Feb 2012 Rotation

Hi Sherry,
I did not lose any weight on this rotation, but I did see improvements in my leg tone and they slimmed down a little bit. I have been tracking my calories pretty diligently using My Fitness Pal, I programmed it for 1-2 pounds of weight loss per week, and it initially had me budgeted for 1200 calories per day. I'm 5" 4 and weigh 151 or so, give or take a pound. I wear a size 8 most of the time in pants, and small or medium in tops, to give you some idea of my frame. Since I exercise 6-7 days per week, and I use the calories estimates from the Workout Manager and eat those calories back, that's how I get to a total of 1600-1800 calories per day.

I recently increased my baseline calories by 100, as I have been reading a lot about weight loss plateaus, and increasing calories and changing up the exercise routine are the two most common suggestions to solve that problem. I already vary my routine relatively frequently, so I've been experimenting with increasing my calories. Some people swear by it, but I am very nervous about it, as I don't want to gain any weight back. I used to be 180, and have dieted and exercised my way down to where I am now. .

I decided last month to go see a nutritionist, because I am quite stumped as to why I'm not losing those last 10 pounds or so. I eat very clean, and on my cheat day, I probably spike my calories to about 2100-2500, which I don't think is unreasonable at all. The nutritionist recommended I eat more fiber and drink more water, which I've been doing. I have not seen anymore weight loss, however. She genuinely seemed stumped about my plateau and those were the only two things she could suggest because my diet is pretty clean. That was kind of disappointing. But, I'm still plugging away. I am getting leaner, which I am very pleased about, so one reason I may not be losing weight is because I am putting on more muscle. In general, I would say that I'm getting more toned, but not getting any smaller, if that makes any sense.

I cannot really advise you on what to do, but I'm sharing my experiences with you so in hopes that it might help. You might find that seeing a nutritionist might be helpful to you.


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