30
KB swings- 15# x 20
4 Way Shoulder Raises- 5# x 10
Glute Bridges- 15# x 20
Pizza Press BW- x 20 each side
Cable Bicep Curls- 30# x 30

This was a great workout. I am sure I will be sore tomorrow, especially my glutes that i have not worked in a long time! hehehe...

Debbie, great leg workout today, sorry your knees were not liking it! My left shoulder is till hurting but I dont think it is a tear, I think it is phasha. I dont think i spelled that correctly. I have been following some bikini lifters on Instagram and they rarely do weighted leg work, it is a ton of body weight exercises. I think that is what i am going to do more of except for some machine work so my knees dont hurt either.

Diane Sue, I made for breakfast a half a peice of Ezekiel Bread toasted, half and avacado smashed on it with begal seasoning, sliced tomatoes, red onion and some chicking on top. Yum!!! i have to give up dairy, i think that is what is killing my diet lately. Bloating too much ect. I switching to Almond Milk and cutting out all of the cheeses, ect. I am going to try to each more veggies and chicken. Also, I eat a lot of eggs an those tend to bother my stomach as well. Still eating Gazpachio for lunch everyday.

Roselyn and DOZ, hope you both have good workouts today.

Happy Friday!


My internet is down in this area. I have been hoping they would get it up and running. I just did Cathe Live Jabs and Abs, 53 minutes because I stopped to mess with my gloves and move equipment, 358 calories. It has a heavy bag segment and a lot of plank variations in the abs. I hate typing on my cell phone. I was on the computer trying to price alternators for our range rover. I want to send that vehicle over a cliff. Three months of non stop repairs and lots of dollars! Going to auto zone with my husband to pick it up after he gets off.

Debbie, I am sorry to our knees are both bothering you. My do that quite a bit. I still try to strength train them as it helps with bone loss. I have lightened up a lot though.

Jolie, I have never made gazpacho before. I love avocado on Ezekial bread grilled. I am avoiding all dairy because it causes inflammation. Also gluten which isn't too hard as I rarely eat bread. I was searching for a good coconut wrap to use. Reviewing on Amazon. Loren Cordain had those listed as okay on foods for helping Rhuematoid arthritis. I hit Sprouts for some of their 25% off supplements and vitamins. They even had the bullet proof collagen bars on sale :)
That is a huge tuna. I love fresh fish. I will have to show it to my 7 year old grandson. He has been spending most of his days here watching fishing and noodling on television.

Roselyn, I liked the road trip upper body workout. I have several saved that I want to try.


Today I did Cathe Live Warrior Bootcamp, this was listed under low impact, but is definitely not low impact, there are jacks, jump turns, etc. , Cathe shows a lower impact version in a couple of spots. Workout was 49 minutes, 2,182 steps, heart rate average 111, max 143, met 5.8, 318 calories. I am done for the day we have a lot of things to do today and will be gone most of the day.
Last edited:

Jolie Fit

I slept 10.5 hours last night!!! I woke up to use the restroom once but other than that WOW! I am taking the day off today, I am cleaning my garage which is a huge undertaking. I hit my elbow this morning on the edge of a box and it is swollen and sore. It is always something with me!

Diane Sue, nice Cathe Live workout this morning. Have a great day.

Happy Saturday.


Jolie, I would love to be able to sleep 10.5 hours. I was up twice for the restroom and the third time just got up. My mind was working all night over vehicle repairs and have to do things. Then I was thinking about my birthday colonoscopy and wondering about letting up on supplements and worrying over allergies and coughing during those hours that I am not allowed to even have water. I know, I am a real worry wort. Maybe it won't be so bad or my allergies will let up.

We aren't helping my daughter till tomorrow afternoon since she can use a truck then. So I did my banking and ran to Sprouts for some things. I missed the scallops sale I guess. I didn't find any. I ended up buying some tuna steaks. I am trying to eat more seafood which is recommended. Wish it wasn't so expensive and it is not even good fresh stuff. Better than the stuff Walmart sells though. I did some cook ups today when I got back. I made up a batch of my mexican zucchini skillet that I make quite a lot. The family loves it. I put it in bowls to freeze some. I also made a pan of enchiladas for my husband some meals. I won't eat the cheese and tortillas, so that is strictly for him.

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