Hardcore Fitness Maniacs check-in for April 2018

Happy Easter!!

Today was a cardio/weight Yvette workout, another awesome workout 40 seconds of cardio followed by a weight exercise. These workouts have really challenged me


Bringing this up for us. I was looking to see if anyone had started the April check in yet :)
Today I did Z Cut Power cardio workout #4 and warm up, 25 minutes, met 5.7, 158 calories, heart rate 114 average, max 159, 883 steps. I then did Build and Burn Cardio Core, heart rate average 134, max 169, met 6.0, 185 calories, 2052. Total time was 53 minutes, calories burned 341. I needed to get done early. My daughter and grandchildren came over and helped her with sewing a dress. She got the whole dress done today :) We had it all cut out and ready to go ahead of time. I went through my Z Cut workouts and I have done all of the disc 1 power cardio and disc 1 power strength. I checked and there are only 4 power strength workouts that I have not done and I have the other two power cardio workouts to do. I chose the cardio core from Build and Burn since the Z Cut had the sit ups in it and hit the core as most of these workouts do. I would have added abs if I had time.
Z Cut was done in 5 tabata rounds for each exercise all 5 rounds 1 exercise before you moved to the next exercise 20 on 10 off
180 degree burpees 5 rnds and 6 reps each round
jump lunge 16 reps 4 rounds 20 reps ton the 5th round
push ups 5 rounds 12 reps
sit ups 8 reps each round
sumo squat jumps 18 reps 5 rnds

Roselyn, nice job on Yvette yesterday. I see you are still doing the live workouts too :)

Debbie, I have always like Body Max 2 and it usually gets a decent step count and calorie burn for me. I was surprised at how low my heart rate showed on the Fit Bit for Z Cut cardio today. The Fit Bit never really starts picking up the heart rate very well till after 15 minutes and this one has a longer warm up with stretches in it before the workout. Great job on the weights and the tabata cardio.
Morning guys☺

No workout yesterday I was TIRED from weekend cooking grandkids and puppies . My body said rest.

Today I did MIS Legs; it was on yesterday rotation, didn’t over do it just wanted to get in some leg work. And STS Back and Triceps last upper body from MESO 1.

Do you start a new check in-challenge every month? I’ll check back gotta run a few errands


Today I did Z Cut Power Strength disc 2 workouts 6 and 7 with the warm up, 45 minutes, heart rate average 110 average, 147 max, met 5.0, 248 calories, 1,068 steps. I then did Kelly Coffey's Body Design light cardio sculpting and leaner lower body with the cool down, 35 minutes, 1,236 steps, heart rate average 116, max 151, met 5.0, 191 calories. Total time was 80 minutes, 439 calories. I have two more Z cut strength workout to do and I will have done all of them. I still have a lot of the cardio to do though. By the time I do one of those I do not want to add another. They are tough.
Z Cut Power Strength
workout 6 time challenge 3 rounds she uses a chair for this workout
10 burpee, push ups into step ups (high step 5 risers)
30 round kicks with backward lunge 15 reps right 15 left
10 elevated planks leg lift knee tucks alternating legs (high step)
10 triceps dips w/ leg lifts 5 right then 5 left(high step)
workout 7 3 rounds
24 wood chops 10# dumbbell 12 right and 12 left
10 plank jumps into side to side push up (this was hard to get through)
30 single leg bridges 10# dbs 15 right 15 left
10 knee hug flip over burpees
Body Design 5# and 8# for the light cardio
leaner lower
15# dumbbells for squats, reverse lunge, deadlift knee buckle, walk out side to side, lunge pulses, deadlift/plié
5# ankle weights for the chair work

Doz, nice mix of workouts. Yes, we start a new thread each month.
This morning I did Press Play - the whole thing - and did pretty good with it. This is one kick butt workout!! Last time I did it was back in November.

Workout was 1 hr. 5 min., went 4.55 miles and burned 570 calories (TM said 628) and I went 9230 steps. Avg HR was 146 and Max was 197.

I also did Stretch Max and did the one that uses the band. Felt good, my legs were really tight and sore from PP.

DOZ - Are you back in Ohio? I thought you moved away from here? Doesn't this weather suck? It was supposed to be sunny and almost 70 today. Yea, that ain't happenin'!!!

Diane Sue - Nice job wit you workout!! You are rockin' it!

Jolie - Where are you?

Roselyn - Nice job with Yvette's workouts!! Killin' it!!


Debbie, the stretch max with the band is my favorite. Nice job on the steps and calories. I remember doing that one and it seemed extremely longgggg!! Maybe Jolie is on her trip with her mother and son and his friend??

Jolie, how are you?
Debbie - I went to France for 6 month, loved it. But not to live. While their I visit quite a few places like Paris stayed there a week and Venice and many other places. Definitely a good experience. Nice workout press play is one of my favorite.

Diane Sue - Niceeeeeeee work. Do you take a nap after your Workout lol ? You go hard.

Well ladies, going to unwind enjoy my ☕ and watch a few workout video. Have a wonderful evening


DOZ, I remember you were going out of country. I bet your family missed you. Did you have someone to stay with there? That is a long stay. LOL, no nap.
Today I did a total body workout, and had a good workout. My FB kept going grey, does that ever happen to any of you? I have the Ionic and the numbers and HR beats were all greyed out, then when I moved the band around a bit it would be in color like normal. I'll have to see what that means, it was weird. And then when I started it to clock my workout and I felt it vibrate during my warmup. So I looked at it and it was totally out of the workout mode, which I don't know how it could have done that since you have to press buttons like 3 times to get out of workout mode. Really weird. I'm glad I noticed it, I was only about 2 minutes into my workout when that happened.

Did 4 circuits of 6 reps. No rest until I reached a new circuit. I warmed up with one of the HiiT workouts.

Incline Dumbbell Chest Press - 32's
Pullups - 4 sets/6 reps
Barbell Shoulder Press w/Palms In - 35#
Hammer Curls - 25's
Lying Barbell Triceps Extensions - 35#
Elevated Deads - 65#

Also did abs from SJ&P.

Workout was 36 minutes, burned 173 calories. Avg HR was 108 and Max was 139.

Then I got on my treadmill and walked until I reached 40 minutes. Went 2 miles, burned 207 calories and went 4853 steps. Avg HR was 77 and Max was 105.

My HR was low today with all my workouts. It is so windy here, OMG. Like 50 mph gusts and it was going on all night and is still happening. It rained a ton, too. The wind is so strong right this second it feels like my house is shaking. Dang, this is scary!!!

DOZ - Wow, I had no idea you went to France, I thought you said in one of your other posts that you moved to a different state with your son or something like that? And said you couldn't find the work you do in Ohio because of certification. I went back to see if I could find that post but couldn't find it. How cool to have been in France for that long, that would be awesome!

Diane Sue - Stretch Max with the bands seemed long to me, in fact, I stopped it before it was done. It went on and on. LOL! I just wanted to stretch out my legs so that is what I used it for. Nice going with your workout, I agree with DOZ, you are really going hard lately. Woo hoo!!!

And, oh yea, Jolie is on spring break with her son. Duh!! I hope she's having fun!

Roselyn - Where are you? Hope you are getting in some good workouts!!
Afternoon Everyone ☺

Today’s workout Kick Punch Crunch And KM drill conditioning legs. Lasts night watched several workout video that I want to add in, they were oldie but goodies.

Thinking instead of doing Meso 2, to do 4 weeks of Meso 3 Strength; I really didn’t know I had If I decide to jump ahead will be using disc 25-40. I like the workouts, bit more blood sweat and tears lol hardcore. Still deciding how im going to mix it up

Debbie- yep quit my job and left the country. I got so feed up with of job. Nice workout

Diane Sue- I was BLESSED, stay on the Beach rented a apartment in St. Cyr- Sur-Mer you should google it to see how beautiful this places is. From my apartment to the beach met some beautiful people.


Today I did 4 Day Split double cardio premix, 59 minutes, heart rate average 137, max 168, met 5.8, 378 calories, 5,227 steps. MMF and Fit Bit were exact on calories today :) I then did Z Cut Power Cardio disc 2 workout 7, bonus abs, and cooldown, 28 minutes, 168 calories, heart rate average 117, max 161, 814 steps. Total time spent was 87 minutes, calories burned 546. One think that I can say for this Z cut series is they are definitely trimming the middle already. I would not say that they are fun though. I like that they are not too long. I would probably give up if they were really long. I wish she had music in the cardio series like she does in the strength series. I went through the moves on the cardio workouts and that helped make my choice today as I was not ready for the same moves I did the last two days.
Z Cut power cardio
workout 7
3 rounds 40 sec each exercise 10 minutes total time
sumo jump squat to normal jump squat
side hops (jumps)
burpee roll over knee tuck (did this yesterday too I think)
mountain climber
plank to elbow down up move (lots of core work)
bonus abs 2 rounds
5 reps ab splitter (v sit toe touch, v sit reach through, knee tuck counts 1)
20 alternating elevated plank knee tucks (used high step) right left knee tuck counts 1
20 competition sit ups
20 side plank toe touch (10 right 10 left)

Debbie, I have never had my screen on my Fit Bit go to grey and quit working. I have had it lock up once and had to go google how to reboot it which is what got it back. The buttons did not want to work. I thought it was the end of my Fit Bit, but it wasn't :)

Doz, you must have got plenty of walking exercise while out of the country. I find some there are things I like about the oldies but goodies. Like cardio not having you crawling around on the floor and standing back up. Abs have changed to more plank work it seems. It does seem if done right it is a bit easier on the neck and back. Depending on what type of plank. The music is better too.
Today was cardio, i did Yvette Fat Burning/core mashup!! Her workouts really challenge me!!

Have a great day and great workouts everyone!

By the way, isn't is supposed to be spring?! Snow in the forecast here for the weekend :(


Roselyn, we have sleet in the forcast tomorrow night. We are hoping it is not as bad as they keep suggesting that it might be. My daughters are worried about their fruit trees and gardens and there is a wedding shower for my granddaughter Saturday morning.

Today workout, Cardio Coach ‘press play’ and MIS Abs.

I decided that I’m going to continue on with program STS Meso 2 However I will be using STS Strength Legs.

I will check back later,
Yea, where is spring? It was so bad here with ice on the roads today that some highways were closed down. No one expected what we got here last night and the roads were a mess. Too bad the weather forecasters can't forecast the weather anymore, they haven't been right here in ages.

Today I did the Boxing workout of Kelly's Meltdown DVD. Fun workout, I've done this one once before and I love the music in it. Wish I had a bag I could use, but they take up so much room. Still a good workout without the bag. I really love the fact that Kelly's workouts aren't that high in intensity. My joints can take these workouts which is why I love doing them. Cathe's cardio has such a dread factor for me anymore, I just don't even want to get them out. Even her low intensity stuff bothers my knees and I just don't like doing them anymore.

Workout was 30 minutes, burned 222 calories and went 2979 steps. Avg HR was 142 Max was 187.

Then I also walked on my treadmill for 40 minutes. Went 2 miles, burned 212 calories and went 4837 steps. HR was low with this workout.

Diane Sue - So there is no music with the Z workouts with cardio? That doesn't make any sense, why would that be? I think that would be really boring.

Roselyn - Nice job with Body Beast, I'm hoping to do those in the summer. Love them but they are so long. Hope you get warm weather soon!

DOZ - Nice job on Press Play, that is a tough workout. Can I ask how many miles you go with that one? I'm just curious.

Have great workouts everyone!!!


Today I did Z Cut disc 3 workout 12 (last workout that I have not done in strength) 23 minutes with the warm up, heart rate average 108, max 135, met 4.1, 843 steps, 104 calories. I then did X Train Super Cuts, 48 minutes, 255 calories, heart rate average 119, max 155, 255 calories, 1,585 steps met 4.8. I finished off with a Z gym youtube stretch, 12 minutes, 26 calories. Total time was 71 minutes, calories burned 359.
Z Cut power strength workout 12 3 rounds
20 weighted overhead squats side leg lift (holding dumbbells stationary overhead) 8# dbs
40 chair hops
40 back lunges& knee ups 20 right 20 left 8,8,10# dumbbells
10 reptile push ups
I used 5's, 8's, and 10's on Super Cuts

Debbie, since the cardio workouts are so intense and really does have some strength to them with the push ups and burpees etc. I find I am so busy at this point concentrating on form and getting through the cardio so I do not notice too much on the music. I could play my own I guess. I think she made the Power Strength series which has music after she made the Power Cardio Series. Maybe she had some complaints about no music. I need to remember to pull out that boxing workout from Meltdown. I really like that one too. She has a few higher impact workouts, like on Cardio Blast that has some plyo. Honestly though, she is not so hard on the joints even in the higher intensity stuff. She is proof that you don't have to be so hard on the body to get great results. I like that on her streaming she had one workout she was going to do and then changed her mind as she was not feeling the planned workout. One day I will do her streaming for awhile. I almost went to one of hers today and was staring at my workouts and decided to go with what I had already planned instead of changing my mind a dozen times. I should sit down and plan next week. My one problem with a lot of Cathe's Metabolic and compound stuff is that they rely so much on shoulders with all of the moves. My shoulders cannot take so much of that. I had a bit of a hard time holding those dumbbells up today on Z Cut while doing the squat and side leg lift. I started with 10's and was soon putting them down and grabbing the 8's. I don't think she is using real heavy weights here. In yesterdays workout on the demos she said she was using 8's. I previewed the moves and wrote them down ahead of time, but don't recall her mentioning weight increments. Once in awhile I look at what I wrote down and I go back to the preview just to see the move again to refresh my memory before I go on to the workout.
This weather is crazy. I think it is supposed to be 70 today and tomorrow night drop down to 27 with sleet. At least that is what I last heard. Hopefully it bypasses us.
Diane Sue- awesome workou. I checked her out on YT I remember her, she’s awesome.

Debbie - PP is a toughie I don’t remember how many miles I ran today, honestly, I don’t pay attention to that, only calories burned. Maybe I should; I used to back in the days. Sunday, starting Meso 2 will post more details ☺

Roselyn- Hello, woke up this morning snow everywhere lol I was like dang, by 2pm I outside without my jacket, not long, I took my puppy out to handle his business, it was beautiful the sun was shining, can’t wait until were in the 60’s then I can walk\run. Glad you had a good challenge.

Well guys enjoy your evening. I just received a called from my GD they’re coming back up here tomorrow, my puppy will be happy to see his brother and papa. Btw the puppies are 4 1/2 months they are so adorable and keep me busy. Until tomorrow.
Last edited:

Jolie Fit

Thursday evening and I am back from my ski trip! We had a blast!!! I was in such good shape this year, my legs held up really well, especially on the double black diamond runs! I actually skied better than I did when I was in high school and I was good back then lol! I am not sure what I will do for my workout tomorrow, probably a total body workout and maybe some cardio. My legs are sore, I skied 7 hours each day. Thank god I did all the leg workouts before my trip. My mom skied at age 82, I was really proud of her.

I will go back and read your posts when I get a chance this week. Good job ladies on the workouts. I have to say, I am in good shape but look really bad in a bathing suit... Getting old sucks!

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