FitnessFreak or any other Rotation GURU! HELP!


Okay so the title is a little out of control, but seriously. I need some help creating a rotation for me and DH. Here are some things about me and DH:

1. We have both completed two 3.5 month rotations of STS (YEAH!)
2. We have all of Cathe's videos
3. We also have a recumbent bike and treadmill
4. We are interested in weights and cardio, but would like to stick to about an 1 hour per day, 6 days a week. The STS rotation was acceptable to us.
5. Neither of us has much weight to lose, but I would like to drop a little more weight. I am 5'6" @ 145 now and would like to get down to 130. I am not a freak about the scale, but I think that weight is doable. ;)
6. We both lack the imagination for rotation creation, but have found that a rotation helps keep us honest and on track. We also LOVE the workout manager for the same reasons. :)

So...any suggestions?

Thanks in advance to all who reply! :)


howdy, what did ya'll end up deciding on? i did an old FIRM today. and it was a toughie. felt good though. think i'm gonna do the october rotaiton on teh FIRM site this month. see ya'll.


We haven't really decided on a rotation is all a little overwhelming. :) We are doing the Intensity Series this week and then who knows? I think we will just continue to do SOMETHING 6 days a week, keep our eating under control and wing which workout to do until we are ready for a full rotation of Insanity. By the time that is over, hopefully (fingers and toes crossed) Shock Cardio will be in our hands and we can do yet another rotation of STS with Shock Cardio. :)

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