Does anyone else "sleep-eat?"

RE: Does anyone else

Maybe wear a bell around your neck?

I had a dream about taking a big, luscious bite of a chocolate cake once, and wouldn't you know my alarm went off right as I was about to put the fork in my mouth! I was soooo mad!

RE: Does anyone else

My boyfriend use to do this pretty frequently. He would wake up in the morning and their would be fruit snack and candy wrappers in the bed. It all stopped once he cut down, and eventually cut out, his consumption of soft drinks. He has no problems falling asleep now and he sleeps much more soundly.
RE: Does anyone else

>One time she woke up
>ringing the doorbell to a neighbor's house.

My sister once did the same thing!! how weird! (But to my knowledge she has never flushed her undies down the toilet.) :eek:

There are some good ideas here, like having a small snack before bed.

Maybe an alarm on the pantry or fridge would wake you up before you eat anything?
RE: Does anyone else

Hmmmm I might try the measuring tape thing. Maybe I'll tie one of my little Xmas bells on it to wake me up before I do more damage.

I'm avoiding the doc for this. I really don't want any medication.

Deana, probably I shouldn't laugh but those stories are hilarious! I guess I should be grateful my problem isn't that extreme! :eek:

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