December Pregnancy/TTC Check-in


Going to bed early is the best! Plus the extra energy is probably helpful for RWH workouts, huh? I'm still waiting for my DVDs! Where are they? I'm on the West Coast, not Siberia. :p

Today was 4DS Lower Intensity Step cardio only + Tracey Staehle Parts Series UB. Later I will do some pregnancy core and stretching.

I don't typically mind jumping or high impact during this part of pregnancy. I just do what sounds good each day, but I have been dealing with some extra pregnancy aches and pains lately so perhaps I am subconsciously dealing with that by reaching for lower impact workouts? Hmmmm. Oh, and the nausea is still in full effect. I hope I don't sound like I'm whining! I'm so grateful to be pregnant, but boy oh boy does it do some quirky things to the momma's body!

The rain and the wind continues today. Yep, definitely miss going outside!

Have a terrific Friday! Any fun weekend plans?



Hi Lisa,
You don't sound ungrateful... you've got to be able to complain about the pregnancy aches. That's what I'm here for! ;)

Nice job on your workout yesterday! Admission: I've never done any of the 4DS workouts! I was actually just thinking I might try a rotation with them after a month or so of RWH. I just worry about getting bored.

We're having some friends over for lunch today, and I just finished meal prep and cleaning. Today I'll take a rest day, then tomorrow start something like the rwh rotation that I mentioned before. I'll stay flexible.

I'm starting to imagine you in Alaska with all the darkness! ;)

Hope your weekend is filed with warmth, light, hot cocoa, and fun family holiday stuff!

How ya doin'? Your lunch with friends sounds fun! What did you make? I have this idea that you are a good cook. Do you fancy yourself as such? Hope you have extra good times with your buds and enjoy the rest day.

Gotta be honest, I adore the incredible premix flexibility that 4DS offers (it really is unmatched in that aspect) but I have never and do not think I could ever do a full 4 week rotation of 4DS. I've done 2 weeks and that was plenty. Like you, I tend to bore easily!

Nope, not in Alaska. We're in the Pacific Northwest! Feels like Alaska sometimes, though. :)

KCM 30 Mins to Fitness: Trim Down for me today. Kind of ironic because I'm not looking to "trim down" right now, but it's really just a good cardio/sculpting workout. Did the whole thing and the hour flew by.

Good news! My RWH came last night in the mail. Yay!

Been doing chores all morning (after my workout), so it's time to go have some fun. Tomorrow is my rest day so I will be back on Monday! Take care!



Hi Lisa,
Nice work on your KCM workout! I know what you mean about the irony of 'trim down'. Personally, I sometimes wish there were less constant talk about getting thin on workout DVDs. I mean, I totally understand that many people purchase them because they need to lose weight, but still -- I do wish the talk placed more emphasis on being fit and feeling great than losing body fat. I guess that's at least in part because, like you, I'm not looking to lose fat. I say this with zero judgment for individuals and their personal goals. There's just so much pressure on women to be slim, and I think fitness can be such an empowering thing, so I guess I feel a little sad when fitness seems like it's playing into that pressure to be slim. But I digress...

I do love to cook, and I guess I fancy myself pretty good at it! I made lasagna the other day -- it just feels like such a warming, hearty winter food. And a chocolate tart! :) Do you like to cook? I've actually also been assuming you're a very good cook! ;)

Early this morning I did Plyo HiiT 1 (the one with the step) and RWH bonus abs 2 (w/o weights). I hadn't tried Plyo 1 yet -- I really enjoyed it. I'm looking forward to going back to Plyo 2 (no step), because my memory is that 2 is a bit more intense -- and I think I preferred it a smidge (though I loved 1). I guess all the crazy burpee variations are fun for me! Anyways, it's hard to say for sure which I prefer just yet...
Then later in the day I did Lift It Hit It Chest/Tris/Shoulders. I loved this one even more the second time around. My muscles really feel cooked but not destroyed. I didn't have DOMS last time, but I think my weights were a bit more challenging this time. We'll see how I feel tomorrow!
Tomorrow I'll do Lift It HiiT It Legs (assuming I have time!). Loved this one last time, looking forward to doing it again.

Oh, here's my initial rotation plan:
Sun: LIHI chest/tris/FD + plyo HiiT
Mon: LIHI legs
Tue: LIHI back/bis/RD + plyo HiiT
Wed: Double low impact or steady state cardio
Thu: HiiT UB circuit
Fri: HiiT LB circuit
Sat: OFF/yoga/stretch

I am going to try to go heavy on the circuits (or at least on some exercises) and see how that works.

That's all for now. Hope you enjoyed your rest day and are feeling better!


Hi Lisa,
Good morning! Hope your week's off to a great start.
I did Lift It HiiT It Legs this morning -- just as awesome as I remembered. This one will stand the test of time for sure.
I'm feeling some nice warmth this morning from all those crazy push-up variation finishers, but no serious DOMS -- I like that! (As does DD, since I don't complain when she wants to be picked up ;) )

Also, how cool that you live in the Pacific Northwest. I hear such amazing things about its beauty and amazing culture and friendly people. Actually, it seems kind of culturally similar to VT, but I'm sure it depends on where one is.

Alrighty -- I'm off to get my day going! Have a happy one with your daughter.
Personally, I sometimes wish there were less constant talk about getting thin on workout DVDs. I mean, I totally understand that many people purchase them because they need to lose weight, but still -- I do wish the talk placed more emphasis on being fit and feeling great than losing body fat. I guess that's at least in part because, like you, I'm not looking to lose fat. I say this with zero judgment for individuals and their personal goals. There's just so much pressure on women to be slim, and I think fitness can be such an empowering thing, so I guess I feel a little sad when fitness seems like it's playing into that pressure to be slim

Seriously, could not agree more with this, Roz. You are spot on. Especially now that I'm a mom to a young girl, I am really trying to model balanced fitness, balanced eating, with a focus on feeling strong and healthy. I struggled with body image as a teen and I really don't want her to have to go through that.

I have the feeling that LIHI Legs is going to be my absolute fave from the entire series. Sounds like the jury is still out for you as to what your favorite Plyo is, but just looking at it I predict the step will win me over. I just love pretty much anything with step! Seems like you are having such fun playing with the new workouts. Is Cathe Live going on the back burner for now? Or will you try to fit it in on your Wednesday workout? The rotation you created looks super.

Well, yes, I do fancy myself to be a good cook as well! :) My problem is I have recipe ADHD, very similar to my workout ADHD. Always gotta switch it up and try something new. I also have a very difficult time sticking to a recipe because I love playing with different flavors. My favorite things to make are soups, casseroles (healthy versions loaded with veggies), and anything Mexican. I also love baking: homemade whole wheat bread, brownies, muffins, all the good stuff. :) Did you make the lasagna and chocolate tart for your lunch with friends? Delish! Do you have a favorite chef that you like to follow or buy cookbooks from? I love love love Ina Garten, and I also really want to eat at the Pioneer Woman (Ree Drummond's) house because she just seems like such a nice person (who makes awesome comfort foods).

Today I decided to go for a circuit workout. Originally I was going to go for a total body like Muscle Endurance but when I got to my workout room I spontaneously reached for KCM's New You Coming workout. Got my heart rate up and felt a friendly burn in my muscles!

We are officially one week away from finding out baby's gender, assuming he/she cooperates. Getting sooooo excited! It's hard to believe that I will be 19 weeks on Wednesday. Almost halfway there!

Hugs and happy Monday.



Lisa, I totally agree with you -- having a daughter seriously ups the stakes for me to be a good role model with respect to fitness, food, and body image. I really hope that, as my body changes -- after a second child or just with the aging process -- that I will embrace those changes and not hate them. I hope I'll do my best to work with my body to be a sensible, healthy, fit me. It is hard, sometimes. I, too, have certainly struggled with body image! But frankly, most women I know (with whom I speak candidly) have, too. There's just so much pressure to look a certain way. Particularly post-partum. All this 'get your body back' stuff. Be back on the red carpet in some cut-out dress two weeks after giving birth and yadda yadda. I loved my postpartum jello belly! It was all so much a journey. I wouldn't have eliminated that part of it for anything. (But of course, I knew my love of fitness would get me back in shape, so I wasn't worried about never losing the baby weight -- so perhaps that allowed me to enjoy the journey more.)

I also love Ina Garten. Her recipes are always really great. I didn't know about Ree Drummond -- just checked out her site and will definitely have to try some of her recipes! I'm also a baking nut. I love the holidays, because there's always a party to bake for! (Really, I'm just looking for an excuse to try another recipe -- like you, I have recipe ADHD.) Mark Bittman is always a favorite of mine. Again, his recipes are just so yummy and well-tested. Nary a dud in his books.

This morning I did LIHI Back/Bis/Shoulders. I am really just loving the new heavy UB workouts. They're really right up at the top of the list of my favorite Cathe weight workouts. Of course, I'm still in the honeymoon phase with them, so time will tell their real ranking. But I do think they're way up there.
I didn't feel like doing HiiT cardio afterwards, so I didn't -- I think my lower body wants a rest day. I do miss Cathe Live, so I may do a Live workout tomorrow. Or Low Impact -- I still have Low Impact HiiT 2 to try. But maybe I'll save that for next week -- so I have a treat to look forward to! ;)

By the way, I did LIHI Legs for the second time yesterday, and both times I've just been ravenous all day afterwards! :D
Still no serious DOMS with any of the new workouts, but I do feel like I'm being worked in new ways. Yay!

Great work on your KCM workout! Does working out still help with your nausea symptoms?
Wow -- one week till the gender reveal and halftime! So exciting! Let's hope that nausea takes the high road by then...

Have a great day with your sweet girl,
YES, the "get your body back after baby in 2 weeks" stuff (or whatever ridiculous time frame) drives me bonkers as well. Not that fitness and health shouldn't be a priority for a new mom, but pregnancy and labor + delivery are no joke! Can we at least have a second to catch our breath? I happened to see a segment on the Today Show yesterday that discussed a study that indicated that a high percentage of women maintain at least 10lbs (or more) of baby weight several years after giving birth. But then the doctor who analyzed the study was saying how it wasn't a good picture of reality because most of the women in the study were at an overweight BMI before even getting pregnant (this should have been emphasized more in the study's conclusion, IMO). And another major point of the story seemed to be to limit pregnancy weight gain to 18-25lbs. But does this also only apply to women who start out overweight as well? I know my doctor, having analyzed me personally, would have a heart attack if I only gained 18lbs during this pregnancy. I just get irritated by broad, sweeping generalizations about what makes for a healthy pregnancy and the pressure that comes with that "info." I digress...

Oh yes, forgot about Mark Bittman! I highly recommend, if you have time, to DVR and watch Ree Drummond's "Pioneer Woman" cooking show on the Food Network. It airs on Saturday mornings. She has such an endearing personality (as does Ina Garten).

Nice job listening to your body. Back/Bis/Shoulders torched all your energy! ;) DOMS are such a quandary. So hard to predict and explain. But I guess the bright side is that you aren't being slowed down by sore muscles, right? I love that you described Low Impact HiiT 2 as a "treat" for later. A true Cathlete, indeed!

Working out helps me in so many ways, but dealing with the nausea is one of them. It also helps me maintain some semblance of an appetite. I'm way less hungry when I haven't worked out. Good news, though: last week I was able to start eating two of my "normal" foods without wanting to puke! Plain greek yogurt (I eat the full fat kind) and oatmeal are back in my life! This is a sign of good things to come. :)

I revisited Rhythmic Step today. It's been a looooong time but that one never gets old. My favorite quote from that workout is "Shuffle board...isn't that a game?"

Hope you and your little one get some extra snuggles in today! 9 days until Christmas! Eek!



Hi Lisa,
Nice job on Rhythmic Step! Love that one. Are you able to keep up with all the turns still?

Glad to hear you're getting some of your staple foods back into your diet! Sounds like the nausea's starting to lift...? Hope so!

Oh man, I know what you mean about generalizations about pregnancy weight gain. Some women who are really overweight to begin with are advised to gain almost no weight at all. It totally depends on your body. Personally, I gained a solid 40 lbs! I don't think I needed to gain that much -- I wasn't severely underweight or anything -- but I felt healthy throughout my pregnancy, and my doctor felt I was healthy, too, and had zero concerns about my weight. I ate healthy and took care of myself and didn't worry too much about the number on the scale.

So I'm fiddling with my rotation a little -- just trying to figure out the best way to sequence these HiiT workouts. Yesterday I did heavy UB weights and skipped HiiT cardio (which = lower body!), so my legs were feeling strong this morning -- no residual soreness from Monday's LIHI Legs. So I went for HiiT LB Circuit, which was great! I think you're going to love this one. It's really about 2/3 cardio (fun step blast-y stuff) and the rest weighted exercises. I'd been wanting to try going heavier, so I did. Cathe uses a 40 lb barbell for several exercises (squats, plie squats, narrow stance squats, and the second round of deadlifts). I increased this to 60 lbs and also used it for static lunges (I prefer BB for posture reasons) and the first round of deadlifts -- she uses DBs for both these exercises. I also went up a tad on other weighted exercises using DBs (except walking plie squats -- ha!). I loved it! I think I will continue with these weights when I feel up to it in the future. I can keep up with the pace, but it really ramps up the cardio. I think if I went much heavier, I'd end up gasping for air on the floor as in 'Mess-Oh! 2' Legs.

So perhaps tomorrow I'll do a Live cardio (Hi/Lo Cardio + Core, I'm looking at you!) then UB Circuit Friday. I think this sequencing makes sense for now... we'll see!

Can you believe Christmas is so soon?! Are you traveling, or staying put?
Begin (er, continue) the countdown -- yay!
I may make some panettone loaves today for gifties -- just picked up some fiori di sicilia! :D
Gotta run, I hear DD waking from her nap...
Hugs + good food,

All I'm thinking about now are your panettone loaves. Heavenly fragrance and heavenly taste! Ok, must focus on workout stuff... :)

High fives to you, you are a machine! 60lbs! That is incredible, considering that it is mixed in with the intense HiiT cardio factor! You should feel so proud of yourself. Seems like Meso 2 should be no trouble for you. :cool: I share your concern, though, about finding the right balance between burning out the legs with all the different RWH workouts, since Cathe's HiiTs are so leg-intensive. I've thought about how to manage that, so it will be interesting to see how your workout schedule ultimately plays out.

I can still manage the spins and turns in Rhythmic Step. Cathe's step dancey-ness is pretty benign compared to Amy Bento's and Seasun Zieger's. I absolutely MUST modify the spins with their workouts when pregnant!

Today I pulled out ME. Had to use 5 risers instead of 6 for the leg presses because the cardio factor became too much. Also modified the core work.

We are staying here for Christmas. Traveling with a little one is so stressful, and the holidays can be stressful, so I try to avoid combining the two! We have family here in town and my parents will be coming to town as well. I'm looking forward to it. I'm going to make a gender reveal cake for Christmas Day. It will be hard to keep my mouth shut between finding out the gender on Monday and actually announcing on Thursday! :)

What about you? Staying home or hitting the road?

Happy baking day today. I wish I was your neighbor so I could come by and sample!



Hi Lisa,
You're right -- I did RS recently and was thinking of you/the idea of doing that workout during pregnancy, and if I recall correctly, I decided it wasn't really all that spinny.
Nice work on ME! I still haven't tried that one, but have been intending to. I did do Bootcamp for the first time a couple months ago, and really enjoyed it.
Today I did the Live Hi/Lo Cardio + Core from a couple months ago. It's a 50-min workout, but just over 30 mins of cardio. The first half of the cardio is classic old-school hi/lo -- soooooo fun! I had a total goofy grin on my face the whole time. Second half is more HIIT-like, but not crazy crazy HIIT. (I didn't realize there was any HIIT at all in there -- I chose it expecting straight steady state.) During the HIIT segment, I thought, wow, my cardio is really improving. After the cardio segment, I moved on the BF 360 Athletic Conditioning, and did the first 25 mins (i.e., until she moves on to upper body conditioning). I guess I haven't been working as much on cardio endurance, because part was into the BF 360 work I was totally gasping for air! Loved it, though. Then moved back to finish the core segment of the Live. Started with some planks, then onto the back. Nice core segment.
So exciting about the gender reveal and the cake!! Will you do a center frosting layer w/ corresponding color between two cake layers, then a neutral overall frosting color? Or will you color the cake itself then make the color with frosting? So you find out the 22nd then have to wait till the 25th... but that's just enough time to plan and execute the cake... I mean, you'll need time to make the fondant nursery scene, right?! ;)
Agreed about traveling with a little one. We are going away for one night, but not far. In general, my attitude is, let them come to you! :)
Must run, I hear her awake!
Hope you're not dying in the wait till Monday!
Hey Roz,

I love old school hi/lo! I remember thinking that that particular Cathe Live would be one of my faves, and you confirmed it! Sounds like you got a really solid cardio workout today. Nice!

Yep, RS really isn't that spinny. Did Step Moves today, repeating all the combos to make it about 65 minutes. This one is even less spinny than RS but I do modify one move in combo 1 where she runs around the step. I actually ALWAYS modify that by running in place, pregnant or not, because I just don't see the need to run around the step. Lazy, perhaps? :) Well, next time you are looking for a total body, I suggest you reach for ME. I think you'll like it.

I think I'm going to "phone it in" somewhat on the gender reveal cake because there is so much other baking/cooking to do those couple of days! My plan is to make a 2 layer chocolate cake with chocolate frosting on the outside. The inside frosting layer will be white. I've decided to use Christmas M&Ms + sprinkles for the "reveal" part of the cake, so if we are having a boy the inside vanilla frosting layer will be smothered in green M&Ms and green sprinkles. If we are having a girl, the inside vanilla frosting layer will be smothered in red M&Ms and red sprinkles. I figured this was a way to be easier on myself and also incorporate a Christmas theme. Whaddya think? Definitely no fondant involved this time, although I'm sure that's what you would do, you overachiever!!! ;) BTW, how did your pannetone come out yesterday?

I like your attitude--let them come to you. Couldn't agree more.

Christmastime Cheers to you and your little lady!

Hi Roz!

Busy day today! Popping in to report my workout. I walked into my workout room having NO idea what I wanted to do, other than the fact that I wanted to move my body. I ended up selecting one of The Firm workouts that I purchased during a recent totalfitnessdvds sale: The Firm Total Body Shaping Mix. Really a mix of hi/lo cardio and light weight work with different Firm instructors. Can be as hard or as easy as you want it depending on your weight selection and how aggressive you are with the cardio. I can see myself being able to do this workout for the next 20 weeks, which is a good thing!

Hope you enjoyed your workout today! I will be back tomorrow! Feliz Navidad. :)



Hi Lisa,
Nice job on your Firm workout today!
You're so not phoning it in on the gender reveal cake! That sounds awesome and wonderfully seasonal. Also, you're nearly 20 weeks pregnant and have a toddler. The fact that you're baking at all is majorly impressive! Do you have a favorite chocolate cake recipe you'll be using?
I had a funny idea for a gender reveal cake (totally not suggesting this). You know King Cakes? I think it's a Louisiana tradition -- maybe around Mardi Gras or something? But there's a plastic baby hidden in the cake and whoever gets the baby in their slice gets -- good luck? A prize? Something? Anyways, I kind of chuckled imagining a gender reveal cake that was a King Cake with an anatomically correct baby concealed within.
Oh, the pannetone didn't happen. :rolleyes: I get kinda ambitious, then DD has a different idea about what I should do... I just made some tasty quick breads. The fiori di sicilia may have to wait... or maybe I'll make some ice cream with it... ;)
Today was HIIT UB Circuit. Love this one! I went as heavy as I could, which really changed the workout. Last time I followed Cathe's weights and it was more of a metabolic workout. This time I got some more intense UB work (though some of the moves are those funky functional ones where you really can't go very heavy, anyways, without tweaking your shoulder or something), plus an extra cardio boost for sure! I also did bonus abs 1. I love it!
I can't wait till you try these workouts and let me know what you think! Will you preview them soon, or just save them until you're ready to start working out at a high intensity again?
Ooh, gotta run. Toddler on the loose!
Last edited:


Hi Lisa,
I hope you and your family are enjoying the weekend!
Today's my rest day, and we're having dinner guests. Still waffling about what to make.
I slept in today -- hooray! :D
Hope you have a great workout (if you choose to work out) and an even better day.
Can't believe Christmas is so soon. Are you hosting a big meal at your house?
DD loves the lights on the tree. I feel so happy sitting and looking at them with her!
Hi Roz,

Oh yes, the New Orleans/Mardi Gras King Cake! When I mentioned to my brother that I would be bringing a gender reveal cake to their house on Christmas Day (they live just a few miles away from us), he'd never heard of such a thing and assumed it was like a King Cake! He was in New Orleans about 10 years ago at Mardi Gras time and decided to try one of the King Cakes from a local bakery and said it was actually kinda gross and dry! Maybe he got a cake from a bad batch, but I assured him that this cake will be yummy and moist and no baby Jesus will be involved, even though we will be eating it on His birthday. ;) As far as chocolate cakes go, of course my recipe ADHD kicks in here but I tend to gravitate to recipes that include mayo or sour cream. I have had good results from Bon Appetit's Chocolate Mayonnaise Cake in the past, so maybe I'll use that one. Too early to say!

I was going over the RWH workouts with my husband this morning, telling him which ones I think are going to be my favorites. Based on what I have seen, I'm anticipating that HiiT UB Circuit, HiiT LB Circuit, and LIHI Legs are going to be my absolute faves from this series. He's also a Cathlete to some extent (he's even participated in a RT) so he did Plyo HiiT 1 this morning to preview it for me and he liked it a lot! He tends to gravitate to shorter HiiT workouts, like T25, so the cardio in this series is perfect for him! Anyway, awesome job on UB Circuit and SO admiring you for being able to increase your weights. Super job! These days, I'm matching Cathe (at best) or decreasing my weights. Ha!

I did Circuit Max today, another one I haven't done in ages. I am starting to feel the increased cardio challenge that pregnancy brings. I remember the first time I worked out after I had given birth/received postpartum clearance from my doctor to workout, and thinking "boy this is easy!" Well, yeah, it makes sense that cardio will be easier when you aren't doing it with a bowling ball inside your stomach! :)

Enjoy your rest day. Glad you got some extra sleep. Curious to know what you end up making for your dinner party. We're going to have our own small family dinner (just the 3 of us) on Christmas Eve and then have a meal on Christmas Day at my brother's house (hence the gender reveal cake!). It should be pretty low stress for me because things like presentation and table settings don't matter much when it's just my husband, daughter, and me! What about you? What's on your menu? We are having roast.

Your little lady is one smart cookie--Christmas tree lights are the best! Hope you all have an awesome weekend. Tomorrow is my rest day so I will be MIA. Be back Monday.

Holiday hugs,



Hi Lisa!
Nice work on Circuit Max! I still haven't done that one.
Oh yeah, I definitely remember huffing and puffing, especially during late pregnancy. Not just a bowling ball in your stomach -- a bowling ball that's pushing up on your lungs! Whew!
That cake looks fabulous -- though I note that they instruct not to exceed 61% cocoa in your chocolate -- um, sorry, but I kind of take that as a challenge ;) I can handle more chocolate than you can, Bon Appetit!
I seem to remember making a mayo chocolate cake at some point -- not sure if it was the same one.
I died a little bit the day Gourmet announced it was closing. Ruth Reichl is a goddess.
I'm actually off the hook culinarily this Christmas, as we're not hosting... I'm sure I'll do some extra baking to compensate, though!
Sorry if I'm all over the place today -- there's just so much going on. I'm feeling the holiday frazzle, I guess...
Speaking of all over the place, I did LIHI Chest/Tris/Shoulders today. DD woke from her nap after chest and shoulders, so I put her back to sleep and went down to do tris, then she woke again half way through! So I brought her down and we practiced counting mommy's 'skull-crushers'. ;)
I'm hoping to get through LIHI Legs, LIHI back/bis/shoulders, and HIIT LB Circuit before we leave on XMas eve (that's 4 workouts in 4 days), but who knows if that will really happen...
Hope you're enjoying your rest day with your family and getting in the spirit with your DD! Is she loving everything Christmas?
Hugs and Tazo passion tea,


Um, I hope this goes without saying, but just to clarify... when I bring my daughter down to my workout room (which is rarely, just when she wakes up and I'm mid-set or something), she's in her playpen across the room. I would never, ever let her near my barbell or any equipment.


Hi Lisa,
This morning I did Lift It Hiit It Legs. I was up early and very tired, but decided to knock out my workout instead of doing it in the evening. I don't mind doing UB strength in the evening, but I feel like if I saved contrast training till post-DD's-bedtime, it just wouldn't get done.
Super tired so just stuck with Cathe's weights throughout. Funny how I remember how many reps of each of the really tough exercises she does. But totally forgot the walking lunges at the end! I was thinking she ended with the two sets of deadlifts (interspersed with HIIT cardio, of course), which for me are the 'easiest' weighted leg exercises, assuming I keep with Cathe's weights. But no, walking lunges into two sets of scissor-scissor-plie-tucks! Maybe it's like mother's amnesia, where we forget the pain of childbirth so we're willing to do it again? ;)
It's cool that you and DH are previewing the new workouts together. Any faves for you yet?
Happy Monday!
Hiya Roz!

I love that we are both foodies! So fun to share insights and quirky obsessions! I'm telling ya, I never follow rules on chocolate either! Bon Appetit can give its instructions but I'm going to go rogue if I want to. :) There's just something about adding mayo or sour cream or full fat plain greek yogurt (I've found they are interchangeable) that makes a cake so tender and melt-in-your-mouth good. Oh, who are we kidding? It's the fat, the fat, the fat! I'm glad you get to enjoy the holidays without the stress of being a hostess. For me, it's a lot easier to make optional things like extra treats or extra sides to a meal than it is to host the entire thing (not that I don't love throwing a good party, but a girl needs a break every now and again).

Roz, I would never ever think you would put your daughter in danger in your workout room or anywhere else. That absolutely goes without saying. Besides, it's good for us mommies to show our kiddies how strong we are, right? They need to see us in action...role modeling and all that good stuff.

Fingers crossed that we will BOTH be able to follow through on our workout plans this week! You are well on your way. Your morning sounds identical to mine: the plan was legs, I was exhausted, but I just decided to get up and get going. Once I started I was actually fine. I opted for XTrain Legs All Legs premix so I didn't have the extra push of HiiT thrown in the mix! I think we should both give ourselves a big thumbs up for getting it done. It's about consistency, not perfection, right? From what I've seen, though, I do think LIHI Legs is going to be my favorite. But, then again, watching a workout is different from doing a workout so I reserve the right to change my mind!

Yes, DD is loving Christmas. Lots and lots of singing, talking about baby Jesus, Santa Claus, presents, lights...the whole deal. Listening to hear sing is the best. She has an amazing musical memory, if I may say so myself. ;)

Still chugging the Tazo tea but finally starting to feel about 80% normal in terms of appetite. Today is the ultrasound to see if we are expecting a bambino or a bambina! Soooooooo excited.

Deep breaths and three cheers for us for tackling these final few days before Christmas! Talk tomorrow.


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