Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for April 2021


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Today I did CDorner 30 minutes Super Fun Cardio workout , 31 minutes, 203 caloeies, heart rate 151/188, 3408 steps. I then did Coffey Fit Raw boxing finisher, 16 minutes, 94 calories, heart rate 137/163, 789 steps. I finished off with CDorner Neck and Shoulder Stretch, 25 calories, 18 minutes. Total time 65 minutes, 322 calories, 4,197 steps.

I forgot to post my weights and format of Coffey Fit Raw Strength 1 (cardio acceleration)
32 minutes done in 12 reps sets with a cardio or rest between sets step with 4 risers each side or bench
warm up
1 arm dumbbell row 30 # 12 reps
squat knee up or rest 30 sec
squats 25# dumbbells(Kelly 20#) 12 reps
jog in place or rest
bench press (Kelly uses 20's) I used 15's being careful with the front of my shoulder 12 reps
cardio jump pump up or rest 30 sec.
hammer curls 15# dumbbells 12 reps
cardio insoles or rest 30 sec
suitcase deadlifts 20# dumbbells 12 reps
cardio or rest
lateral raises kelly uses 12's I used 8 # dumbbells
cardio skater move or rest
skullcrushers 12# dumbbells
cardio v sit knee pulls in or rest
repeat stretch

Belinda, they get patients up so quickly and moving post surgery. I had a friend that had had knee surgery and she said she had blood running down her leg while she was walking, but it is something they really need to do. It is a good idea to be gentle on the knees while swollen. At least you got some movement in. Hope healing is fast for your husband. I will probably purchase the new workouts because the price for both types of bands together would cost what her presale package is would mean the videos were very low to no cost. Depending on if getting downloads and dvds. I keep looking at the bands on Amazon though kind of wanting them. They don't look like they roll up like a lot do. You are so dedicated on your workouts. No matter what you have going on you get it done.

Debbie, I looked at the Lower Body Tabata today, but I did those Raw workouts and decided I need a bit of recovery before a new workout. Chris mentioned her Amazon shop and those bands. I looked on Amazon and they have packages of those fabric bands. We need more out there that will make right decisions. We do not have a strong government and leadership. It is full of self edifying people that do not care for anyone else. The thing is, those that do speak up do deal with creeps on their doorsteps and going after them. It is not right!

Doreen, nice work today. That is how I feel sometimes after interruptions with virtual school stuff, zoom classes, and a child that wants to slip out the backdoor with the dog and needs to be watched. I sometimes give up and decide I will try it later. I am trying to choose short workouts so it might be possible to finish at least one.

Suzie, thank you. I am wanting to build back up, but my arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis has slowed down what I used to be able to do. I am 68 and have been forced to lower the weights and work around areas I have problems with. Maybe just doing a couple of push ups on your toes each time till you gain the strength to do more. Make it a goal each time. If you modify it would be better to do them elevated with your hands on a bench so that you get the full range of motion instead of on your knees. This might help. Also I think keeping the hands placed under the shoulders with fingers spread helps. Make sure your back is straight by kind of tucking your hips forward. Also, if you haven't tried, you might adjust width of your arm placement to find where it is the most comfortable. I have done triceps dips for so many years with weights and I used to have a dip station and would put out a few hanging dips. I feel like a barbell seems a bit more comfortable than trying to balance a dumbbell in my lap. You are doing great with your weights. Way to go with the 42# barbell for biceps curls.
Wow, what great information! Thank you!!!


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Debbie, numerous friends of mine have gone to Hawaii and or are there right now and said it is fine. The beaches, hotels and restaurants are all open and the flight was just fine. The states are all starting to open now, this virus will die off soon like all of the other viruses of the past. I understand if you are nervous and I am NOT judging at all, I dont even think about it anymore. Where I live it is really no big deal :)

Today I had the most fantastic workout! STS Meso 1 disc #4 Chest, Shoulders and Biceps. I did really good with the weights today so I got a great calorie burn. 1 hour and I burned 356 calories. Next I ran on my elliptical, all different inclines for 20 minutes and I was dripping wet when I was done. Then I got on my spin bike and rode for 5 minutes. My legs feel awesome! Total workout was 1 hour 25 minutes and I burned 652 calories. Heart rate was 121/182. I didn't plan on getting any cardio in today but I had my garage door up and my running friend saw me working out and came in and made me run, and boy am I glad she did. I had no idea how much I love my elliptical, absolutely no impact and I love the fact that I can set the resistance and hills that I want to do. Also, it is amazing how much harder you can workout when you have someone next to your encouraging you to keep going. I feel amazing!

Debbie, nice workout today. If I don't like the music in a workout I find it hard to do it :( I know, stupid right! Have a good time with the art show, that sounds like a lot of fun!

Belinda, wow on the move in for your daughter!!! I don't eat a lot of meat, i have to force myself to eat it and eggs but I have to have protein for my muscle growth and bone density. I eat as many veggies as I can each day, I love Asparagus with olive oil, salt, pepper, lemon, garlic and parmesan cheese on top, I broil it. I hope you have a great day and I think it is amazing how much you have helped your daughter out with the move in, I bet she is very grateful.

Doreen, Nice workout today even though you were not motivated. Puppies are so much work but so much fun!!!

Roselyn, the trampoline workouts sound like fun.

I hope everyone has the best day ever!!~!
I love asparagus, too. I make it with olive oil, garlic salt, lemon pepper and bake it in the oven at 350 for about 20 - 25 minutes. As a matter of fact, your post has me craving it.


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Debbie, you crack me up about the meat!!! I really only have thin slices and it is very flat steak and I never eat more than a 1/2 cup if that when I have it. My sons and husband eat their steaks like that, really raw and I can barely sit at the table while they eat their meals LOL! My son in football has to eat a lot of meat to stay at 260 pounds and they want him to now weight 270. He can eat 2 pounds of steak in one sitting no problem!!! Yuck, I know.

Today I had an excellent workout, STS Meso 1 Disc #2 Back and Triceps. My band broke at the beginning of the workout, again, so I rowed instead when Cathe used the band for Back or I used a DB for Triceps if she was using the band. I have to say, this weight program is hands down my favorite workout by any trainer at any time that i have been working out. It just suits me, no wonder why I did it for years and years. I was in the best shape of my life too and I had minimal injuries. STS is on of her slowest workouts besides the workout Slow and Heavy from years ago. The workout was 1 hour and I burned 356 calories. Heart rate was 114/165. The rowing really gets my heart rate up in between lifting.

Debbie, nice walk today on the TM and I am glad the stretching is helping you with your pain. My left elbow and wrist are still hurting but I think it is Arthritis and Tendonitis. My left elbow always cracks when I do triceps exercise, it always has so i suppose it is Arthritis. I need to up my Collagen along with MSM.

Belinda, nice job walking the dog a few times yesterday! That thin thighs workout sounds awesome, all I ever wanted is thin thighs, I have more like tree trunks :) My calves are thinner but my thighs have always been muscular from riding horses.

Diane, wow your days sound just crazy busy lately. Nice workout yesterday. I hate watching the news or even going on social media anymore because I cant stand how people are in to the cancel culture, and the Democratic Bullshit! I am sick of it all, I look forward to our next election and hopefully people will be so sick of this crap they vote in a republican. Where the hell is the Vice President, she does NOTHING!!!

Doreen, I hope you have a great workout today.

Happy Thursday everyone. It is cool and cloudy today, I want the sun to come back again so the weather warms up
Jolie, our vice president is very adept at giggling inappropriately, imho, and I don't think Joe knows where he is half the time. Sorry, if I offend anyone.


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Ok, I was feeling a little guilty for giving myself a 3 day break from working out so today I did STS Plyo Legs Disc 32. Then, I did Intensity Muscle Endurance (with much lighter weights) and Great Glutes. I hate pizza presses with a passion but I'm really proud of myself when I finish. I love Lean, Legs and Abs, too. What are some of you guys' favorite toning workouts/dvds?


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Ok, I was feeling a little guilty for giving myself a 3 day break from working out so today I did STS Plyo Legs Disc 32. Then, I did Intensity Muscle Endurance (with much lighter weights) and Great Glutes. I hate pizza presses with a passion but I'm really proud of myself when I finish. I love Lean, Legs and Abs, too. What are some of you guys' favorite toning workouts/dvds?
I forgot to mention I also did STS Disc 31 Chest and Back. Lol, my blood flow is going to my legs and not my brain.

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