Drinking Alcohol & Weight Loss


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Calories in wine

I was a bit worried about a couple of glasses of wine too - but had a look on the net awhile back and it seemed that there were actually less calories in a glass of wine than a glass of vodka - crazy but true. The sugar in wine is only natural sugar - unless it's a really cheap wine -and if its homemade its seriously full of sugar - So if someone offers you a glass of their homemade elderberry or gooseberry wine - every glass will have the equivalent of about a quarter glass of artificial sugar in it.


When I am trying to lose weight (as I'm doing now) I cut out alcohol, period. I figure that your liver is already working hard at detoxifying your body when you're losing weight, and if you drink alcohol you're giving your liver extra work. Candiceena is right - your skin gets better (I notice fewer lines, less puffiness, fewer breakouts on myself) and you just generally feel better.


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