Hardcore Check In for April 2017


Today was a rest day. Family brunch this afternoon. My 9 year old granddaughter helped me make a coffee cake last night for it. I helped my daughter thread up and check out the sewing machine that she just got. I am going to help her and my granddaughter with some sewing projects. That ought to be fun.
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Today I started my own Body Beast Rotation mixing both Build & Bulk together. I think I shouldn't have not done so much chest so I may take one exercise out of it before I do it again. This was tough, I really pushed myself. I liked doing this on my own, I timed my rests. Even when Serge (or whatever his name is) said "no rest", there was always a rest. Not with my workout. If I rested, it was only because I couldn't do one more rep. I rested about 1 minute between each group of exercises. Fun!!!


Single Set/Drop Set - Build
Dumbbell Chest Press:
15's/20's/25's/20's - 15/12/8/8 reps (last two sets were drop sets)

Super Set - Bulk
Incline Fly:
15s/20s/25s - 15/12/8/8 reps
Incline Dumbbell Press: 20's/25's/30's/20's - 15/12/8/8 reps (last two sets were drop sets)

Progressive Set - Bulk
Dumbbell Chest Press:
15's/20's/25's/25's/20's/15's - 15/12/8/8/12/15 reps

Force Set - Bulk
Chest Press w/Rotation:
20's - 5 sets/5 reps
Held down for 5 seconds each set. Killer!!!


Single Set/Drop Set - Bulk
Seated Overhead Extension:
15#/20#/25#/20# - 15/12/8/8 reps (last two sets were drop sets)

Single Set/Drop Set - Bulk
Skull Crushers: 20#/25#/30#/25# - 15/12/8/8 reps (last two sets were drop sets)

Super Set - Build
Double Arm Kickbacks: 5's/8's/10's/8's - 15/12/8/8 reps (last two sets were drop sets)
Triceps PushUps: 15/12/8 reps (did some on my knees)

Then I walked .75 miles on my treadmill.

Diane - You have an 89 year old granddaughter?? :)

Have great workouts everyone!!
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Jolie Fit

Today I did Shoulders and a 5.3 mile walk outside.

Overhead shoulder press DB-
20# x 15, x 13, x 11, x 12 TF

1 Arm Lateral Raise-
12# x 15, x 12, x 11, 10 TF

Rear Flies-
12# x 15, x 13, x 12, x 12 TF

I burned 129 Calories lifting weights and I burned 593 calories. Total Calories burned were 720!

I have been really stressed out, my mom was back in the hospital yesterday but they released her by the end of the day. She has the flu and Bronchitis. It is hard to live far away so you just cant go right over to check on them.

Debbie, that looks like a great workout and good job on getting on the treadmill as well. I have to do some sort of cardio each day or otherwise I feel bored with my workouts.

Diane Sue, Sounds like you had a great rest day. It is amazing that you still have a grandmother living. Mine died when I was just a young child.

Roselyn, great job on the workouts! I have never done T25, I think there is just too much impact for me.

Have a nice day!
Nice Debbie, I may follow this with you, if you made up any sheets can you send to me?

Today was Bulk Back and a mile on treadmill.

15,12,8,8, reps
PullUp With Band
10 reps 3x

Reverse Row
15,12,8,8,12,15 46,48,

One Arm Row force set
5 sets of 5 reps 25#

15,12,8,8,reps 22,123,25,23#

reverse fly
15,12 reps 12,13#

Some ab work


This morning I did Strong and Sweaty Boot camp 44 minutes, 307 calories, heart rate average 120/max 163. I then did Ice Boot camp Circuit skipping the warm up, 39 minutes, 266 calories, heart rate average 120/ max 158. Total time was 84 minutes, calories 573, 4078 steps.
Has anyone else noticed after the Fit Bit update that it gives you steps on the My Fitness Pal app and then takes them away from your workout??

LOL, I am tired. I meant 9 year old granddaughter. No I do not have a living grandmother. My Dad passed away almost 3 years ago and he was 85. So, no, no grandparents living. Although my great grandmother on my mom's side lived to be 94 and she did not die from illness or anything. She died in a car accident. I have a cassette tape of her playing the fiddle. She was quite a hoot.

Debbie, good luck on starting your revised Body Beast rotation.

Jolie, how far away do you live from your parents? I know I always worried about my Dad and his meds and if he was taking care of himself. It was a 7 and a half hour drive to where he lived. My brothers were closer, in the same state, but still had a hour and a half to two hour drive.

Roselyn, nice work on the weights.
Today I did Cardio Coach 5 and it felt good to do a long cardio workout. I didn't do great with it, just lost some endurance while doing BB, but I did it all. Had a good workout, though.

Workout was 54 minutes, ran 3.38 miles, went 7192 and burned 341 calories (TM said 510).

Diane - What do you mean FB takes away steps when it syncs with MFP? Should we log them in MFP as well? Nice workout. And I know you didn't mean you had an 89 year old granddaughter. LOL!!! My dad passed away 7 years ago, I can't believe it. I seem to miss him more as each year passes. Weird.

Roselyn - I only have two days of the rotation typed up. I haven't had time to sit and just do it. As soon as I get it done I will email it to you.

Jolie - How is your mom? I hope she is feeling better. I'm sorry you live so far away from her. I will keep her in my prayers. Nice workout!!

Have great workouts today everyone!


Today I did Barre Amped Cardio Bounce with SB , 13 minutes, 106 calories., followed by Rock Out Knock Out, 56 minutes, 402 calories, 135 average heart rate/ 168 max. Total time was 69 minutes, calories 508. Tomorrow will be a rest day since my husband and I are going out of town tonight and will be coming back tomorrow. I have family dinner tomorrow night. I will have to rely on canned pasta sauce. I had purchased ingredients for the Fixate Cookbook sauce that is so yummy. But there will not be time for that. My husband has a meeting to go to and wanted company for that 2 hour trip.

Debbie, at the end of the day MFP gave me 20 calories for steps. I am not quite understanding what they are doing. After the update there is a yellow bar on the screen of MFP that is tracking my steps. Like right now it shows 7217 tracker steps and the end of the bar where the yellow line is headed says 10000 steps. When I look at the diary under exercise right now it has my two workouts that I did and Fit Bit Tracker calorie adjustment. It has my steps so far and -159 calories which the have taken off of my exercise calories. As the day progresses and I get more steps that deficit drops off. It was over 200 calories this morning. I am not sure what they are trying to calculate. When I first finished my workout today it had my 508 calories cut to 289. Now , that is not something that I like to see. Right now it has me at 349 exercise calories because of the step deficit.

Jolie Fit

Today I did Chest. I did 3 sets and at the end added a drop set. I minute rest between sets except for the drop set there was no rest. I need to up my weights, look how many reps I am doing now!

Warm up Chest press DB- 15# x 15, x 12

Chest Press DB- 25# x 20, x 13, x 12
20# x 12 DS

Chest Flies- 20# x 15, x 13, x 12
15# x 12 DS

Incline Chest Press DB- 25# x 15, x 13, x 12
20# x 12 DS

Then I walked on my treadmill for 1 mile uphill. Total calories burned was 402. I am very tired today from yesterdays workouts so this is all I am doing. I am going low carb starting yesterday. I have to give up the toast every morning and all the other carbs I am consuming in a day. I am upping my protein and good fats instead. I will let you all know how it goes. My neighbor is doing it as well so it is nice to have someone to do it with to keep me on track.

Debbie, My mom is doing better, thanks for asking. When they are in their 80's and get sick, it tends to get really bad vs when you are younger. Good job on your cardio today. I think you should go by your treadmill calorie burn the Fitbit seems very low. My Fitbit is always higher than my treadmill, I wonder why yours is not?

Diane Sue, Nice workout and enjoy your rest day with your hubby!

Roselyn, I hope you have a great workout today.

Have a nice day I am running late for an appointment.


Jolie, I rarely eat bread or cereals. My problem is I probably over consume the good fats . Not that I am gaining weight or anything. I keep my carbs lower but would like them even lower than where I have them. I use my net diary I set my own goals. I am always over at least a bit on carbs. Generally that comes from the yogurt, salads, veggies, and some fruit like apples and berries. I like dried cranberries and pecans or walnuts in my salads and yogurt. Anyway, that is where the carbs come from with extra dark chocolate that I just cannot seem to give up.
Good luck with your new eating plan. I think that it helps when you have someone else doing it with you. It really helped my grandson with his weight loss goal doing it with my husband.


I have decided that tomorrow I am going to order the new workouts after looking at the pictures and get the Fit Tower with the barbell clips. I am sure I will use it. I may use the tower for my Bounce workout as well since I do not like the wobbly bar on the urban rebounder.
Today I did my own Back/Biceps using both BB Bulk and Build workouts. Had a good one, for some reason these seem harder than the actual workouts on DVD. Maybe I'm just pushing myself harder or maybe the combination of both types of exercises is making it harder. Not sure but I like it!!


Single Set/Drop Set - Build
15's/20's/25's/20's - 15/12/8/8 reps (last two sets were drop sets)

Super Set - Bulk
15#/25#/30#/25# - 15/12/8/8 reps (last two sets were drop sets)
Pull-Up: Used my blude bands - 15/12/8 reps

Progressive Set - Bulk
EZ Bar Reverse Grip Row:
25#/35#/45#/45#/35#/25# - 15/12/8/8/12/15 reps

Force Set - Bulk
One Arm Row:
20's - 5 sets/5 reps
Held down for 5 seconds each set. Killer!!!


Progressive Set - Bulk
Standing Dumbbell Curl: 15's/20's/22's/22's/20's/15's - 15/12/8/8/12/15 reps

Single Set/Drop Set - Bulk
1, 1, 2 Hammer Curl:
5's/8's/12's/8's - 15/12/8/8 reps (last two sets were drop sets)
Way too easy, need to go heavier.

Force Set - Bulk
Wide Grip EZ Bar Curl:
30# - 5 sets/5 reps

Then I walked 1 mile on my treadmill.
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Rest day today. Yesterday I got 10,608 steps. By the end of day Fitbit had me at a -44 calorie adjustment they took away. I need to read up on this when I get a chance.
Diane - I was going to comment when I posted this morning but ran out of time. So MFP doesn't show my workouts at all, just steps. I've never seen it list anything. When I use my FB, I go to Exercise, choose Weights or Treadmill, whichever I'm doing and then just press start. How do you get the name of your workouts out there to show up? And from what you are say, does that mean you have less calories to eat? That isn't right.

Jolie - I totally understand about parents, my mom turns 80 in July. Can't believe it. She is moving slower and slower. Makes me sad. :(


Debbie, I set the Fit Bit up on devices on My Fitness Pal. It syncs via Bluetooth. To do this I have to put the same start time as the Fit Bit has when I put in my exercise so it does not sync it twice. When I type in a workout if it is not in map already I scroll down and create an exercise. It keeps that exercise in my data base. You can also add your workouts in settings my exercise and it will keep it. What I like is I can see what calories I have recorded on the workout previously. After putting it in it is there the next time and I just need to put the time started and my calorie burn. I think you can do it where your Fit Bit automatically puts what it reads. I just know how to adjust by the exact time with Fit Bit. It tracks my food, exercises and now steps. I think I stopped the step tracking in the past because it adjusts my calories. Yes, I was short those calories at the end.

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Jolie Fit

Today I walked outside 5.5 miles. I burned 622 calories. It is 88 degrees here today so it was so nice to get out early and enjoy the day.

Really running late today!


I like that there are some new faces for the Fit Bit Blaze. I changed my and it looks pretty good with the purple band. You can tap on the screen and see a list of all of the stats. I pre-ordered Cathe's new workouts this afternoon and also the Fit Tower with the bar clips. I also ordered the To the Mat Ice workout that I had not purchased yet. I ordered from Cathe since it was free shipping and the Rock'm Sock'm I got from Amazon has given me problems in my dvd player. I still need to get a newer dvd player.

Debbie, just go to apps and devices on My Fitness Pal and you can set it up with your Fit Bit. I am trying to figure out the new features they have added that is supposed to help you track your fitness level and VO2 max. When I look at my cell phone Fit Bit App and click on the heart rate I can slide the heart rate portion to the left and see my cardio fitness which is 43-47 which is excellent for women of my age., slide again and I get a graph chart of heart rate zones and minutes in each . They say to wear the watch to sleep so it can track your resting heart rate. I don't where it every night though. Maybe I will try it for awhile.
Today I did Cardio Coach #6 w/Candace and did the whole workout. I felt like I should have seen more mileage but I guess what I got was the norm. Weird. And I was annoyed because with the first challenge I was running quite fast and my HR was at 126 bpm. WTH??? My HR didn't get up until the 4th Challenge. I don't get it.

Workout was 54 minutes, I ran 3.5 miles, burned 364 calories (TM said 511) and went 7224 steps. So not too bad. Felt good running today but my left knee is giving me issues.

Diane Sue - I love the faces of the FB Blaze, so cool. I really love the Blaze, such a cool watch. I love that I can swap out straps and all. Also, I used to put all my workouts in MFP - my FB does sync with MFP, that's how I know what to eat each day. However, I stopped logging workouts in MFP because it was double logging them due to FB keeping track. So I just set my Blaze to keep track of what I'm doing and let it sync with MFP. Then I just eat what it tells me to. So far it is working ok, I can lose weight when I want and maintain when I want. :)

Jolie - Nice going with your walking. 88 degrees!! Holy crap! Wish it was that here.

Roselyn - Nice job with your workout as well.

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