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Good Morning All

Today was S&H legs. I really like this workout, no leg presses!! I also like that its only half an hour of legs. Lately, I haven't enjoyed working my legs for an hour. I have some DOMs in my chest and back from yesterday and for some reason had a hard time getting the barbell over my head this morning. I didn't want to drop my weight, so I did the squats with the barbell and the lunges with dumbells.

front lunge: 10#
squats: 50#
reverse lunge: 12#
static lunge: 50#
side lunge: 20#
plie: 40#
calf raises: 20#

Gin~ I didn't realize you were a day ahead of us. Did you do step blast today?

Marcy~ I hope you are around today! :)

Tracee~ Did you enjoy S&H legs? A short workout today, it was nice to sleep a little later! :)

Off to wake up the little guy...BBL,


Good Morning DMT!

Today was Step Blast and Stretch Max #2 (with stability ball). I did start the rotation on Sunday, sorry. I am also a little sore....pecs and hammies. It was tough to get up and do cardio this morning. I have had trouble waking up since taking this migraine preventative....tired and dizzy in the am.

Deanie--Good job on the S&H Legs!

Tracee--Did you also do S&H Legs?

Marcy--We missed you yesterday. Hope you are okay!

Tracee and Marcy--Did you watch DWTS? I liked Sabrina the best! I think the ladies are better than the men this time. Maybe one will win! Wayne needs to go home!:-(

Have a great day!


Hi Ladies!

Sorry I didn't check in yesterday. DH & I had the day off together. We went to see Heartbreak Kid with Jerry Stiller - very funny. I'm also in mourning, my Yankees lost:( At least I'll have more time for other shows now. I had to rush through DWTS last night but did manage to vote. Anyway, on to my workouts:

I did manage to workout yesterday (once DH went off for a nap!). I did Amy Bento's Advanced Step Challenge. This was one of my virgin workouts I've been dying to do. It was lots of fun, complex but not too bad. Got about 95% the first time through but I like it because she doesn't do too much breakdown although she does have a tutorial to explain the moves better (which I didn't look at). I guess the most difficult move is what she calls the "crazy shuffle). It's kind of like fast foot repeaters turning over the board repeatedly. It was only about 42 minutes for the whole workout which I'm kind of happy about because I'm looking for shorter cardio sessions. She does have a power up section which is about 7 minutes which is more like Cathe's interval blasts. She had one move where she has the step vertical and she doing ski jumps over the step. I had no more energy left so I skipped those. I also did B&G stretch. Aside from Stretch Max, that's my favorite of Cathe's stretches.

Today I did S&H Chest & Back. Here are my stats:

Bench Press: Sets 1&2 - 23# (set 2 only 7 reps; Set 3 19#, 8 reps
Chest Flys: Set 1 - 19#, 7 reps, Sets 2&3 - 15#, 8 reps
Incline Chest Press: 15# all 3 sets, last set 7 reps
Incline Chest Flys: Set 1: 15#, 7 reps, Sets 2&3 - 13# 8 reps
Pushups - Did all but had to take a short break after 4

Dbbl Rows: Set 1, 15#, 7 reps, Sets 2&3 - 16#, 8 reps (will probably go higher next week)
Pullovers: Set 1: 19#, 8 reps, Sets 2&3: 23#, 8 reps
Deadlifts: Sets 1&2: 25# 8 reps, Set 3: 23# - 7 reps (my forearms were getting tired). I definitely felt these more in my upper body with the dumbbells.
Supermans: Did with 2# weights in hands, nothing on feet.
Planks: Did them all for the whole time:)! I was wondering when they were going to end.

Deanie: You make me feel like a wimp on chestx( ! I don't blame you for not being able to do the pushups after all those heavy weights. Congrats on DS' homerun!:p Glad you enjoyed your family's visit.

Tracee: It was great heavy lifting again. It's been too long, so long that I didn't know what weights to use so I started with what Cathe did and I'll go up from there.

Gin: Glad you enjoyed your family's visit. I have L&G tomorrow and I'm looking forward to it. I couldn't do all the explosive lunges either my first time. I like that S&H moves slowly. I really need all that extra rest.

Gin/Tracee: I watched very quickly. Didn't see all of Marie's or Helio's performances and watched Jane very quickly. Wayne needs to go home but he did look a little better last night. Sabrina looked great. Jive really suits her well with all her abundance of energy. Mel B also looked good in the tango. I think Wayne and Mark will probably be in the bottom two.

Sorry for the long post. Lots of catching up to do.

Have a great day!



Hi Again!

I forgot to include my measurements:

Waist - 23 1/2" - stayed same
Hips - 34 1/2" - gained 1/2":(
Biceps - 11" - lost 1/2":(
Chest - Under - 26" same; across - 28 1/2" - lost 1/2":)
R thigh - Mid - 17 1/2" (lost 1/4"), Inner - 18 1/2" - gained 1/4":(
L thigh - Mid - 17 1/4" (same), Inner - 18" (lost 1/4"):)
Calves - R - 12 1/2" (lost 1/2") L - 13# (same)

Now, my legs are all lopsided:( Hopefully, they'll straighten out this month. I won't be doing S&H legs this rotation.

Hi guys. I'm really late checking in today and it's just because I got distracted doing other things.

Today I did S&H legs and like Deanie said no leg presses!!! I also enjoyed it because it was short but I didn't sleep in and instead I tacked on an ab workout at the end. I was real lazy with this workout today though and used weights because it was convenient instead of pushing myself. For instance, my barbell was already set at 35lbs so I kept it like that all the way through because I didn't feel like changing. And my 10lb dumbbells were out so that's what I used for all of the pre exhaust sets and for the calf raises even though I know I could have gone heavier on some of those exercises. I kick myself at the end of the workout when I do things like that.

Deanie - good job on your weights today. You always seem to have the motivation needed to get a good workout in.

Marcy - I hope you had a great day off with dh yesterday. Glad you were still able to get a workout in too.

Gin/Marcy - I agree with you guys on DWTS. I think Wayne needs to go but I wouldn't mind if mark left too. I really liked Sabrina and Mel last night and Jennie too. I got bored through Jane's dance and felt like she got some sympathy scores because of her mom's death. I know that sounds terrible but that was my initial reaction. I like to record the show so that I can fast forward through any of the dances that I don't like and through all of the commercials.

Marcy - I didn't need to measure myself this time because my pants are already telling me what happened. I've gained in my mid section big time!! I'm glad you were willing to post yours even though you had a couple of :-( faces.

Have a good afternoon everyone.



Hi Again!

Tracee - Hopefully heavy lifting will really help us lose some inches. Maybe it'll be better that you used less weight. I'm really trying to stop myself from using any weights at all for legs and am looking for some killer workouts that don't use weights. I'm also going to be using more pilates and ballet workouts. I think my measurements might have been a little off because its TTOM. I don't know about you guys, but sometimes I seem to gain up to five pounds. TIVO is great. Like the commercial says, "I don't know how I ever lived without it." So much of our valuable time is wasted on commercials. I fast forwarded through just so I could vote. I really did like Jennie. I forgot to mention her earlier.



Good Afternoon :)

Gin~ I'm sorry your migraine meds are making you dizzy in the a.m. Are they at least helping with the headaches? I'm doing SB tomorrow. Looking forward to it.

Tracee~ Thanks for the motivation comment. Sometimes I'm not sure if I'm motivated or anal!!LOL Even if you went light on the weights for legs today, I bet your form was perfect! Sometimes its good to go lighter so you can work on your form.

Marcy~ Your measurements are still good!!:) Funny about the uneven leg measurements, maybe if you measure them in the p.m. they might even out. Also, in the O.D. forum, someone posted a freestyle legs workout you may be interested in.

Apparently the trick is NOT to sit down when you've really worked your legs in the morning!!:) I was fine all day, till I sat down to check out the computer stuff. Now, having a hard time getting up out of the chair!!!}(



Hi Again!

Marcy--Glad you are back and glad to know you just took a day off with DH. Glad you enjoyed Amy Bento's Step Challenge. I have not ever done her workouts. Great measurements....still so tiny! I think I do best mixing the type and intensity of the cardio and lift weights also.

Tracee--I wish that I had Tivo. I just mute all commercials and do something else. I heard a radio interview this morning with Mark Cuban (local station). He is concerned that his fan base is watching sports instead of DWTS (so true!) and admits it is a popularity contest in the beginning.

Deanie--The meds ARE helping my migraines, thank you. I did eat some nuts yesterday, though.x( and woke up with a little headache. BLAH! I knew better.



Hi Again!

Deanie - I saw the freestyle rotation and printed it right before I saw your post. The only problem is finding enough time to do it all!

Gin - Glad the meds are helping your headaches. At least you know what your triggers are. I think I'm going to start doing more moderate intensity workouts. I really miss not doing my dance workouts. I really like Patrick Goudeau's. There's also Fitness with the Pros coming out which is by Alec and Edyta of DWTS. So far I liked both of Amy's workouts that I've done. The other one was Hi/Lo Xtreme. It was fast-paced and really kept my heartrate up. I burned 381 calories of an hour workout which isn't bad for hi/lo. I also ordered her new series which is Advanced Step Challenge 2, Slo-Mo Challenge (heavy lifting) and Dome Challenge (bosu). I really want a BOSU but I have no room for any more equipment.:(


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