First 5K Done!! :)


Strangely when I tried to upload this picture in my other post it wouldn't do it.

To kind of sort of repeat myself. . . . I had a WONDERFUL and FABULOUS time at my first 5K!! My 11 year old went with me and it was way more than he expected (I think he thought 5K meant something much less than 3 miles :p) so we walked a good deal. I still ran periodically and he would catch up to me, but I waited for him at corners and walked quite a bit so he wouldn't feel alone. . . he felt bad though at the awards ceremony. He said he's sure if he had not slowed me down I would have won in my age bracket. Sweetheart that he is, I assured him I wouldn't have won even if I had run the whole distance :) but it didn't matter because I wouldn't have traded spending the time with him.

It was fun, fun, fun and I can hardly wait for my next run on July 11 . . . 29 days to go!!

Thanks for the love and encouragement!!


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Woo-Hoo! Looks like it was a beautiful day too! I'm so glad your first 5K experience was so rewarding! It's great that your son went with you! How nice that he's so encouraging! Maybe he will start training with you and you both can run one together at some point! How fun would that be?


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