Daily Check-in Monday, November 7th, 2022


Hi Everyone,

Today I did Cathe's Afterburn - the whole thing! I usually just do the premix of 10 moves which runs 30 minutes but not today.... :) I will do my own stretch.

Annette - That is horrible being bitten by a dog. You must have felt scared. Here, in Toronto, if a dog bites you, it has to be reported to animal services and they investigate. Dog's get put down for stuff like this. Wow. I am sorry that happened. You seem so chill about it. Maybe you are super experienced with dogs. I hope you didn't have to get stitches

Linda - I hope your foot feels much better today

Nora - I hope you get in a workout today!

Lannette - I find the tubing fine but I bought them all so I have variety

Have a wonderful day everyone!

aqua girl

Good morning…great job, Siobhan, with Afterburn….the whole thing…that’s the way to
do it!

My goodness, Annette, what a scary experience…hope you are doing ok….. I am always
so afraid, walking Jack, he’s so small (chihuahua) running into a loose dog, etc…
did you know the owner/dog? Wow……

Great job Lannette with your Sunday workout….. PV 25 Min LB Foundation (Angelo G. Heavy Ankle Band 6/1/20) actually 27m, PSC The Jumpboard Workout (on reformer rebounder) 24m, Spinning 15m, Treadmill Walk 15m, & Spine Align, Deep Squats, Arc Extensions 10m. You did a lot!!!

Today I am getting ready to do Cathe’s Ramped Up Upper Body TimeSaver Premix # 9-
Double Biceps - 21 min. Shorty, I know, but babying foot & back is bothering me too :(
Might try to see chiropractor this afternoon….

Hi to Nora!


Hi Siobhan and Linda ,

We did report the incident to the police and the police will notify the dog warden. And they will take action if they feel they need to.

As for knowing the person, no , I did not. They live a little farther down the street (on the same block) and within sight of our house but not someone I had met.

As for being scared, I think adrenaline took over because I was mad that the dog wouldn't leave me alone and allow me to continue home. I was mad that I couldn't get to my cell phone and call for help. And I was in serious pain!!! But yes, we have always had a dog up until 2019 or 20 when we put our last dog down. So I am usually comfortable with dogs, though I had never had one attack me. My blood pressure was through the roof at the Urgent Care so while outwardly I may have appeared calm inwardly my body told another story.

Since it is my right hand, there will be no handshakes at the wedding on Saturday. Handshakes would hurt like crazy unless it heals really fast.

Thanks for the concerns and prayers.


Ok, I managed 32 minutes of a Taebo Live from waaay back. Even had floorwork for short part I did, so I got cardio and floorwork cardio. It is hot in the house today.

Gripping things hurt so I cannot hold a very heavy weight and heaven forbid if it lays on my palm, oh my!!

Hope everyone gets a great workout in!!


Hi Everyone,
Today was:
- PV 20 Min Posture and Spine Health (Antonietta V. Light Hand Weights 1/1/22) 21m
- Slings Basically Core Advanced 24m
- Mini Stability Ball work for Scapular Glide 15m - Spine Align, Deep Squats, Arc Extensions 10m

Annette, you’re amazing! I can’t believe you managed to get a workout in d spite being busy bitten by a dog! I hope it heals quickly.

Linda, I hope you were able to see the chiropractor and that your pain is resolved.

Siobhan, That’s a tough workout!

Nora, Hope your day has been a good one.


Hi Ladies,

Sorry abot the late check in we lost power this morning for awhile and internet for almost all day until now. I'm really exhausted so forgive me for my befrief and no personals check in.

Hello to Siobhan, Lannette, Linda and Annette. I hope all is well with you all and hada great Monday/workout today.

Here's today's workout:

YT- Kaleigh Cohen Fitness- Pyramid Style HIIT Cardio Workout = 42 Min
KCM 30MTF- BoxFit- Box & Pump= 53 Min

Have blessed Monday Evening;)


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