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Woke up this morning with a stiff neck/shoulder, WTH! Maybe I pulled something or moved wrong yesterday doing SBF shoulder workout. I was going to do a cardio workout, I decided to take it easy. I went for a long walk and did SBF LB Barre.

I will check in later.


This morning I did Perfect 30 Low Impact Hiit, 34 minutes, 191 calories, heart rate 137/167. I forgot to check the steps before I started. This is not one of my favorite workouts. It seems like mostly drills repeated and is rather boring. I wanted to do CDorner new step workout 80s music. It is not up yet. I then did CDorner #165 leg and booty just the first round since it is done 3 times with "changes" with the warm up and cooldown that is at 57 minutes. This was 31 minutes, heart rate 99/130, 90 calories, 223 steps as I remembered to check before I started this one. Total time was 65 minutes, 281 calories. At end of workout I had 4034 steps so far, but this included a few from between 12 and 1:20 am. I stayed up late pulling more stuff in from the garage and trying to decide where to put it. I tossed more stuff. I need to get my stability balls and bosu aired back up today. I set the pumps and plugs out to get it done. I would have done a stability ball workout with Chris if I had had the ball aired up. Also keep considering the Fit Tower and Barre work, but I either have to dig out my external drive to play the workouts off the tv or computer, or set up a dvd player which I do not know where to set it till we get the wall mount set up for the television. I have not put my downloads on the all in one large computer I set up.

CDorner #165 leg and booty workout
60 minutes 3 rounds requires loop band and dumbbells, Chris used 20's for most and a small weight for the leg curls (I have a hard time hanging on to the dumbbell with my feet)
first 4 moves done with a loop band, moves are timed
squat loop band above knees 20# dumbbells ( I do not hold these up in front as it bothers my neck and shoulders)
monster walks forward and backward with loop band on and 20# dumbbell
bridge position with 20# dumbbell on hips(optional) feet on step opening knees in and out(I used high step)
Bridge with loop band and 20# dumbbell up and down feet on the step
calf raise standing on step
split dead lift all right then all left 20# dumbbells
squat/side lunge alternating 20# dumbbell
mini pistol squat off side of step 20# dumbbell optional all right then all left
leg curls hands and knees holding light dumbbell between feet ( I used 5# dumbbell and then did some with 3# sand weight to see if it was easier to hold onto and it was)
This was round 1 and I forwarded to the stretch at 57 minutes. It was rather short. I used the high step for all of the moves on the step. I also did not hold the weights up wherever I could as I was trying not to bring the shoulders into play all that much.

Belinda, you are wise to be careful, you sure don't want to get the shoulder and neck going. Nice that you got lower body and a walk in.

Doreen, I would consider the walk out of the basement enough. I have limited space and my dog wants to lay right smack in the middle of the floor and I feel guilty shutting her out. Our last two homes had plenty of space so I could work around her. Today I laid her smaller mat(she has a giant my pillow bed) in the doorway. She used it for a bit and then moved on into the room and laid on the puzzle mats. She will get up and move if I nudge her though. I like that she wants to be close to us all of the time. Hopefully the put gets trained quickly so you can go for walks.
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First day back to work from Spring Break. My tricep was feeling great and now that I'm sitting for only two hours so far, it is aching again. WTF?????? I'm sure it's my posture, I just don't know how to fix it. So frustrating that I can't sit up straight for more than 3 seconds at a time.

This morning I did an upper body workout on my own again, and loved it.

3 sets/10-12 reps - Supersets

Incline Press: 10's
ss w/
Hammer Curls: 10's

Incline Flies: 10's
ss w/
Dumbbell Curls: 10's

Double Arm Rows: 10's
ss w/
Upright Rows: 8's

Kickbacks: 3's
ss w/
Lateral Raise: 5's

Front Raise: 5's
ss w/
Hammer Curls w/Twist: 10's

Workout was 30 minutes, burned all of 60 calories, HR 73/110.

Also walked on my treadmill for 22 minutes.

Love my new Sigma eyeshadows, the Hazy is beautiful and doesn't appear to irritate my eyelids. Ivy is also very pretty and have been wearing that one a lot. Now I want a couple more of them!!

Sorry everyone, at work and no time for personals. I'll try to come back later. Have great workouts!!!
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I did a Penny Barnshaw YT - 30 Min HIIT - no repeat. This was 50/10 intervals and worked all body parts at least once. Good workout.

Busy week ahead - I think my daughter has 6 volleyball games this week - I don't know how she is going to get any homework done at all!
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Jolie Fit

Today I did CL #261 Upper Body Balltastic and I did really well, I did not lift as heavy as I did the last time I did it 6 months ago. I am slowly but surely getting stronger, but I will not be lifting as heavy as before because I am done getting injuries. The heaviest I go is for 1 arm rows and I will not go over 25# because I can just do more reps to get in a good workout. I have no idea on the calorie burn since I have yet to replace my FB. Do I even need a fitness tracker? I went my whole life without one right? They are so expensive now I am not sure I want to spend the money.

I will check back in later to read your posts for the day. Happy Monday my friends, let's make it a great day!
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Hi everyone,

I went fo a long walk and did SBF D22 Total Body Barre 3. Shoulder and neck starting to feel better. Been taking it easy all weekend long.

Good job everyone.

I will be back tomorrow. Good night.
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Today I did CDorner Cardio Step 80s music, 70 minutes(I think actual 60 I had a lot of interruptions) 308 calories, heart rate 129/155. I then started her 20 minute abs, and stopped at 4 minutes as my neck and side started bothering me, so I got 8 calories from that. I Deided to do CDorner quick mobility , 20 minutes, heart rate 76/92, 27 calories. Total steps after workout was 6,669 . Workout was 94 minutes, 343 calories. No workout tomorrow as I will be going to the game day get together with my ladies group.

Debbie, sitting and posture are my main things that cause pain. If I can sit up straight with shoulders down and back(relaxed) it gives space and the pain improves. Keeping in that position is difficult. I will find myself starting to curve and slouch. Sorry the sitting at work bothers you. Nice workout this morning.

Doreen, nice work with the hiit workout today. Children and activities can keep you busy. I am glad to hear your daughter is back into playing sports.

Jolie, good idea to keep the weights lower so you do not experience those injuries we get when pushing ourselves. I am thinking that getting rid of my heavy bag is probably a good thing. I will miss it and my husband said we could get one of those that you put sand or something in the base, but I think with my arthritis and neck and shoulder issues, it might be best to forgo and just do shadow boxing if I can.

Belinda, I am glad to hear your neck and shoulders are feeling better. Nice work this morning.
Today I did CDorner's #107 - Step Aerobics 80's Pop Step workout and had an ok workout. It was sort of fun but there were some steps that I couldn't get and it kept messing me up throughout the workout. I was sweating, though. Music was so/so, heard better 80's but not bad either. I stopped at about 43 minutes and then forwarded to the stretch. Really get tired of hearing her talk to everyone, but I get it, it's live and her followers love it. I'm glad Kelly doesn't do that.

Workout was 47 minutes, burned 274 calories, did 4603 steps and HR was 114/151.

Doreen - Nice job with your workout yesterday!

Jolie - I'm with you, I want to stay injury free so lifting light is ok with me. I just know how addictive it gets and lifting heavy is something I've always gone to. I think I will try not too for a while if not forever.

Belinda - Nice that you had a relaxing weekend. I hope your neck and shoulders are feeling better.

Diane - What did you think of that step workout from Chris? It was just ok, some of the moves were fun but there was one I could not get down. I wish I could have done one of her mobility workouts today, I plan to tomorrow for sure. Same thing happens with me, I sit up straight and three seconds later I'm slouching. It's ridiculous.

Roselyn - Great job working legs. Yard work in itself is a workout.

Take care everyone, have great workouts!
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Good morning,

SBF stretch plus walk outside is done. I am going to help DD with packing. Friday she will sign for her new appartment.

Debbie - good job on your step workout this morning. Neck and shoulder feeling better. I am taking it easy.

Diane - great job yesterday.

Have a great day.

Jolie Fit

Today was supposed to be cardio, but my toe is really sore today. I just emailed my doctor, I want to get and X ray to see what is wrong so I know what to do going forward. It hurts really bad at the joint closest to the toe nail, it is swollen today but I never had any bruising. I just put the Infrared light on it to see if it would help with the inflammation. Tomorrow is going to be a total body workout.

Debbie, great job with the step workout today. I hate the talking during the workout too. Caroline Girvan doesn't say a word, she just leads the workout visually which I like, I can play my own music while doing her workouts but they are tuff stuff. You could do them if you just pick up lite weights. I am going to go on Youtube and check out some Pilates workouts to try, to lengthen the muscles and they sculpt as well. I am looking for more workouts that concentrate on flexibility than heavy weight workouts. Have you tried any?

Diane Sue, I am going to look into getting a Garmin. The last time I moved, I got rid of a lot of gym equipment and dvds that I just wasn't using anymore. The workouts have changed a lot over the last 10 years and I wasn't using my bench press, Squat rack or leg press station at all anymore so I sold them.

Roselyn, great leg workout yesterday.

Belinda, I hope your neck is feeling better.

Doreen, Nice workout yesterday and I hope you get a good one in today.

Make it a wonderful day.

Roxie 1965

Good Evening,

I went on a bike ride Sunday and a walk tonight.

Debbie- is that foundation a dream or powder I can’t find it in a liquid. Colourpop just came out with a bunch of new stuff which from what I understand it happens a lot. I want some more Sigmas but can’t decide which one.
Is there any other type of fizzy hydrating tablets other than NUUN? I just went to reorder from Amazon and 6 of those suckers are $35!! I don't think they are worth that kind of money. I drink one after my workouts with the marine collagen to cover up the fish flavor. Any suggestions to replace NUUN that is cheaper?

Roxie - This is what I get, but usually get it from either the drug store or Ulta. Ulta doesn't seem to have it right now. https://www.lorealparisusa.com/prod...YYwHD4OCbsaAnQ9EALw_wcB&shade=40-natural-buff


Today getting a workout in was a challenge as our electricity kept going off and on and then we had to wait to get the internet back up and all of our media for school as well. I did CDorner Hiit first round and it was split from stop and go, so I added the results together. I did not want to continue because I was having to do all of the modifiers for the squat thrusts and floor stuff. This is the second Hiit I have tried that used several segments of floor stuff. I didn't care for it. This was 21 minutes, 112 calories heart rate 132/166.
I finally decided to do a dvd so I did not have to wait for the internet to come back up and get Amazon or Youtube running. I did Walk Strong 3 Cardio Step Jam, 32 minutes, 187 calories, 138/171 heart rate. I finished off with Walk Strong 3 Total Body Stretch, 17 minutes, 27 calories, heart rate 77/93.
This was 70 minutes, 329 calories Total time and post workout I was at 6,106 steps. I should get over 10,000 before the evening is over. I think it is getting ready to rain. I can see lightning and there is rumbling outside. I did not go to the ladies game day today. My daughter had two appointments so, I skipped it. It was fairly close to our new house though. I am tired today and allergies are awful. I took my Allegra and then last night I used some syrup like Niquil that was cough and had an antihistamine. I have been groggy all day and still coughing and sneezing.

Debbie, check out sports nutrition effervescent tablets on Amazon and you should find some other brands. I have used Amazing Grass tabs, but those have greens in them. I think there is one called Zym and Now has some. There was a spot that I kept having a problem with. I would try to remember that move and for some reason it just did not move right. I kept wanting to do something else. Plus, again, I had stops to help my grandson, so would have to get back in sync again. I even stepped on my with crossing over the step turns etc, and I slipped off the end trying to get turns in at a quick pace. Some of the music is fun, but sometimes I just do not like her choice. But, I guess she likes it. I am okay with the talking, I just wish she would keep up with the workout instead of messing with things or coming over to talk to someone during the workout. I find her workouts fun and something different though, don't use lots of space, and not a lot of high impact stuff.

Belinda, I am glad you are being easy on yourself. Nice job on the walk and stretch. I am sure that you will enjoy the time with your daughter.

Jolie, I hope your toe is better. It is a good idea to get it checked out if the pain is hanging on like that. I got rid of equipment the member before when we moved back to Oklahoma City. I got rid of a Treadmill, Bowflex, and Dip Station. I just felt the Tread Climber and Spin Bike was enough along with the heavy bag. I had a huge workout space back then. This time it will be the heavy bag/ speed bag and stand and the weight bench that has the leg curl attachment and ab attachment. I bought that for my husband. I just don't want things so crowded here. Yes, workouts have changed and I often do not want to pull out the old ones. Streaming has gotten so easy. Still I like premixes on dvds.
I am still liking my Garmin.

Roselyn, nice work on back and biceps today.

Roxie, nice job getting in a bike ride and walk.
This morning I did CDorners 30 Minute Full Body Cardio HiiT, which Diane, I think is the one you did. It was just so so and I did not do any of the floor planks. Why do all HiiT workouts have to do plank work. I think at the end she said she burned over 300 calories, not sure how she got got that? I even did some high impact moves to modify for the plank things she did and my HR was up there. I didn't burn near that.

Workout was 33 minutes, burned 191 calories, did 2603 steps and HR was 114/170.

I also did her most recent mobility workout, #46 which was really good but I had to stop about half way through due to time.

Diane - Thanks for the info on energy tablets, I will check them out. So frustrating that the NUUN's are so damn expensive. They aren't worth that. Every time I reorder them they go up by $1. Ridiculous. You are truly a saint for helping your grandkids with school work. I couldn't do it. It was bad enough when I would have to help my own step kids with their homework. I was never real academically inclined so it was hard for me to help them. I couldn't imagine doing it at this point in my life. You are a good grandma, I hope they appreciate all you do for them.

Belinda - Glad your neck and shoulders are feeling good. Have fun helping your DD!

Jolie - Sorry about your toe, you should definitely get it looked at. I tried pilates once in my life and almost fell asleep doing the workout. Too much quiet time with that type of workout for me, I just don't like it. I prefer yoga.

Roselyn - Great workout yesterday!

Roxie - I sent a link for that foundation, look above this post.

Have great workouts everyone!
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Jolie Fit

Today I had an excellent workout, CL Vertical Loading 2 and I did better with the weights this workout than I did last week. I have been working out every other day since hurting my toe and boy do I feel better all the way round, I have so much more energy. Maybe that is the way to go? I follow this lady on Instagram and she said her workouts are every other day and for a longer period of time. Then, on the off day your body gets a full recovery for the next big workout. I see what she is saying, I am doing so much better with my workouts right now, and I look forward to doing them again. Vertical Loading 2 was 1 hour and I burned 401 calories. I am going to get an x ray on my toe today, I need to see if it is fractured or not.

Debbie, I buy NUUN for under $15 at Target and Walmart. I think even cheaper than that! Nice workout today. I previewed the workouts you have been doing and there is NO way I could do that type of step workout, I would fall over. I did find a few instructors on Youtube last night that I am going to try. Jenny Ford, Jessica Smith and Penny Barnshaw look good. Check them out! Nice workout today.

Diane Sue, look at what I wrote to Debbie, have you tried any of these instructors? I previewed some last night and they look great and some are outside in the snow! The use a step and weights and look fun. I will be trying them once I know what is up with my toe. I hope you have a nice workout today.

Roxie, nice walk and bike ride.

Belinda, I am glad to hear that your neck and shoulder area are feeling better. Have fun with your daughter.

Roselyn, nice workout yesterday. Did you do Caroline Girvan's workout?

Off to the doctor's office for my xray. Make it a great day. Cold here today but it is warming up for the weekend.
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I walked a few times today and did SB D24 Cardio Barre 4 is done.

DD and I packing up her kitchen today. We almost done. We just found out they moved the closing date to Monday instead of Friday. DD had painters come to her new house and paint the kitchen cabinets. We have to reschedule everything for next week. One document came in, by law everything has to be summited 3 day's out before the closing. It's to protect my daughter.

Jolie - great job on Vertical Loading today. How is your toe feeling?

Debbie - today we started packing up the kitchen. DD is packing all her dishes/clothes. DD is hiring a moving company for all the bigger stuff.

Diane - thanks! We still have lots of fun besides packing. I didn't sleep well last night. I am tired today.

Waving Hi to everyone that checks in after me.
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This morning I did Coffey FIt Raw Cardio Crush remake, 39 minutes, 237 calories, heart rate 146/193(the 193 was a blip on the graph which I figured was during an out of breath coughing and sneezing session),2,628 steps. I then did CDorner Bosu/hiit/bodyweight calorie burning 25 minutes, 131 calories, 852 steps and finished with CDorner Mobility #33, 27 minutes, heart rate 87/109, 53 calories, 90 steps.
Total time was 91 minutes, 421 calories, 3,570 steps. Cardio Crush was okay I guess. I didn't love it. I got a kick out of Kelly at the end doing her little dancy thing. CDorner Bosu was a bit more getting down on my hands than I wanted. I did not lift the bosu overhead the first round. Second I did. It is two rounds of 11 moves. She does offer options. This one she was not talking to other people. I liked the mobility workout. I was looking on youtube last night and it seems I have done quite a lot of her mobility workouts already.

Debbie, yes I did that Hiit workout and stopped after the first round before she started repeating it. I did some standing moves for part of it instead of the plank stuff. I checked out another that she had put up yesterday, before I went to bed. I decided I was not ready for down to the floor mule kicks. Although the Bosu work I did today had that or just doing the squat thrust. A bit easier using the Bosu though. I did a couple of the mule kicks and felt my right knee hurt when my feet came back down so quit doing them. I kind of wanted to do some strength work. Maybe I will find what I want to do and do it tomorrow. I keep looking at Kelly's Cardio overload new workout, but she right off mentions egg weights along with the weight vest and I just do not think my neck and shoulders would handle it. I generally just stick with my 4# vest.
Most of those health/fitness drink powders and tablets are really costly. I do not stick with them all of the time. If there is a sale, good rebate or something I pick some up. I purchase individual packets and bottles here and there. Vital Proteins has added some pre workout and recovery drink powders. I tried one individual packet from Sprouts of Vital Proteins, I think it was immunity pack in clementine flavor and it was not very tasty. I have purchased the bottled recovery drink a few time just to take along to drink at ladies game day rather than drink lots of coffee or juice.
Thanks on the helping grandchildren with school. Things are so different from when I went to school. I have to watch the lessons before I help my 6 year old grandson. They do addition and subtraction in such complicated ways for arriving at the answers. When we first started I had no idea what number bonds were or making a story of the way you get your answer. Lots of thinking. He is smart if you get him to do what requires writing. Today we had an English project to plant a seed and put a frame around it to take a picture and submit. Who just has seeds and soil sitting around. We stuck a sweet potato in water with toothpicks and took a picture. Fortunately I have not had to help my 13 year old granddaughter very much. My daughter said she got a message that they were going to go back into the classroom April 26 as the board voted on it unanimously. An A and B schedule whatever that means and virtual option. So, that seems a bit crazy as school is out in May 20.

Jolie, I always found after my rest day I have more energy. I am glad that you had a great workout. I hope you find the problem with the X ray. I saw the Carolyn Girvan you mentioned. I really prefer they talk me through the workout and that there is music. I used to follow someone that did workouts like that with a completely white background and tried adding my own music, but quickly was bored with the workout. Having an instructor that talks and the right music motivates me to push through a workout. I think pilates can be effective workouts, but I am like Debbie. They are not fun, they are not calorie burners. I think with Tony Hortons P90X3 pilates workout, it felt more active, but I got only slightly more calories out of it than a yoga workout and that tends to discourage me. Piyo is a bit more active, but I don't find it fun either. CDorner seems to have quite a lot of body weight and band strength workouts. Mix those up with the mobility and that would probably be good. Maybe add something like that once or twice a week. I almost did an upper body of hers today that said stability ball, but then she said only the ball was used and I started imagining decline push up, push ups, triceps push ups, dips and decided my shoulder did not want that. She is creative though. Oh, and another thing with pilates is planks and on the floor stuff, which I am not a huge fan of right now. I don't mean to sound discouraging. If you find some that are fun, let me know. I don't mind barre work though. I keep meaning to set up my Fit Tower and use it.

Belinda, I had a house closing pushed past the original closing date before because everything had not come in yet. I hope things get worked out fine for your daughter. Those things can be stressful. I hope you get some rest tonight.
This morning I had a great workout. I was actually going to do CDorner's newest leg workout but when I started it and she started talking to everyone I'm like NOPE! Can't listen to that today. So I did RAW Burn Sets: Legs. I did this one once before but for the life of me, didn't remember any of it. Loved it, it was tough and I was working hard. I used 15's most of the workout and 25# for plies. Everytime I looked at my FB my HR was at 69. WTF? 69 is resting for gods sakes. I was talking to my DH and I need to get a new phone because the one I have (which I purchased right before Christmas) won't connect to 4g which doesn't let anyone hear me when I call them or they call me). So anyways, I have to look for a phone that is compatible with FB and my DH said, "Why don't you just get a Garmin with the new phone?" Which is what I would like to do but are Garmin's picky about which phone they connect to like FB is? Anyways, just frustrated with all my "smart" devices. They aren't so smart if you ask me.

Anyways, workout was 33 minutes (40 actually but I stopped at the bridges, I hate bridges), burned only 109 calories and my HR was 83/109. Unreal.

I also did Madfit (another Youtube channel) 15 minute Abs Workout No Equipment and really liked it. I've been meaning to try these workouts and this ab one was good. I had to stop early due to time but got a good burn in my abs. Check the channel out, it has some good things on it.

Diane - I may be getting a Garmin soon. So sick of my FB, read above. What cell phone do you use with your Garmin? I agree about the fizz tablets, I really like the NUUN ones but can't believe the prices. I remember when I could get 6 tubes for under $30. Now they are like $35 for 6 tubes. I just divided them out and it's only $5.80 a tube, I guess that isn't so bad. Still...Yep, that kind of math was just starting when my step kids were in school. I could not help them, it was too hard for me doing it like that. Why go to all that trouble? I don't get how these kids learn anything these days. I'm glad they will be heading back to school, but really, why now? Ours have been in school pretty much all school year but did give the option of virtual if parents wanted to keep them home.

Belinda - A moving company is a good idea, that takes some of the stress off people. Have a great workout today!!

Jolie - I checked out Target for the NUUN - they are around $17 for two tubes. That is still crazy. I get 6 tubes for $35 on Amazon which I guess when you divide it out, it's only $5.80 per tube. Maybe I'm jumpng the gun on complaining. It just seens like they keep going up and up in price. So what's the verdict on your toe? Good job on Verticle Lift!

Have great workouts everyone!
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