Favorite Cathe Step Workouts?

aqua girl

Since we are "gearing up" for some new step workouts, I thought it would be interesting to see what your favorites are to date....
I have been revisiting a lot of Cathe's step workouts lately, and have come across a lot that I really like....:)
Mine are:
IMAX 2 & 3 & the Cardio Party calorie Crush,
Higher Intensity Step & Lower Intensity Step from 4 day split
Low Impact Challenge
Low Max
Body Max 2
Step Moves
& some of the combos in Party Rockin' 1 & 2
There are more, but these come to mind first...

What are your favorites? :)


Favorite for fun factor:
Step Boss (just being optimistic...)
Rhythmic Step
Step Blast
Cardio Fusion (wish there were more compilations like this)
Body Max 2 Cardio
All of the Cardio Hits
All of the Cardio Classics
Greatest Hits (wish there were more compilations like this)
Kung Fu Fighting one (I think it may be the same as the Buttercup one?)
Cardio Slam
4DS (all of them)
CTX (all of them)
Tabatacise 1-5

This is a fun thread and you can see I like everything step!

aqua girl

Yep, I like the Kung Fu combo and Buttercup too! Also, forgot about the bonus
Combo from Low Impact Circuit...I like that one too...Girls just wanna have fun
Is in that one, right?


I don’t think I have a step work out from Cathe that I don’t like. Ha ha. She’s definitely the Boss of Step. My family just bought me 4 Day Split as a Mother’s Day gift and the new step series. I tried the lower intensity 4DS workout which I caught on to quickly. I think I’m going to need some practice for the higher intensity step routine. Looks like fun! Can’t wait to conquer it! It’ll probably be the same feeling I had once I mastered PRS #1. A favorite now!


Step jump and pump YES! And the Rocking Parties are great. IMAX 2 — I did that weekly for years! Love it. Rhythmic Step is another. My first Cathe step video was Power Max. I did it weekly for years too. Really excited about Step Boss. Cathe knows step like no one’s business. Love the step on Cardio Party. Low impact Circuit might be my favourite today.


Woohoo!!!. Finally conquered 4DS High Intensity Step. I was able to pick up Lower Intensity pretty quickly. Lots of fun!!! So glad my family bought it with Step Boss. Loving the new step routines ❤. I’ve been practicing a chapter here and there because I’m in the last week of Cathe’s May rotation (which is awesome too ). Feeling accomplished!


Oh my, this post makes me feel so old o_Oo_O because I can no longer do what I once did. Back in the day, my all time favorite step DVD was Rhythmic Step. Still love it, and wish I could do credit to it. Other favorites that I still occasionally do are IMAX 2, and High Intensity Step and Low Intensity Step from the 4DS series.

One of my go-to step workouts nowadays is Low Max. And my all time favorite is Low Impact Circuit....the fun routines and the dance-worthy music make this one feel like a night at the dance club with my BFFs instead of a workout. :p


All that karate girl said. Also adding the step from Cardio & Weights. Secretly wish Cathe would redo the Body Blast series with the new girls, and just new music, that whole series was & is a favorite. something timeless about it, so fun. I feel old too, but those made me feel like a kid. The ones from 4DS are just beautiful.


All of these! RS, IMAX2, HIS, LIS, C&W, SB, and more. Unfortunately, my ankles just can't take as much step anymore, so I have to be careful. For a couple of weeks after the Step Boss announcement I was doing step several times a week, and I was reminded how much I love it. The workouts just fly by, and it's so much fun. I alternated the harder step workouts with some of the easier/lower impact, but unfortunately after two weeks my ankles started complaining again...sigh. So I guess I'll have to go back to limiting step to once or twice a week. Oh well...better than no step at all!
There are new Step Workouts in Cathe Live!!! I know they are intense, but check it out!!! Remember you can modify!! I liked Elvis in Cardio and Weights. But, I love them all!! Jen Den


Everything everyone else said. I loved all those (and still do!). But coming back after a long hiatus, let me just add how much I am loving the LITE Series. Seriously a great low impact intermediate workout series. I mean, I can’t just jump right back in to IMAX 3, y’all! And longer workouts are just not doable with my fitness level right now.
I’m a bit stronger than some of the LITE weight workouts call for. But the pace, the length, the workload and the challenge are just about perfect for my Return To Fitness. There are also lots of new methods and tempos that are interesting to do. (Aka, it’s not just the “same old thing” in a new package.)
I’m building cardio, endurance, strength, and muscle without killing myself. It makes me want to to the next day’s workout instead of dreading it! Thanks so much, Cathe ❤ <3

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