For Users with 80% Complete or Videos Not Importing Problems

Curt Kapus

For the users on Vista and Mac that are having problems with importing videos and/or getting stuck at 80% complete creating workout videos, please try the method(s) outlined below. We have been able to fix the problems with Vista and High Reps chapters 4 & 19, videos not importing, and other errors by doing this.

We have submitted all of the information that you have provided to us to our developers and these problems should be addressed and solved in the next version of the Workout Blender, so you also have the option of waiting if you do not want to reset the program as cautioned below.

WARNING Please note that you will have to re-import your videos and re-create your workouts since this resets your Workout Blender. If you have workout videos successfully created already, you can easily save your "premix" workout videos themselves by dragging them out of your Workout Blender Videos folder and into iTunes or any other folder on your computer BEFORE starting this process. You will not be able to edit these existing workout videos, however, unless you re-create them like you did originally using the Blender.


1. Exit the Workout Blender, then open your Control Panels and choose "View by: Small Icons" in the upper right corner.

2. Click to open "Folder Options"

3. Click on the "View" tab at the top of the Folder Options window that opens.

4. Under "Hidden files and folders" in the list of Advanced Settings that appears, click on "Show hidden files, folders, and drives", then click "Apply" at the bottom of the window.

5. Leave the window open since you will need to reverse this process in a minute.

6. Navigate to the folder: "Your Hard Drive" > Users > "Your User Name" > AppData > Roaming and drag the folder "Cathe" into the Recycle Bin and you can close all the folders you opened.

7. Go back to the "Folder Options" window and check "Don't show hidden files, folders, or drives", click "Apply" and close the window. You can also close your Control Panels.

8. Restart your computer, then when it is done restarting launch Workout Blender and attempt to import and/or create a new video.


1. Exit the Workout Blender.

2a. If you are in a version of Mac OS X that is prior to Lion, navigate to the folder: "Your Hard Drive" > Users > "Your User Name" > Library > Preferences > cathe

2b. If you are in Lion or Mountain Lion, step 2 is a bit more involved. Apple decided to hide the Library folder in these versions of OS X, so you will need to do a bit of old-fashioned command line programming. Go to your Utilities folder inside your Applications folder and launch Terminal. Once the grey block cursor appears (it will be after your user name and $), carefully type chflags nohidden ~/Library/ and hit return. Quit out of Terminal and you should now be able to navigate here: "Your Hard Drive" > Users > "Your User Name" > Library > Preferences > cathe (NB - if you would like to make the folder invisible again, in Terminal type chflags hidden ~/Library/ )

3. Drag the folder "cathe" into the Trash and you can close all the folders you opened.

4. Restart your computer, then when it is done restarting launch Workout Blender and attempt to import and/or create a new video.
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Curt, I did this when I was having problems with windows 7 and it worked. However, the next time I opened the blender, I had the same problem (nothing importing) and had to go through this procedure again. I´m assuming that this is not normal and that I don´t have to do this every time I want to use this
Mac 10.7 user problem with Workout Blender

Hello there,
I have deleted and reinstalled Workout Blender and still can't get anything to load.

Can you help?
Hello ruthie341,

The problem you are having is an issue that crops up with the Workout Blender and Mac OS X 10.7 Lion which at this point has no solution. We have been waiting for the developers of the encoding software to update their code so that we can employ it in the Workout Blender, but they have not yet released it. The problem lies with Lion running partially in 64 bit and our software being 32 bit. Lion attempts to run the 64 bit version of our encoding software, which has a bug in it that causes the WB to freeze. Many Mac OS users (including myself!) have been waiting for this update patiently...but maybe with the imminent release of OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion in a couple weeks the issue will clear itself up! I will keep everyone advised on what I find out upon Mountain Lion's release.
Mountain Lion?

Any word on if workout blender will work on Mountain Lion? I haven't updated yet. Thanks.
Mountain Lion

I did upgrade to mountain lion this weekend. Workout blender still not working. Very frustrated, as I would really like to create my own workouts. It was really great when it was working once upon a time. I have no interest in buying DVDs anymore, but I won't pre-order the new workouts until this program will work for the mac. I'd even be willing to pay to have it work, as it would be worth it. Sorry, but I just had to vent.
I have installed Mountain Lion on my laptop and tested out the Workout Blender. Unfortunately, we are having the same problems under Mountain Lion as Lion, however I have found a few things to do in order to get partial functionality out of the Blender:

1) Make sure that Adobe AIR is up to date. Go to and download and install the newest update to AIR.

2) Use videos of the same resolution, aspect ration, and encoding settings. All of our newer wide-screen videos are created using the same specs and can be used in the Blender without re-encoding. These all seem to work fine so far with none of the issues associated with out-of-sync audio and video.

3) Reinstall the Blender under Mountain Lion by using the newest installers from our site:

Hope this helps a little bit...and as soon as the libraries are updated we will update the Workout Blender. It is a waiting game at this point with the developers of the encoding libraries that we incorporate into our software.
Thanks for responding

I have the updated adobe air and the workout blender but I still can't get anything at all to import. Thanks anyway. I'll look out for updates.
For all the Lion users, I have posted an experimental version of the Workout Blender on the download page (please click the button "Mac Lion or Mountain Lion Download") at . Before installing this version, it is essential to completely remove your old versions by following the instructions below (and please note that they have changed a bit for Lion and Mountain Lion users!)

This version should clear up a few of the problems with Lion, but being experimental it may introduce others! If you would like to go back to the pre-Lion version with the bug fixes (does not include the Lion-specific fixes, but does fix a couple importing problems), reverse the process by completely uninstalling the Lion version and then install the "Mac Pre-Lion" version on the Workout Blender download page.

Please let me know what you experience with it. Until the software with new libraries is released, this is about as much as we can do. Thanks!
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