Hardcore Fitness Maniacs check-in for March 2018

Today I did another Yvette Bachmann, Medicine ball hiit!! Another goodie 40 seconds on 10 off you never put the weight down

Hope everyone has a great weekend

Jolie Fit

I cant believe it is March already!!!

Today I did The Total Body Workout #4, week #4 and had a great workout. I did 4 rounds of the circuit with no rest between exercises. I feel like I am finally getting strong again. Workout was 410 minutes and I burned 279 calories. Average heart rate was 113 and max was 151.
Incline Chest Flies- 20# x 10 ( 4 rounds of this circuit)

Narrow Grip palms facing pull downs- 70# x 10

1 Arm alternating static overhead Press seated- 20# x 10 ( I thought I would die the last set)

Preacher Curls- 17# x 10

Close Grip Chest Press- 20# x 10

Leg Ext- 60# x 16

Leg Curls- 22.5# x 14

I skipped abs today.

I did not workout yesterday because life just got in the way. Oh well, I still got my 4 days of weights in so I'm happy about that anyway. I like the results I am getting with this workout. I think I may do it for another month. I am finally incorporating legs and I love it now! No dread factor...

Roselyn, nice job on the workout, 40 seconds on and 10 off is hard!

I will be back to see what you did today Diane Sue. Debbie, I hope you are feeling better!!!

Have a great Saturday.


Today I did Kelly Coffey's Slim Sculpting both workouts no swings mix, 60 minutes, 308 calories, heart rate average 111, max 158, 1,546 steps 4.6 met. This is mostly compound strength with several short cardios still using a kettlebell and has the abs divided into two portions of it. I used 20# for most with some 15# for overhead moves and a 10# on one of the cardio segments. Since there was no swings, and I thought I had pushed the full 70 minutes mix with the swings, I did Build and Burn just kettlebell premix, 18 minutes,
heart rate average 128, max 153, 115 calories, met 5.8. I used 20 and 25# kettlebells for this one with 1.5# weighted gloves. I finished off with Sarah Beth You Tube yoga strong and balanced Saturday yoga, 16 minutes, 42 calories (this one moved fairly quickly) Total time was 94 minutes, 465 calories.

Roselyn, that sounds like a good workout. It is tough holding the weight throughout the whole workout.

Jolie, that is great that the workouts are giving you what you needed. Was the workout really 410 minutes?? ;)
Feeling a bit better but having some major coughing attacks. I sure hope I can workout on Monday.

Jolie - did you see what I wrote yesterday? Or maybe it was Thursday? My days are all muddled together. Hope things at home are better.


I just realized we now have a March check in :)

Debbie, I am glad you are feeling better. I hope by Monday you are back up for working out.

Jolie Fit

Debbie, I did see what you wrote and thank you! Everything was going great till yesterday because he couldn't drive his car for the weekend. I told him until he got his grades up and get in all of his missing assignments in, he could not drive. He flipped out on me and called me a liar, and said I only told him to get his missing assignments into the teacher, which he did. But I said if you are failing a class, don't you see there is still a problem and you have to work hard to fix it? Wrong, he got so aggressive my oldest son had to get between him and I, thank God he was home. I don't think he would ever touch me but he slams doors ect. My oldest son told him that he has anger issues and to leave the house. My son didn't want me home alone with him when he was so irate. Finally, my husband comes home and my eldest son tells him what happened. My husband starts making excuses for him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My son told him to man up and start being the Man of the Family instead of insisting that I do it. He told his dad to stop hiding out at work and come home and address the problem. No one likes to be home, you have to walk on egg shells around my youngest son. My husband is drug testing him today, somehow, I don't think that is the problem. I think this is a confidence issue but I don't know anymore. I might go get counseling just to save myself!

Today is the start of Week #5 of my full body workout. I did 8 reps of each exercise in the circuit and the last set to failure. I went up in weight in almost every exercise. I did 3 rounds of the circuit. I was supposed to do come cardio but I am mentally wiped out. Workout was 40 minutes and I burned 240 calories.

STS warmup
Chest Press - 30# x 8, x 8, x 10 TF ( 3 rounds of this circuit)
1 Arm Rows- 32# x 8, x 8, x 11 TF
Upright Rows 17# x 10, x 10, x 12 TF (20# DBs are too heavy so I went up in reps)
Altern. Bicep Curls with a twist seated- 20# x 8, x 8, x 10 TF
Lying Triceps Ext.- 17# x 10, x 10, x 12 TF ( 20# would be too heavy so I did more reps with lighter weight)
DB Squats- 12# x 16, x 16, x 20 TF
Bicycle ABS- x 30, x 30, x 38 TF
Pop Squats- BW x 30, x 30, x 36 TF

Diane Sue,
Nice workout yesterday. I should really find time to do some yoga and stretching because I can get tight muscles when lifting weights and it feels so good! Wow on that calorie burn!

Debbie, I hope you are feeling better, the antibiotics should be kicking in right about now! Take it easy when you go back to working out.

Roselyn, have a great Sunday!
Jolie - Wow, I am so sorry your family is going through all that. I sure hope you can find out what his problem is. I know he is being a jerk, but don't be walking on eggshells for him. Screw that. He needs to tell you what is going or put him in counseling. Wow, I'm just taken aback as to what you have had to put up with. How old is he? I'm so glad your older son was home and I sure hope your husband took him to get tested. Your husband is in denial, he doesn't want to admit something is really wrong with his son. Been there, done that with my cousin. Let us know how all that goes. Thoughts out to you and I hope things get better.


Today is a rest day. We had a Sunday get together with family and friends, boyfriends etc. this afternoon :)

Jolie, I am so sorry for what you are going through. There are drugs that will cause aggressiveness and anger issues. Sometimes they can hold back some when they feel it is needed. You should definitely not have to live with walking on eggshells. I hope the testing happens and I really do think getting a counselor would be helpful rather than your son tearing your family apart. That was a really good workout today. I can understand not feeling up to the cardio.
I'm finally feeling human today, although I am not at cardio or weights status yet. I decided to just walk on my treadmill for a while to get the blood going. Glad I did but I am really tired now. All I want to do is go home and sleep. I haven't been sick like this in at least a decade. I do not like it.

Walked for 40 minutes, went 2 miles and did 4720 steps. Burned 222 calories. I've did more walking in that 40 minutes then I did in any one day last week. Holy crap did my steps drop. On well...

So my FB needs an update and I'm afraid to update it because it is working fine. I'm afraid the update will make it not sync again. Have any of you done the system update? How were your results?


Today I did a Youtube Yvette Bachnan workout, cardio mash up with the bosu. This was 75 minutes (an extra 4 to get back to the workout when the internet went out middle of the workout) 538 calories, met 6.5, 4,438 steps. This had some light weight work in it. Weighted gloves, and 5# dumbbells through most of it and at the end there is some strength that is still pretty active and I used 8's, 12's 1nd 15's. I am not sure I will do it again though as it was too long and I was getting tired of it and almost stopped when it dropped out midway. Tomorrow I will get in some good weight work.

Debbie, I have not had a new update for my Fit Bit in awhile. It seems it generally automatically updates. Usually when they do an update I notice right away as my sleep stages goes out and then there are several more days and updates to rectify and fix the mess ups. I always cringe when they do this. Mine has been working fairly well since the last one.
Yvette's workouts can be long Diane Sue

Jolie I hope you get answers for your son

Debbie glad you are starting to feel better

Today I did Meso 1 chest, shoulders and biceps

Jolie Fit

Last night I officially felt like I was getting a head cold! So I went to bed early and still have a stuffy nose and watery eyes today. The wind is blowing so it could be allergies. No workout today, I don't want to get full blown sick so I am taking a rest day.

I am so glad to hear you are up and about today!!!! Take it easy...

Running late to take my dog to the groomer.

Have a great day.


Jolie, get plenty of rest. You have been under too much stress and that is probably not helping. It is windy here and my allergies are starting to flare up. I am trying to stay indoors, but need to get outside and do some work in the yard.
Feeling even better today yet still coughing some. Ridiculous. And I think I either bruised or cracked one of my ribs yesterday while having a coughing attack. I keep getting these awful attacks and hope to God I don't have one today because I just can't cough like that anymore. OMG, it's horrible. So I hope whatever is hurting by my ribs goes away soon.

Walked on my treadmill for 2.55 miles. Went 50 minutes and burned 292 calories and also did 6149 steps. Avg HR was 102 and Max was 129. Not bad.

I miss lifting. :(

Jolie - Hope you are feeling better and like Diane Sue said, it's no wonder your are feeling under the weather with all the stress you are under. What became of the drug test?

Diane Sue - That is a long workout. I personally think anything with weights over 40 minutes is too long, I think I would have stopped when the internet gave you issues. That is why I don't want to stream workouts, it is more of a headache hoping it will continue to work versus a DVD where you know it will work. I hate updating the FB, each time a system upgrade happens I read things on the FB forums about how their watch stopped working, etc. I'll probably have to do it sooner or later or it will be forced on me.

Roselyn - Are you doing STS now? Nice job with Meso 1.


Debbie, that is great that you are feeling better. I get coughs with my allergies where I am litterally gagging and I end up with sore spots in my throat and sore ribs. It is miserable. I hopethat stops for you soon. It is odd that I have not seen a new update for awhile on my Fitbit. I wonder if it is specific to your model?


Today I did Strong and Sweaty Total Body Giant Sets basic mix with abs, and added 40 reps of calf raises with 30's and two sets of pistols one with no weight and 1 with 8#. 69 minutes, 371 calories, met 4.8, 1,403 steps. I then did Barre Amped bonus ball stretch 6 minutes, 15 calories. Total time was 75 minutes 386 calories. I have a dentist appointment I will try to get back and list weights.
edited to add the weights
round 1
squats 45#
rear sliding lunges 15#dbs 16 r
plié squats 25# dbs in lieu of barbell
side slide lunges 15#dbs
deadlifts 30#dbs
round 2
shoulder overhead press 15#dbs 16 reps
upright row 15#dbs 16 reps
rear delt flies 15# bs 16 reps
incline front raise 8#dbs 12/6 reps
seated lateral raise 8# dbs
round 3
wide stance deadlifts 65# barbell 10 reps
cross back lunges 20# kettlebell 16 reps right 16 reps left
diagonal lunges 20# kettlebells (I did not want to go downstairs to get the 20's or use my Bowflex weights)
static lunges 25# dbs 16/7/7 reps
warrior lunges body weight
round 4
One arm row 30# 16 reps
pullovers 15# dbs 16 reps
chest flys 15# dbs 16 reps
incline press 15# dbs 16 reps
round 5 squats 45# barbell 16 reps
deadlifts 30# dbs 12 reps
plié squats 25# dbs
sweeper lunges 28 reps
side slide pick ups 20# kettlebell 16 reps right 16 reps left
Round 6
seated overhead extensions 15# dbs 16 reps
close grip bench press 17.5# bowflex dumbbells 16 reps
lying extensions 15# dbs 16 reps
seated W curls 15# dbs 12 reps
incline hammer curls 17.5# bowflex dumbbells 12 reps
preacher curls 15# dbs 12 reps
added 30# dbs calf raises 40 reps
2 sets pistols, 1 body weight 1 with 8# ( I am terrible at these and need work)
Last edited:

Jolie Fit

No workout today, a slight head cold and I tripped over my vacuum cleaner yesterday in sandals and ripped off my toe nail!!! It is so swollen and bloody, there is no way to put a shoe on today. I might take a rest week to regroup, not sure, I will see how I feel. I just don't want to get really sick like Debbie so I am going to lay low.

I cant believe you are coughing that hard. My youngest son tested clean so I am very happy about that. I have finally decided to back off and take everything one day at a time. I am pushing someone that is stressed out and it is just making it worse. I have thought about it and I think I am pushing my youngest son to be like his older brother. Just because he so good at football, doesn't mean he needs to go to college and play. Yes, the full ride offer would be fantastic but that might not be right for him. He also mentioned he doesn't want to go away for college and I can respect that as well. We have a bunch of great schools in our area and that would be fine for him if that's what he wants. My goal going forward will to be the best mom possible and pick him up when he falls and guide him in the right direction. School is up to him, I have given him all the support and tools he needs to get through and graduate. I am so worried about things I cannot control, me the control freak! So you will now see a new and improved Jolie and Nick. We had the best conversation yesterday and no one raised their voice or argued. He needs some relief from so much stress. He did mentioned that he would like to go into Real Estate so we might do that together since it is something I have always wanted to do. I think I have made some headway with him and he apologized for treating me so harshly. He told me he loves me and he is just so frustrated. I think it is time for him to be a kid, while he can be, and enjoy the time I have with him.

Diane Sue, nice workout girl, that is one long workout! What are sweeper lunges?

Roselyn, I love STS!!! Can you actually do all of those pushups?!

Have a great day. Maybe tomorrow I can get on a shoe!


Jolie, I had wondered if your son felt some inadequacy or maybe some resentment because his brother was doing so well and he felt that he was not. No two children are alike. Not everyone wants or needs college. A lot of jobs can be a bit hard to get without some college. Trade schools are good for some. Real Estate could be a really good job. You never know future. If things do not workout as he gets older he may change his mind and want to go to college. Maybe the two of you can relax and enjoy each other's company more. Does he bring his friends around much? It would be good if you could get to know them some. I would wonder why he would feel angry when he came home from hanging out with them. Oh, no on the toe. I did something like that a few weeks ago. We had a metal floor vent that was sticking up, which keeps happening since we got rid of the carpet and I think needs replaced, and I was rushing up the hall and caught my big toe right on the corner of the metal and cut it and my nail. The vent went flying. It hurt and I was not jumping around on it the next day for sure. If you do kettlebells, you could do swings without shoes. It probably is best to stay off of it and ice it so the swelling goes down right now though. Sweeper lunges are done with both legs bent, leaning forward you stand on one leg and sweep the other in and out while balancing in that position. I have heard it have other names. Cathe does it in Fit Split as well.
I am doing sts again, I did the pushups some on my knees:)

Today I did a cathe live called Move It, another fun one.

I will be doing meso 2 tomorrow and will sit down and try to post weights (i am so bad with that)
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I walked again on my treadmill, same as yesterday, 2.5 miles. I'm feeling better, ribs are still sore but now I don't think I cracked them. I think it is just major muscle strain and some bruising.

Jolie - Glad things are better at home and so glad he tested negative for drugs. I hope you all continue your healing journey.

Diane Sue - Excellent workout yesterday!!! I think the update is for Ionics. I still haven't done it!

Roselyn - Have fun with STS! Always a great series to revisit.

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