Does anyone else "sleep-eat?"


I know this happens to some people who take sleeping pills, but I don't take any pills.

So here's the deal. Whenever I fall asleep on the couch, I end up in the kitchen at around midnight staring at the remnants of a chocolate chip cookie, a brownie, or a bag of chips. Somehow I get up, wander into the kitchen, shove whatever's within reach down my pie-hole, & then I wake up for real. WTH?

This is killing my diet. I've been sticking to it for the last 2 weeks or so, but these late night half-asleep trips to the kitchen are keeping the scale's needle at the same place. Any advice other than actually going to bed before I crash on the sofa?
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Nope. Go to bed, Laura. There's nothing quite like a nice, soft, warm bed.
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Maybe you should put the bad stuff in a locked case or something so that rice cakes are readily available, not potato chips?

And going to bed would be a good idea, too. :)

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Please stop now! I did this when I was breast-feeding (6 1/2 years ago) in the middle of the night. I would stay up and be so hungry that I would eat chips and cookies. It really packed on the pounds and then when I stopped having to get up nights I would still wake up hungry in bed at 2 am and ravenous. Don't let this happen to you.
PS - I do DREAM about food (brownies) sometimes since I try to eat pretty clean throughout the day..., does that count?? LOL!
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Somehow I get up, wander into the kitchen, shove
>whatever's within reach down my pie-hole, & then I wake up for

Oh my god, Laura this is beyond hysterical! I'm sorry if I'm making light of your situation but the way you worded the above sentence just has me dying!

Ok, now that I've gotten that out, I would recommend that A.) you go to bed, girl! I know how easy it is to fall alseep on the sofa, but then I think about my nice, warm, comfy bed and how I can stretch out (vs. being scrunched up on the sofa) and I'm upstairs in a flash. B.) Put the cookies, chips, etc. in a cabinet and put a child-proof lock on it. Or just throw that stuff out....;)

I guess I'm also happy to see that you're normal. I didn't think you had any weaknesses.... :p

RE: Does anyone else


I would either throw the stuff out or not bring it into the house. Otherwise, I'm eating it!!

Good luck!
RE: Does anyone else

Go to bed, Laura!!! :) And, also, throw out the cookies and chips - then you can't shove them down your pie hole whether your asleep or awake! ;)
RE: Does anyone else

I am NOT throwing out my junk food! :9 I might not eat it much but dammit, if I want to treat myself I'm treating myself! }(

Of course I know the solution is to go to bed. And yeah, I have a comfy california king pillow top. But my couch is soooooooo comfy too! You know what the problem is--if I have to work til 10:00 at night I still want a couple of hours of "me" time, even if it's just watching bad TV. And even when I go to the gym I don't get home until about 7:00 so I end up falling asleep on the couch at 9:00 trying to stay up & play w/the dogs or whatever.

Good gawd Allison, I could make a looooooooong list of my weaknesses! :p I'm not going to b/c they're too embarassing. My post WAS funny--it's really not that serious of a situation. I want to weigh about 3 lbs less than I do right now & I just can't seem to drop it. Not that big of a deal, but a little frustrating! ;-)
RE: Does anyone else

Go to bed, but before you go, and you're still wide awake, have a snack. (even a snall amount of junk food when you're aware of it, is better than the out-of-control-while-you're-asleep amount.) If that doesn't work, store your junky snacks in your car or basement, so they're still there if you want them, but not so easy to get at.
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How big is the door way into your kitchen? If it's not too big, like a regular doorway (not an open concept floorplan) you can try taping masking tape across the opening once you are done with the kitchen for the evening. When you sleep walk into the kitchen, you will hit the masking tape and hopefully that will wake you up enough to realize where you are going and stop the madness. If you don't wake up, breaking through the tape should not hurt you. I wouldn't suggest placing any hard obstacles in your path like a chair or something because you could hurt yourself. I also like the idea of a hard to open or lockable container to store the goodies in.

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I've actually heard of this as a medical condition. You might google it and see if you get more information. I don't think you are alone.

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I don't think I do this but it might be a good excuse for why I'm not losing weight even though I go to bed still a bit hungry. Maybe I'm doing it and don't know it.

I think the best advice was to lock that food up. Or put it in an odd place up high or something. Then it's still there when you do want a treat, but a little harder to find while asleep.

This reminds me of a Drew Carey Show episode where he was eating in his sleep and messing up his diet.

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Might I suggest that perhaps the problem is that you're not eating enough in the daytime? Or perhaps, since you're an Atkins follower, not enough good carbs to refuel your muscles for your strenuous workouts? (Not trying to knock Atkins here, just offering a possibility to consider). It seems that if you've had a hard workout in the early evening, your body is going to be asking for refueling in the hours immediately following. Just a thought.

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That middle of the night thing happens to me if I did not eat enough during the day-especially if I did not get my protein or fats in.

Make sure you are eating enough, sounds like a blood sugar thing perhaps? Oh, and why the heck are you trying to lose weight silly girl? You look totally amazing!:)
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Laura, I also get home late and NEED to watch my Law & Order or CSI before I go to sleep. That's why I have a TV in the bedroom. I brush my teeth, put on my night guard, set my alarm, get all tucked in, and then watch an hour or two of TV with the volume turned down low. If I fall asleep with the TV on, fine. The remote is right on my night table.

So, my advice is: get a TV in the bedroom! :D
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>Make sure you are eating enough, sounds like a blood sugar
>thing perhaps?

That was my first reaction: though more specifically, not eating enough carbs (and your brain needs the glycogen, so it's making you eat to get it).
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I'm with Nancy if my DH doesn't stay up too long since the puter is in the bedroom also. He's a Poker fanatic and searches Ebay for Hot Wheels x(

But I watch the Law & Order and CSI also with the volume down - but here's a little more help: Get a TV with a timer :7

I always set the timer for 1 - 2 hours from the time I hit the sack and voila, the TV is off so it doesn't wake me up later.

Good luck !
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Oh my!! That's terrible!! How long has this been going on? Hopefully this passes quickly and it's just your body telling you that you have low blood sugar or that you are not getting enough to eat.

My sister has had sleeping disorders. One time she woke up ringing the doorbell to a neighbor's house. Another time she flushed her underwear down the toilet (I know-?????). And yes, she has eaten while sleeping quite a bit. She's actually cooked meals and not remembered- she'll leave the stove on.... it's terrible. It was a lot worse when she was a child.

I believe TV right before seeing is a bad idea because it stimulates the brain. I agree you should just go to bed and not fall asleep on the couch, but if you must..... when you feel yourself dosing off, try meditating/breathing exercises to clear your thoughts so you fall asleep in more of a relaxed more state.

Also, make sure you are getting enough sleep and avoid caffeine in the evenings.

there is medication you can take. See a doctor if this continues because when anyone eats cookies they should be awake to enjoy them!!
RE: Does anyone else

OMG that has to be the strangest feeling ever. Yikes! I guess I'll appreciate falling asleep on the couch and waking up on the couch more now...

RE: Does anyone else

If you are really eating while asleep, changing rooms and going to sleep in your bedroom isn't going to stop it. And you should probably talk to your doctor.

You also might want to try having a small indulgent little snack as you settle onto the sofa. Perhaps a preemptive snack will stop the wandering to the kitchen.

Also, odd as it sounds, sometimes you need to eat more to lose weight. Increasing your calorie intake by 100 - 200 calories a day for a few days won't destroy your diet and might help.

good luck.

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