Hardcore Fitness Maniacs check-in for December2017

Today I decided to do RIPT90 FIT - Hard Core Chest. These are fun workouts and short, I like them. However my HR never gets up much with these.

Each Group below was done in superset fashion:

- 6 reps
Planks - 30 second hold
6 sets of these all in a row, no rest

Dumbbell Chest Press
- 30's/6 reps
V-Sit Isolation Hold - 30 seconds
6 sets of these all in a row, no rest

Chest Fly
- 12's/reps
Twisting Crunches (Russian Twist) - 8#
6 sets of these all in a row, no rest

- Skipped

Workout was 32 minutes, Avg HR was 77, Max was 104. Burned 66 calories.

I have to be at work early so no walking on my treadmill.

Hope you all have great workouts!!!

Jolie Fit

December already!!! I better start my shopping or I am going to be up a creek without a paddle! I did manage to order my Xmas cards yesterday!!!

Today I did Back and Leg Ext. I did a Giant Set for Back, 3 rounds, 12 reps per set with no rest. Then I added Leg Ext. at the end, 3 sets and each set was to failure. I used DB's for the entire workout except for legs. Workout was 36 minutes and I burned 217 calories. My warm up was STS #15 disc the warm up only.

1 Arm Rows- 20# x 12 ( 3 rounds of this Giant Set )

2 Arm Pullovers- 24# x 12

1 Arm Horz. Rows- 15# x 12

Wide Grip Pull Downs- 50# x 12

Rear Flies- 10# x 12

Deadlifts- 12# x 12

Leg Ext. 40# x 20, x 18, x 16

that looks like a nice short workout when time is an issue. My lifting calorie burns are low as well. It really helps to get some walking in to boost the calorie burn for the workout. I will take my dog for a long walk now so I can get my steps in for the day.

I haven't done that total body workout. I always use the Muscle Meltdown part but that's it.

Diane Sue,
I will be back later to read your post. I hope you have a good workout!

Have a nice day!


I did Kelly Coffey Amped Up Cardio workout #1 and the first combo and drill segment of combo 2 before the grandchildren got up. That was 39 minutes, heart rate average 139, max 169, 265 calories, 3,519 steps. I got out Christmas decorations and they had fun helping set things out. They have a hard time understanding that I don't have trees to set up and that I go buy a live one. The 3 year old kept wondering where my tree was. He really wanted to put the decorations on it :) He persisted on Mary being on top of the nativity stable. My dancing and singing santa and Mrs clause got quite the workout and he covered them in hand sanitizer. (hanitizer) I had to laugh at his name for it.

Roselyn, I really liked the live ice workout.

Debbie, nice chest workout today.

Jolie, I just realized that Christmas is coming up fast. That is why I pulled out Christmas stuff today. I got online and did some shopping yesterday. I am usually done well before now. I have just been in a fog of things going on and it sneaked up on me.
Today I did Cardio Coach #3, really didn't feel like running, I was really tired when I got up this morning, not sure why? I had a great workout, though. This one is fun.

Workout was 40 minutes, ran 2.8 miles, burned 310 calories (TM said 372) and went 5656 steps. Avg. HR was 132, Max was 171.

Roselyn - Did I see it was your birthday recently? I'm sorry I didn't wish you a happy birthday, I hope you had a great one!!! I will be 53 next year, doesn't seem possible, does it? You look 33!!!

Jolie - Excellent workout! Your workouts look fun and tough, nice job designing them.

Diane Sue - I also can't believe how quick Christmas is coming. I think I'm almost done with my shopping. Just have to get my DH a few more things.


Today I did Strong and Sweaty Total Body +bonus abs, 74 minutes(10 for writing and changing equipment) , 343 calories. 1,468 steps, heart rate 109-max 158. I need to bathe Gertie and do some major house cleaning today since I think it is mostly an uneventful day till tonight when we go to my grandson's homecoming wrestling duals.
rnd 1
squats 40# barbell
rear sliding lunges 15's 16 reps
plie squats 40# barbell
deadlifts 30# dumbbells
rnd 2
shoulder overhead press 15's 16 reps
upright rows 15's 16 reps
rear delt flys 15's 16 reps
incline front raise 10''s/8's 12/6 reps
seated lateral raise 10's
rnd 3
wide stance deadlifts 30's 10 reps
cross back slide lunges 20# 16 reps
diagonal lunges 15's 10 reps
static lunges 25# 16/7/7 reps
warrior lunges body weight
rnd 4
1 arm row 30# 16 reps
pullovers 15's 16 reps
chest flys 15's 16 reps
incline perss 15's 16 reps
push ups body weight
rnd 5
squats 40# barbell
deadlifts 30's 12 reps
plie squats 40# barbell (I count 13 reps , reps change ending in 8 singles)
sweeper lunges body weight
side slide pick ups 15# db 16 reps
rnd 6 stability ball
seated overhead extensions 15's 16 reps
close grip bench press 17.5# db's 16 reps
lying extensions 15's 16 reps
seated W curls 15's 12 reps
incline hammer curls 17.5's 12 reps
preacher curls 15's 12 reps

Debbie, nice work on the cardio even if you were not feeling it this morning. :)

Jolie Fit

Today I did Chest and Triceps. I did it in Superset style with 12 reps per set, 3 sets per exercise with NO rest periods. Workout was minutes and I burned calories. I did warm up to STS #13 disc. I used DB's for the entire workout.

Chest Press- # x 12 Superset (3 rounds)
Triceps Lying Ext.- 12# x 12

Chest Flies- 15# x 12 Superset (3 rounds)
Cross Body Lying Ext.- 10# x 12

Incline Chest Press- 20# x 12 Superset ( 3 rounds)
1 Arm kickbacks- 10# x 12, 8# x 12, x 12 ( had to go down here)

Incline Chest Flies- 15# x 12 Superset (3 rounds)
Cable Triceps Pulldowns- 30# x 12

I have to sit down and get my Christmas Cards out. I would love to send you all a card so email me your address and I will send one out! joliebolduc@yahoo.com. My parents are coming into town this Friday for our Football Banquet and my moms 81st Bday. I am so busy I always feel over whelmed for the holidays.

Nice workouts today ladies!
Today I did RIPT90 Back & Shoulders. Had a great workout but I probably should have done a couple more sets. This one is really short.

This is the workout:
SET 1 - doing these in circuit style going from one exercise to the next
Lateral Raise: 12 reps - 10's
Back Flyes: 12 reps - 10's
Upright Row: 12 reps - 20's

SET 2-4 - Supersets
Pull Ups: 5 reps - I used my assist bands
Overhead Press: 12's - 10 reps
Did this superset 3 times no rest at all.

SET 5 - doing these in circuit style going from one exercise to the next
Lateral Raise: 12 reps - 12's
Back Flyes: 12 reps - 12's
Upright Row: 12 reps - 15's
Dumbbell Row: 12 reps - 20's

SET 6-10 - Superse
Overhead Press: 12's - 10 reps - Used my assist bands
Did this superset 5 times no rest at all.

I also walked on my treadmill for 1.5 miles and doing the Tabata workout for the first 11 minutes of walking.

Workout was 55 minutes, Avg. HR 104 and Max 175, burned 275 calories, went 4145 steps.

Jolie - I have to do my Christmas cards as well, not a big fan of doing them. I keep saying every year I'm going to stop but I feel guilty when I start getting them from everyone else. Nice workout!!

Diane Sue - Great workout yesterday! You are kicking butt!!


Today I did Ice Rock'm Sock'm kickbox, 50 minutes, 351 calories, heart rate average 138, max 164, 4,424 steps. I then did Ice muscle meltdown triceps, 14 minutes, 63 calories, heart rate average, 108, max 130, 136 steps. Total time was 64 minutes, 414 calories. Lots to do today, family dinner tonight. Lots of cleaning to do. I went to my grandson't wrestling dual last night and took pictures and video of him and his escort for homecoming :) Enjoyed my time out.
Muscle Melt down triceps weights
giant sets 3 rounds all with 15# dumbbells
overhead extensions 15# dbs 12 reps
kickbacks 15# dbs 12 reps
dips 12 reps
lying triceps extensions 15# dbs 12 reps
close grip bench press 15# dbs 12 reps

Debbie, doing the weights circuit style is a nice way to train. Nice work.

Jolie, I don't blame you for feeling overwhelmed. Adding the wrestling coaches coming would be extra overwhelming. I have not sent out Christmas cards in a couple of years. For awhile I sent just a few to close friends. I generally talk to my brothers on the phone and wish them a Merry Christmas on Faceebook. I message friends. I know, it really has taken away from some of the special traditions.
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Jolie Fit

No workout for me today. The high winds and smoke are so bad I cant seem to stop coughing! It is very dry and this is just horrible! One of the worst fires in CA is in Ojai, a town where I grew up. I have family and friends living there and it is surrounded by flames. I feel so bad... One of my friends both of her children and her parents lost their homes to the fire last night. There are so many fires burning right now the smoke is thick and the high temps aren't helping either. I am so sick of this year, I cant wait for it to be over!

Great workouts ladies!


Jolie, I saw pictures of the smoke and fires. That is terrible. They need a good downpour of rain right now.
Today I did Kelly's Cario Pump - the Kickboxing workout. I liked it, it was fun. Not extremely jumpy so that is a plus. Good workout, I like her.

This workout was 30 minutes, went 3351 steps and burned 234 calories (not bad!). Avg HR was 137, Max was 170.

Then I walked on my treadmill on 3% incline for another 25 minutes. Just didn't want to stop at a 30 minute workout so I continued on my treadmill.

This workout was 25 minutes, went 1.26 miles, burned 138 calories and went 2962 steps. Avg. HR 98, Max 121.

Jolie - OMG those fires are horrible! I am praying for everyone in it's path. How terrible to continue to go through that all the time. So very sad. Keep safe, please.

Diane Sue - Nice job with your workout!! Those ICE workouts seem good to me, I may have to order them. I want more Kelly for sure.

Have great workouts everyone!!


Today I did Kelly Coffey Step box both workouts combined (no weight drills), 59 minutes, 391 calories, heart rate average 138, max 163, 5,744 steps. I then did Ice Muscle Meltdown Biceps, 19 minutes(15 actual as I paused to write between giant sets and had to run the dog downstairs to go outside) 65 calories, heart rate average 101, max 124, 103 steps.
weights giant sets all exercises 12 reps
standing curl 17.5# all 3 rounds
standing hammer curl 17.5# all 3 rounds
preacher curl 15# dbs all 3 rounds
incline hammer curls 15's, 15's, 17.5's
concentration curl 15#, 17.5, 17.5#

Debbie, I love the Ice series. The muscle meltdowns are great and there is a mix to do those giant sets 4 times if you want. Most of Kelly's kickbox workouts are not extreme on the jumping. I enjoy them.

Jolie Fit

I'm having the worse day today! The smoke and wind is so bad I am finding it hard to breath and I cant stop coughing. My allergies are at an all time high and I look and feel terrible. Yesterday someone broke into my sons car at school while at football and stole is brand new Apple computer! He only has collision on his car because it is older and paid off so insurance isn't going to help pay for a replacement! Now I have to go to meet with the coaches of the University of Nevada at school and I look horrible!!! I did get a short workout in today, I did Biceps only. I just cant do cardio due to the air quality. I did a Giant Set, 3 rounds, 12 reps, no rest between sets and I used only DB's. Workout was 22 minutes and I burned 181 calories. I did the warm up from STS #15 disc.

Bicep Curls- 15# x 12 3 Giant set rounds.

Hammer Curls- 15# x 12

W Curls- 12# x 12

Conc. Curls- 15# x 12

Incline Hammer Curls with a twist- 12# x 12

Nice workout everyone!

Diane Sue, thanks for sending me your address, I will send you a Christmas Card! I need to address all the envelopes this weekend and get them out in the mail early next week! I think cards are a thing of the past but I sure like getting them every year. I like tradition!


Jolie, I am sorry about the air quality. I can see how it would be too hard to do cardio. I did not realize the fires were that close to you. So how close are your parents? The pictures of the fires are terrible. I will keep you in my prayers.

Kelly Coffey has shipped Build and Burn. I printed up the premixes and worksheets off of her website today, so I will be ready when they come.
Debbie you are sweet to say i look 33! I wish

Got kelly dvds today I hope I like them I dont do hers alot so the worksheets are on the website?

today was lift it hiit chest tris and shoulders, I so need to post my weights I will try harder girls:( Tomorrow I have Max 30 Sweat Intervals on tap.
Today I did RIPT90 Fit Arms & Shoulders and had a good workout. I had an ok workout, these don't seem as hard as they were the first time I did them. I broke a sweat but not much of one.

This is the workout:
SETS 1 & 2 - doing these in circuit style going from one exercise to the next
Reverse Grip Chin Up: 10 reps - used my assist bands
Shoulder Press: 15's - 10 reps
Triceps Kickbacks: 10# each arm, first set was 5 reps, second set was 10 reps. Not sure why
Alternate Hammer Curls: 15's/20's - 10 reps
Upright Row: 15's/15'2 - 10 reps
Overhead Triceps Extension: 25# - 10 reps

SETS 3, 4 & 5
Curl to Overhead Press: 12's - 10 reps
One Arm Triceps Extension: 10# - 10 reps each arm each set

I also walked on my treadmill for 1 mile. I forgot to stop my watch so I don't have accurate information.

Running late. Hope you all have a great workout!!! And happy weekend!


Today I did Strong and Sweaty Boot camp, 46 minutes, heart rate 120 average, 148 max, 318 calories, 1,933 steps. I then did Ice Muscle Meltdown back 22 minutes, heart rate 109 average, 130 max, 102 calories, 344 steps.
Muscle Meltdown Back all exercises 12 reps 3 rounds giant sets
one arm row 30#
pullover 30# dumbbells (Cathe uses 2 15's)
one arm wide row 25#
one arm pullover 15#
deadlift 30# dbs

Debbie, I put my Map My Fitness on Stretch and Sculpt instead of cardio and it gave me 113 calories for boot camp which is crazy. My thoughts are how would it get that when it is monitoring the heart rate from my Fit Bit. I thought I had set it for aerobic and knew something was wrong when it was way under my Fit Bit. Nice workout today. You must be getting stronger since it was not as difficult this time.

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