December Pregnancy/TTC Check-in


I just realized it's Dec 2! Time for a new thread to coincide with the new month!

How are you doing today? Is it a rest day or a workout day? I did Gym Styles Chest & Triceps today. I felt comfortable doing it since it really is closer to an endurance workout, and I went lighter on the weights. I also wanted to get it in before my belly gets too big and push-ups become too much of a strain on my back. Had a great workout. Will do Gym Styles BSB later in the week.

I forgot to answer your Road Trip question yesterday. I went to a Glassboro RT several years ago and then my DH and I both attended the first Houston RT several years ago. Experiences to remember and I hope to get to another RT soon. I highly recommend them!

Happy Tuesday!

Hi Lisa,
Nice work on GS Chest and Tris. You're really rocking your pregnancy workouts!

Today I did Party Rockin' Step #2. Tomorrow I may rest or perhaps do the 40 minute Athletic Conditioning BodyFit workout. It's a busy day and I don't want to feel beat up from my workout...

Yesterday and today I've been stretching and doing some yoga during the day -- wow, I forgot how good it feels to stretch! And I can always do some stretching while playing with DD on the floor, so it's not like I need to work it into my daily schedule. I just have to remember!

Must run now... I'll be glad when this hectic week is over! :eek:

Have a wonderful evening with your family,

Happy Wednesday! PRS2 is always an excellent choice when you want to sweat but don't want to kill yourself! Looking forward to your full review on the new Michelle workouts.

Good luck with your busy week! I like your idea of stretching during playtime. That will help with your stress from the week, no doubt! I need to follow your example and do more stretching...

Today = Tracey Staehle Step Sweatfest + pregnancy-specific core work. I am also starting my 17th week of pregnancy today! Still waiting for the second trimester bliss promised by the "experts." :p

Hope you accomplish everything you need to today and still find time to relax!

Hi Lisa,
Congrats on week 17! Wow, almost halfway there! Does the time feel like it's flying or creeping by?

Nice work today on Tracey Staehle Step Sweatfest and core work. Are you just doing the core work on your own?

I finally tried an evening workout today (so I didn't mind going a little harder since the day was pretty much over). High Reps -- my first time doing this one. I have to say, I mostly stuck to Cathe's weight suggestions and I didn't find the workout to be as challenging as I'd anticipated (oh, except triceps -- ouch!). I guess I'll just increase my weights by a bit next time. Though I was frustrated that she didn't give her barbell weights! I had to add up her plate weights and re-calculate for my bar and... it's just easier when she gives her weights...

Hope you're feeling all right, and that you shortly find yourself enjoying that alleged 2nd trimester bliss!
Hi Lisa,
Hope you and your little (um, big 3-year old) girl are doing well today!

I did Imax 2 today. Hadn't done this one in a while, but it's a winner! I like that I work hard and huff and puff, but I don't feel wrecked afterwards. Still looking forward to trying the rest of Body Fit Athletic Conditioning... soon!

I think tomorrow I'm going to have to try today's Live class -- Kickbox and Compound Weight Training... two faves in one!

Hugs and Sprite,
Hi Roz,

We're having a great day over here so far! How are you and your DD doing? Excited that your busy week is almost at an end?

I agree that the weights on HR are "off" somehow, except that triceps work is similar to Flex Train--KILLER! I guess now that you've done it once you can better match your weights to your abilities the next time around. And I couldn't agree more that Imax 2 is one of Cathe's all-time absolute bests. It is just fun fun fun. Have you ever done Cathe's Great Hits Step workout? I think you'd really like that one. It combines some simple stuff from Step, Jump, Pump with BM2 with Imax 2.

Today I rounded out my GS upper body week with BSB. I enjoyed everything but the back work. The single arm bent over rows and band work were fine, but the double arm rows were a no-no (just didn't feel good), and the same goes for the pull-overs and, obviously, the stuff where she's lying on her belly. Not sure if I'll do any more GS videos until post-baby. We shall see. Had a good workout, though. At the end I added some cardio from a Lindsay Brin DVD called Complete Pregnancy 3-Pack. It contains 3 DVDs with cardio, UB, LB, yoga, stretching, and "stackers", each DVD being designed for a specific pregnancy trimester. I have used this DVD series for core work and easier cardio. I also use core exercises from pregnancy books and online resources. At this point I wouldn't feel satisfied if these were the only workouts I was doing but they are great supplements! My workout "meat and potatoes" still come from Cathe, KCM, and others.

Yeah, I'm so sick of Sprite! Thankfully I have found that herbal tea really does wonders. My favorite is the Passion flavor from the Tazo brand. So delicious and soothing to the belly! :)

Cheers (with a cuppa herbal tea)!

Hi Lisa,
We're doing great, thanks! Just enjoying a moment of downtime and listening to some Christmas carols now to get in the spirit... ;)

I'm glad to hear it's not just me with the weights on High Reps. It really did feel off.
I was thinking yesterday about trying the Greatest Hits workout -- and now I will have to give it a try!

I can totally see how some of the work on GS BSB would be too much. Those pullovers really put you in an arched, awkward position.
I had a Lindsay Brin DVD that ones one of the first I used after giving birth (5-6 weeks postnatal). It was called Postnatal Bootcamp -- it was super campy with camo pants and military sounds and... yeah. It was fine, though. 10 minute intervals (cardio and toning, sometimes with light weights) that you could put together as you wished. (Side note: I think I have a low threshold for trainer smiley-ness.)

Oh, I've had that Tazo passion tea at Starbucks, I think. It is good!

Today I did the new Live video: Kickboxing and Compound Weights. This may be my favorite Live so far... the kickboxing has a couple great (and kinda complex) combos, which I love. And the weights -- only about 15 mins at the end -- are light and do feel like weights-as-cardio, but just, wow. I want a whole DVD like that weights segment! The whole workout just felt really fresh and new.
Then I did the first 25 minutes of BodyFit Athletic Conditioning (just the cardio segment) -- I'm loving it. Just the right cardio level with agility and flexibility in there.

Must run -- hope you and DD are enjoying the day!

Christmas carols are the best, aren't they? I must admit I broke the rules this year and started listening the week before Thanksgiving! If you want a good laugh, look up Michael Bolton's song "Our Love is like a Holiday" on You Tube. We bought a Christmas song compilation DVD (a bunch of different songs by different pop stars, some old favorites and some new songs) and this song was on there. My DH and I have a running joke about this song because it is totally a song that would be played in a doctor's office or dentist's office or elevator, and he generally loathes Michael Bolton. All we have to do is turn this song on and we literally bust a gut laughing. Yes, we're weird. :)

Stop it with the Cathe Live reviews, would ya? You're killing me! :p They all sound like Road Trip workouts, which quite frankly are just the best. I'm going to have so much fun doing them all...Way to go with your sweat fest today. You are rocking it, as always.

Today I did another random step DVD that I own, called Unexpected Step by Jenny Ford. It sounds like it would be tricky but it's actually quite basic, especially when compared with a Seasun Zieger or Amy Bento step workout. I like it because it's intermediate and you can add extra jumps or whatever to make it advanced. I definitely wouldn't recommend you buying it, though. More of a "just right for pregnancy" workout.

Yeah, Lindsay Brin is not my favorite personality. I bought the DVD mainly for the core work. I have this gigantic fear of diastasis recti and I don't want to do anything that isn't textbook safe when it comes to abs during pregnancy.

Forgot to answer your question the other day--yes, this pregnancy is flying by! That's what happens when you already have a toddler who demands all your attention, I suppose. :)

Have any fun plans for the weekend? We need to start wrapping presents! All the decorations are up and now it's time to get gifts under the tree!

Take care and talk soon.

Hi Lisa,
Yes, I guess it makes sense that a second pregnancy -- when you're busy with DD1 -- would fly by. I remember my pregnancy creeping by -- it felt like such an interminable waiting game! Plus I went past my due date... that last week or so was killer.

Nice work on Unexpected Step! It seems like you've really got a handle keeping your workouts serious and pregnancy safe. High fives for that!

I know, I know, I'm being so mean gushing about Cathe Live -- Christmas can't come soon enough! By the way, I, too, caved and turned on the carols pre-Thanksgiving.

And on the topic of my inability to delay gratification, I am poised and ready to launch myself at the RWH workouts the second they're released On Demand (well, once DD is asleep and life schedule permits, etc.), which is supposed to be this weekend. So I'll tentatively plan to take a rest day today, and perhaps RWH will be ready for an evening workout on Sunday. Yahoo!

I think we're going to put up the tree this weekend -- can't wait!
Oh, and I listened to that Michael Bolton song -- so funny! What a ball o' cheez. Yeah it's like dr's office music or -- sort of what I expect to hear blaring at CVS?

Oh and I feel like everyone I know who had a child around when I did is pregnant with their second now... I'm so happy for them but also grrrr! Why is my body so slow?! It's just frustrating.

Hope you're all enjoying the season and decking the halls! Do you have any favorite decorations or family traditions?
Roz, I can't wait for your RWH reviews! So looking forward to living vicariously through you.

I'm sorry your body is not cooperating with you as you had hoped. :( If you don't mind me asking, are you still nursing DD1? None of my business, so only share what you feel comfortable with. I know the feeling where everyone who had their first child is pregnant with their second child....but you. We had to wait 18 months longer than we had wanted, but I guess I can't really complain since the blessing is on his/her way.

As a random aside, I am a big fan of Kathie Lee (almost typed "Cathe", ha!) and Hoda on the Today Show. I DVR it and watch it at night when DD is in bed. Anyway, they have a woman come on every week to talk about beauty trends, etc, and she has been very open about her infertility struggles and FOUR rounds of IVF! Even though I didn't have to do IVF, I felt so connected with her. She literally went through misery--four cycles and only ended up with 2 viable embryos on her fourth cycle (one of which was lost on the day of transfer). She announced on Wednesday that she was pregnant and I was a ball of tears. So happy for her. I don't know her from Eve, but there is a connection you feel with those fellow women who struggle with infertility, at whatever level. So, anyway, sending you lots of hugs.

On a much lighter note, today I did KCM's 30 Mins to Fitness Circuit Burn. Kelly uses 7s and 12s (where on earth do you find 7lb dumbbells? she uses them in so many videos, though). I used 8s, 10s, and went up to 12s only a couple times. Fun workout and looking forward to my rest day tomorrow.

My favorite decorations for Christmastime are most definitely the lights--tree lights, house lights, and lights anywhere else I can manage to hang them! This year we are really going to start focusing on tradition since DD is now to a point where she can get it. Think lots of hot chocolate, driving around looking at lights, going to local light and tree displays (we've already done this a couple times), and Christmas movies galore. So excited to see the joy of Christmas through her eyes. What about you?

Take care,

Hi Lisa,
Hope you and your family are enjoying the season. How exciting that your daughter finally 'gets' Christmas! My daughter dances to the carols, which is fun for me to watch.

Great work on your KCM workout! I do look forward to trying her stuff at some point. Maybe this is a weird question but -- in the clips of her videos I've seen, it always looks to me like she hunches over. Have you noticed anything like that about her posture? Maybe it's my fabrication. By contrast, I've been really inspired by Michelle Dozois's dancerly poise. It makes me want to stretch -- and do Body Fit -- more!

Yes, I'm still nursing. I'm just not ready to wean -- yet. I'm hoping my body will kick back into action as she cuts back but -- like you, I may just need meds. We'll see. (And I don't mind at all you asking that question!)
I've also gotten teary-eyed when I've heard hope-against-hope fertility success stories. It's such an emotionally trying thing to go through...

So I did Lift HiiT It Legs this morning -- just, wow! I don't know that I've ever felt so totally worked from 40 minutes (which includes warm-up and stretch). The cardio factor was way up there and the weight work was challenging, but it was so fun and kept moving that it was over before I knew it! And yet I didn't feel the need to add anything on.
I'm trying the "Starting with RWH" 30-day rotation. It -- as well as most of the all-RWH rotations, is only 5 days/week and workouts average ~40 mins total. I'll add some stretching and yoga and Body Fit, I think, and may populate that 6th day with a Live or longer cardio. Or maybe I'll just see how the reduced workout time feels!

Enjoy the hot chocolate and lights and present-wrapping with your family!
Hi Lisa,
I just did RWH Low Impact HiiT 1 + Bonus Abs 2 -- I'm loving it!
Just wrote a little about it here.
In the first move or so, I was thinking, oh, maybe Lisa can just modify for intensity and do this during pregnancy! I've changed that opinion -- at least in my own experience of moving during pregnancy. The intensity comes from staying low and throwing your body weight around and bending a lot -- I'd end up doing a log roll if I did this while pregnant! ;)
The abs are great, but it's not the standing-twisting stuff that I think would probably be fine for pregnancy -- it's all lying down with a superman segment at the end. Though I suppose you could do the super-moms on your very own built-in stability ball ;) (kidding!)
So fun, and really feel efficient. No need to add on, at least for me. Not even sure I'd want to do UB weights then this workout -- I'm loving just giving the shorter workout my all!
Hope you enjoyed the weekend with you family and that your week's off to a great start,
P.S. Just saw that Amazon Prime has a free holiday playlist to listen to while you shop -- that is so pernicious! Just get us in the holiday shopping spirit, eh? Smart, though.
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Hi there, Roz!

Great job on Lift it Hiit it Legs and Low Impact HiiT. Your reviews are a double-edged sword, providing valuable info but also giving me workout envy! :) I've decided to just hold out on all the RWH workouts until baby has arrived and I can start doing insanely hard workouts again. It sounds like this series is going to be perfect for you, since you seem to workout for about an hour and so will have 20 mins or so to get in your yoga and stretching. I actually love that concept for myself and look forward to doing the same. Either way, keep rocking it!

Interesting comment on KCM and her form. I will say that there have been a couple of times where I have thought that her form was slightly off, like the bent over lateral raises on her 30 Mins to Fitness: Weights video (she kind of bounces up and down with her arms instead of staying more stationary). But overall I think she demonstrates great form and produces solid, safe workouts. She is especially excellent with compound moves and unique weight moves (which might look strange upon first viewing?). I'm a huge fan and wouldn't hesitate to recommend her products to anyone looking to burn more cash on exercise DVDs! :D

Had a rest day yesterday. Today I did Great Glutes Extreme premix. Oh how I love this workout! I'm trying to maximize my window of opportunity for leg-only workouts. As I get rounder I get more fatigued by leg work, so I will need to limit myself to the leg work in total body and circuit routines. At least that's what happened last time. But, for today, I sure did enjoy feeling the GG burn!

Amazon sucks me in like no other website!...Well, with the exception of Cathe pre-orders! I will have to find that holiday playlist! Are you all done with your shopping? I keep telling myself that I am (because I really am), and am focusing on staying away from impulse buys! We finalized our shopping this past weekend by ordering everything we need for our DDs first big girl bed, which is truly going to be a punishment for us + a gift for her since she will no doubt enjoy the ample freedom of being able to escape so easily from her bedroom. Ha!

Have a great day!

Hi Lisa,
You're right and smart to hold off on these workouts till postpartum -- they are super fun but super intense! I admire your restraint... which I lack. ;) Yup, that's right, I couldn't resist doing LIHI Chest/Tris/Front Delts last night. (I mean, I want to unwrap all the presents NOW!)
I really loved this one. The finishers are fabulous and super tough, and I loved the shoulder work (not usually my favorite segment). No major DOMS today, but I do feel worked (esp front delts)! I also have some tightness in my spinal column... or did earlier.

This morning I did Plyo HiiT 1 + Bonus Abs 1. I'm in love! It's so fun. The Shock Cardio HiiTs are really solid workouts, but I don't look forward to doing them. IMO, they lack that Cathe superfun factor. But I love these HiiT workouts so far. The plyo stuff makes me want to jump higher! A lot of the moves felt new to me. Lots of variations on burpees. It feels athletic in the best way. I also have the feeling that the plyo will really give me new jumping powers (possibly superpowers, too).

I didn't mean to imply that KCM has bad form -- I just feel like I noticed something about her posture. I'm sure she's great! And I love compound moves and unique stuff with weights -- I will definitely have to try some of her stuff when I need an infusion of something new.

Wow, great work on Great Glutes Extreme! You never fail to impress me, mama! I will have to try this one. Does the extreme premix just double up some/all of the moves?

I'm having so much fun with RWH, but may take a rest day tomorrow (either total rest or just something other than HiiT stuff). I see why the all-RWH rotations are mostly 5 days/week. The workouts are short but truly intense.
Or maybe I'll have to hang my head in shame and come admit to you tomorrow that I tried HiiT Lower Body Circuit... ;)

Congrats on getting your shopping done! I still have some to do. Like you, I'm an Amazon gal. (And at 5'9", fairly Amazonian, too! ;) )
I just have no patience for malls, especially this time of year.

Hope you and your growing family are happy and enjoying the hot chocolate!
Hey there, Roz!

Looks like we are checking in at about the same time! From your comments, RWH sounds like one of Cathe's best series. I am SO glad to hear that the HiiTs have a fun factor to them, because I totally agree with you about the Shock Cardio HiiTs. They are good workouts, of course, but I don't feel motivated to reach for them often because I don't enjoy them as much as Cathe's other offerings. What other Cathe weight videos would you compare the RWH weight workouts to?

Great Glutes Extreme doesn't double anything up, even though the word "Extreme" kind of implies that! There is a bonus chair/firewalker section that is not included in the regular Great Glutes workout chaptering, and the Extreme premix simply incorporates this section into the workout. It's really a terrific workout. It doesn't use heavy weights so I think people dismiss it, but it really does work those muscles!

Today I did XTrain Chest, Back, Shoulders. I modified a number of the moves on the stability ball but still was able to do most of the moves. The back work felt friendlier for pregnancy than GS. I'm definitely not going to do Burn Sets during pregnancy (just doesn't feel good to me) but this one worked because I aimed for the 16 rep range and it was a great endurance workout. I finished the day with the heavy bag section from Amy Bento's Rumble, about 20 mins long.

Whoa, lady, you are tall! I am so envious! I always wanted to be at least 5'9". But, alas, I am only 5'5.5". I had always rounded up to 5'6" but my doctor confirmed that I am definitely not tall enough to round up. Boo!

Looking forward to being surprised by what you do tomorrow...a rest day or more RWH? The anticipation is killing me! :)

Good afternoon, Roz!

Still waiting for my RWH to arrive in the mail. Even though I'm not going to do the workouts yet I am just dying to watch them...I guess that's just another sign that I'm a total Cathe addict! :D

Today I did XTrain Bis and Tris. Not ideal to do 2 UB workouts back-to-back but I just felt like it so I did. Stuck with weights that kept me in the 16 rep range and felt really great.

Enjoy the rest of your day! Hope you had a good workout, or a good rest, depending upon what you decided!

Hi Lisa,

Nice work on XTrain C/B/S and B/T! I haven't done those workouts in a while but I remember really enjoying them. I bet they’re great for pregnancy with all the stability ball work.

I didn’t end up working out until late last night, then jumped in the shower and plopped into bed – hence why I didn’t check in! I did LIHI Back/Bis/Rear Delts. Just, woah! I love that workout. The finishers are really unique: there’s some classic stuff, like T-band pulls, but she also incorporates this sort of explosive band work that’s super fun and really feels like it generates power. Awesome! No DOMS today, but I feel a really nice warmth/strength through my back/rear delts. When she announced rear delts then I saw ‘two 15-lb dumbbells’ on the screen, I started thinking there must be some mistake… but no! I actually kept with Cathe’s weights for rear delts (which I can’t usually) and maintained reasonably good form so… that was nice.

Um, I think the weight workouts are probably most similar to Burn Sets, but with more innovative (and effective) finishers. I really feel like every inch of my back was hit.

Totally agree about the dread factor with Shock Cardio HiiT, I’m not driven to reach for them. If I do, it’s because I feel like I should.

If I get to it, I hope to do the lower body circuit today, then upper body circuit tomorrow. I think I may create my own rotation to try for a little while… something like:

Mon: LIHI chest/tri's + plyo HiiT
Tue: LIHI legs + abs
Wed: LIHI back/bis + low-impact HiiT
Thu: HiiT LB circuit + abs
Fri: LIHI shoulders into HiiT UB circuit
Sat: LIHI legs + abs

I’d probably end of eliminating some of the cardio doubles and/or abs, but it might be fun to try. I’ll have to try the circuit workouts before I decide if it’s doable.

OK, life calls… I may pop in after my workout if I have time. Have a great one!

Hi Lisa,
Just popping to report my workout before the day gets away from me...
I did HiiT Lower Body Circuit today. It's another great workout -- I think you'll love this one when the time comes!
It felt to me like an Imax crossbred with... um... maybe Butts & Guts? There's lot of barbell but also crossback lunges, those side walking plie squats, side lunges into one-legged squats, lots of fun and some new stuff.
I think next time I'll try really loading up the barbell and see how this one feels. Maybe it will be too much, but it could be great.
Hoping to get to UB circuit tomorrow, then a day off...
Hope you and yours are enjoying the day! Any snow where you are?
Hi Roz,

Sounds like you've been super busy! You have me intrigued by your description of the finishers in RWH, especially the explosive band work. Way to go on matching Cathe's rear delt weights! And I can only imagine that your buns will be burning after doing a workout that is like the baby of Imax + B&G! You inspire me by the way you (smartly) push yourself.

Today I dusted of LIS Cardio SuperSets. I like this one because it's like AB but not as mean because it's shorter. I added the cardio only portion from LIS Slide & Glide to give myself 1 full hour of cardio. Whew!

No snow here right now, thank heavens, but lots and lots and lots of rain + wind + darkness. I'm counting down the days to the shortest day of the year. It only gets better from there, right? ;) Any snow where you are?

Happy Christmas prep and have some fun with your DD today!

Hi Lisa,
Glad to hear you're snow-free. We did have some, but now it's melted, so that's nice! I just wish it were warm enough to get outside. Sigh. That won't likely happen for a few months.
I always count down to the shortest day of the year, too. :)

Great work on CSS and S&G cardio. You go, mama! I still haven't done that done -- so much to try! Do you prefer low impact stuff these days, or are they just favorite workouts in general?

Today was an early morning because I crashed early last night. I've already done the HiiT UB Circuit -- amazing! I just wrote some thoughts here.

How's the nausea going? Better, I hope.

I bet you've got some string lights up to take away from that darkness!
TGIF -- or is it Tuesday? ;)

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