Did you see Robert...

Robert, he doesn't need to be on that show. He has the CatheNation with single women who understand and have the desire to be healthy plus we are intelligent, beautiful, smart, etcc....
Thanks for posting

I rarely watch t.v. so that was really interesting to see him off of STS. He belongs to us Cathletes only...and on our screens lifting weights. :D
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Embarrassing admission coming:
I believe I saw him on Real Housewives of Orange County. I called my husband in- he does STS as well. We think it was him.
Good for him getting out there!
Yes, good for Robert for getting out there but if he needs a solid relationship with a woman that understands him, the CatheNation is the best for him. I think I have a good 15 years on him but there are plenty of younger Catheites out there.
I saw him on RHOOC too. I don't even watch that show normally but I was watching it and there he was as a server or something at the spa party.

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